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The Truth, My Truth And Your Truth

Written by: Manoj Gopalani, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


Four steps to find a way to move forward when stuck in arguments/debates…

It is routine for people to look at the same set of facts but still come to their own conclusions.

A couple has an argument on something and then someone decides that enough is enough and they need to separate.

A person survives through a tough challenge in life, some say it is GOD’s grace, some say it is the medicine.

The facts (situation) are the same for all the parties, but it is the interpretation which is influenced by the mindset which matters...

In other words:

  • The argument for the couple is the same as both participated in it – this is “The Truth/The Event”.

  • My belief, my interpretations of the argument – makes it “My Truth”

  • Your belief, your interpretations of the argument – makes it “Your Truth”

Most of the debate is about these interpretations.

The fights / the breakups are about the perceived interpretations of an event.

Four steps to move forward:

  • Have FAITH in each other, in other words, STOP being judgmental – BE Genuine.

  • Take a moment and understand the mindset of the other person.

    • Ask open-ended questions so that the interpretation is understood and what led to that interpretation.

    • Usually, it is something that happened some time back and the person is holding on to it.

  • Work on healing the wounds.

    • It may take time, but unless healing happens things will never resolve.

    • Agree on a mutual approach way to keep things moving forward.

    • Invest to build positive memories.

  • Be consistent and truthful in your efforts.

Life is too short to live with grudges/pain. This pandemic has provided us a reminder of the same. Coach Manoj

The solution for your problem is within yourself. A coach helps you to identify the solutions. Invest in yourself now. Connect to start your journey.

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Manoj Gopalani, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine Manoj - is a Life coach by passion and IT/Management professional by design. He is an accomplished leader who has been coaching individuals to unleash their potential. Individuals who have been coached by him have grown multiple folds in various aspects of life. His coaching style reflects his varied experience and exposure which include Design Thinking from MIT Sloan, Gallup Strength-Based Coaching, his spiritual upbringing, Graphology, Reiki, and so on. His Mission states, "We all are one big family to help each other on our journey of life."



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