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The Truth About The Superpowers Behind ADHD

Written by: Evangelia Vensel, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.

Executive Contributor Evangelia Vensel

ADHD is not a dysfunction or disease. It’s a unique superpower!

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There are so many misconceptions and misunderstandings around what ADHD truly is. As someone who has lived with it for forty-five years, and raising a child with ADHD, let me share with you the real truth behind ADHD. Once my son was diagnosed with ADHD at 5 years old, my mommy bear instincts kicked in. I wanted no more harm to be done to my son for being the amazing boy that he is. I wanted to get to the root of it all for the both of us. I myself dealing with the negative side effects most of my life, I was determined to make it right for my son. I had to find a way to make him empowered by his superpowers, instead of feeling like a victim for being “different”

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The bullying, the standing out, not fitting in, being outcasted, feeling like you don’t belong in this world and the hardships of just trying to learn (the ‘one-way’ learning educational system of how the majority learn) was not going to damage my son the way it tried to damage me, my confidence in my own abilities and my self worth. Society has really made things a lot harder for those that are unique or authentic. We live in a society where it’s better to be like everyone else vs being different or doing things differently. Little to say, I am determined to change the perception around the misinformation society has been led to believe about those that are “ADHD.”

I don’t believe we were made to all be the same or why would our creator give us all a unique fingerprint?

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What I came to learn through 15 years of brain research, cellular biology research, understanding our genetic makeup, my personal life experience, raising my son and working with those with ADHD as an alternative practitioner, those that are ADHD, are individuals that function dominantly on the right hemisphere of the brain. The truth behind it is that they are just right-brain thinkers.

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These individuals are gifted in many ways. Have abilities most people don’t possess. They have a highly sensitive sensory system with a gene mutation called the MTHFR gene. They are highly intelligent and intuitive human beings. It’s not a dysfunction or a disease. Far from it, actually. It’s a human superpower! Due to the sensitivity of their sensory system, highly sensitive nervous system, unique cellular imprint. and functioning on the right hemisphere of the brain, vibrations really disrupt and affect their entire cellular system. Low vibrations and negative frequencies really affect their nervous system and brain activity. Too much of many things like people, colors and sounds all at once can shut them down completely or overstimulate them, which I call stimulation overload. What does the right brain control? It controls the creation, intuitive, feeling centers and emotional side of the brain. We are the creators in the world. The feelers. The innovators and entrepreneurs. The writers. The comedians. The actors. The healers. The artists. The motivational speakers. The mechanics, electricians and engineers! We are the researchers and innovative solution givers in the world!

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ADHD people can come up with things others can’t, in a blink of an eye. They have a photogenic memory and have a vivid imagination. Most of the time, the way the world and society is set up, we are being overstimulated and bombarded with so much energy to our sensory system, it makes them more hyper and causes them to talk faster than most people because their brains are working so much faster than everyone else’s. Especially during conversations, they will try and get everything out in a short amount of time because their thoughts are moving so fast, they don’t want to forget what they need to say. Yes, it can be a lot and overwhelming for people. Trust me, they feel your frustration. They are great individuals to have in your life for many reasons! Those that are ADHD respond and react to feelings more than anything, since our feelings come from the right hemisphere of the brain. We tend to feel the vibration and tone in one’s voice more than we respond to actual words. Although words are vibrational as well, so if they are too high or too low of an emotional word, we feel that too. We are the feelers in the world. Why is it so much harder in the world for those with ADHD? Why can’t we sit still during circle time? Why can’t we do math as easily as everyone else? Why do we tap our feet or tap a pencil a hundred times a minute during class? Why do we ask so many of the same questions over and over again? Why can’t we just fit in?

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I will tell you why because our entire system is based on teaching the left-brain dominant thinkers. All the lessons and teachings are what the left brain learns from, not the right. Unless it’s art class, music or PE. All the executive function skills, logical and organization skills are carried on the left side of the brain. The math, the science and major subjects for what the world has convinced us where success comes from, comes from the left hemisphere of the brain. If you don’t succeed in those areas, life becomes challenging. It’s the path to get into good colleges to the high-paying jobs. All the rest get kicked to the curb or those that are ADHD that are left to take the alternative route like trade schools are seen as uneducated and don’t end up making the same amount of money as the rest. It’s as if there are only two paths, the wrong path or the right path. The majority of people that society sees as taking the right path are left-brain dominant.

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Why? Because the system needs people to run corporate America. Workers need to be easily programmable and left-brain dominant thinkers can be taught easily and can take orders easily. All the free thinkers are too much to deal with in big companies. Those that are right-brain dominant tend to not take orders from others very well. Unless they own their own company, which many people with ADHD do. They end up needing to be their own boss and do things their own way so there is no conflict in the workplace and they can thrive doing what they do best.

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Why is ADHD actually a superpower? Because we can do multiple tasks at once, we feel things deeply, intuitively perceive things for accurate information, have a wild imagination and have the amazing ability to think way outside the box. Albert Einstein is the most famous and memorable and influential person we know that was ADHD. Without it he would have never discovered all his amazing findings! He was the guru in seeking way outside the box!

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What would the world be like without our superpowers? It would be colorless. It would be boring. It would be emotionless. There would be no real-life superheroes that are here to help change lives and change the world.

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So, you see, all this time, they were never meant to fit in, but always stand out, for all the right reasons.

It’s not easy having superpowers. The world usually rejects those with a different view of the world. But we are here and we are here to disrupt order!

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So, go thank someone you know with ADHD for their superpowers. ! Go hug a friend or loved one with ADHD. You just might change their life by feeling that hug, and hearing those words!

Visit my website for more info!

Evangelia Vensel Brainz Magazine

Evangelia Vensel, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Evangelia Vensel, is an influencer for transformational change through the renewal of the subconscious mind, the importance of detoxing the body and coping with the side affects of unresolved early childhood trauma and abuse. This led Evangelia down many paths to find and discover real solutions to heal and change the mindset of a victim of abuse. After Evangelia's own personal battle with debilitating illness and how trauma healing and subconscious reprogramming transformed her life, it is her mission as a trauma and illness survivor to share awareness, knowledge, wisdom, teach the methods that helped her take her power back and offer solutions to those still suffering. She is dedicated to help change lives.



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