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The Top 4 Ways In Bringing Intuition Into Your Business

It may be foreign to hear that intuition can bring you a successful business. In “the west”, we are raised to believe that the grind and 9-5 work-life is all that is necessary to create a lifestyle of sustenance; when in actuality, it is the opposite. It is all about how you manage your energy, as it manifests into wealth and balance. Shocker, right?

Most of the wealthiest individuals in the world don’t work within the system. The routine and mundane tasks of daily life are starting to adjust as people are more conscientious and in preference of creating a business led by both intuition, and trust in their own creativity. This gives the option to curate time for rest and inspiration.

The key to hacking the system is looking at it from the external to understand how our comfort zone inhibits our ability to follow our intuitive nudges. This could be as simple as leaving that job that has you feeling undervalued, running a business the way that you were “taught” to, or venturing out into a new territory once finding a sense of purpose in creativity.

Focusing on your body’s response and listening to your higher-self can be done as follows:

  1. Listen to that voice in your head, and that feeling in your gut.

  2. Every businessperson once made a difficult choice by leaving their comfort zone.

  3. You have to be your biggest supporter. Relying on others will stifle growth.

  4. Your human design is your blueprint to maintaining an intuitive business.

Listen to that voice in your head, and the feeling in your gut:

Those “voices in your head”, are often your own guidance system giving you advice and direction for what to do in life. If the idea feels to big or unrealistic, it is only because you are still in the comfort zone of playing it small.

Hindsight tends to be 20/20, and it is only after our nightmares or “worst-case scenarios” pan out that we say, “I should have listened”. We can avoid a lot of grief, hardship, and detours when we give respect to our true desires.

We also must be mindful of the negative voice in our head, as it is our ego. Our ego is what tells us that we are not worthy enough to follow our intuition. The real reason is because our ego hates change as it involves uncertainty. We are hardwired within our human design to follow the path of least resistance, when, some resistance is key to growth.

Every businessperson once made a difficult choice by leaving their comfort zone:

The comfort zone is one of the most dangerous places to be when looking to build a business or brand. Though it is okay occasionally, maintaining a state of plateau or ease is something that does not allow for much growth. The reason is because your intuition is always leading you and guiding you to your highest potential – something that we are programmed to actually fear.

All of those “wildly good” business ideas, were once a concept that many investors, friends, family, and ego traits told us were not our intuition, but wishful thinking. Manifestation is such a huge part of evolution and informing progress, but as humans, we tend to lean toward shutting down our imagination. The Wright Brothers would have been told that airplanes were unrealistic, Steve Jobs was met with criticism when inventing Apple, and women were told for centuries that they are not permitted in specific sectors.

If no is the dominant response – how do we justify and explain all of the times that people persevered against the odds?

The dissent has become the most powerful measure of success amongst society (though it’s underutilized).

So – take the chance, and make the move that you have been guided toward. It is the same one that [in]directly leads you to your intuitive business success.

You have to be your biggest supporter. Relying on others will stifle growth:

One of the main things we do as humans is tell people about our manifestations and desires to “hear their opinion”. This is not a bad thing, but at times the energy of the other person (ie: their belief system), is what holds us back from making the decisions that are truly fulfilling for us.

Listening to our gut instinct means that we are the only ones that can truly tap into all of that which the Universe is trying to tell us. We should always seek support when needed – but, should be careful in how much we allow the opinions of others impact our ability and mojo to make the decisions that in our alignment with our highest good, aspirations, and potential.

Seeking coaching, mentorship, and engaging with videos or podcasts by or from people that have been in these positions can be helpful vis-à-vis motivating to block out the noise.

Your human design is your blueprint to maintaining an intuitive business:

Human design is the blueprint of the time of birth. It includes your personal activations, as well as how you were programmed to succeed. On the flip side, it gives insight into how you were born to be conditioned too. Our human design connects us to our life purpose, and how we can really lean into our intuition while knowing the channels, gates, and definition within us. You can get your free human design guide or book a session here!

We are all born different, but business models often look the same and lack an intuitive component. The system was structured according to the success of a generator or manifesting generator type, but is hardly sustainable for anyone wanting to live fully in purpose. Those that are meant to have a life of positive projection or reflection, are not taught about the ways that the can utilize their light-filled energy to achieve success in the workplace.

Understanding your intuition, potential for growth, and programming, will give you the indispensable tools and guidance to align you with a composition of living in alignment for better decision-making.

Summarily, allowing yourself to trust your intuition is the hardest, and most promising success in allowing true fulfilling business growth.

If you are looking to book a coaching call or human design reading with Raminder, you can do so at her website You can also follow her socials at Instagram and linkedin.

Raminder K. Hayre
Raminder K. Hayre

About the author:

Raminder K. Hayre, or "The RKH", is best known for her spiritual activism, and healing business. She is a lawyer that transitioned out of conventional practice to make education accessible to the public via her social media platforms. She is a leader in the space of helping clients and professionals find their purpose through understanding their energy, and activations that they were born with. She was named one of the leading women in industry impact by Women in Business, and strives to help people limit burnout by focusing on their inherent success codes.



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