The Value of Customer Service

Written by: J. Francàis Foster, Executive Contributor

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You might have heard someone say this before, "The customer is always right!" I believe this is true to some extent while providing the best customer service to my customers. Why? Because this establishes the relationship that I would like to maintain with them.

From the initial point of contact, I introduce myself and my small business. When I ship orders, I like to provide a flyer to my customer with all of my social media information, phone number, and a brief synopsis of my products.

If my customer ordered an item from my company that turns out to be too small or too large, it is a must to cater to them! I would like to build rapport in my customer’s reach, so they will become repeat customers that absolutely love the J. Francais brand and will provide referrals.

Some customers like to put a time frame on receiving their items. The goal is to have their items shipped to them as soon as possible. If I run into an issue, I contact them via email or text to announce that it is a delay in their order and that I will ship to them as soon as possible.

I truly appreciate customer loyalty, so ultimately, my goal is always to provide exceptional customer service and build long-lasting relationships.

I absolutely adore my customers, and I will continue to have those amazing repeat customers. So, the value of providing great customer service is vital, so my business will continue to blossom and thrive during these times.

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J. Francàis Foster, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

J. Francàis Foster, the collegiate jacket guru, fashion designer, and handbag designer. J. Francàis flagship store opened in December 2018 in San Pedro, California. She specializes in designing custom collegiate jackets for historically black colleges & universities (HBCU’s,) Ivy League schools, and other sports affiliated teams.



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