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The Secret Life of a Nurse Working Outside the Medical Model

Written by: Sarah Dawkins, Guest Writer Brainz Magazine


Modern, western medicine sadly doesn’t appear to take a holistic approach to health and wellness, appearing to focus only on symptoms rather than the root cause of dis-ease. Hence, a client is determined “healed” by a lack of symptoms due to medications, surgery or other treatments.

However, in the current climate, physically visiting a doctor has become increasingly difficult, hospitals are cancelling more and more elective surgeries, and the cost of conventional treatments is ever escalating, not only in financial terms but also the long-term health cost of taking pharmaceuticals, therefore, taking responsibility for our own health is more important than ever.

So how do we take responsibility for our health and start our own healing? And is it possible?

Well, as Doctor Joe Dispenza states:

“When we experience for ourselves, or witness in another person, something that we've once believed to be impossible, we are freed in our beliefs to transcend those limitations in our own lives”.

In short, we only have to see one person doing what we believed to be impossible to change our belief that something is impossible.

My secret to health is natural self-healing, outside the world of pharmaceutical drugs that I was trained to believe were a necessary part of life. I coach people on doing the same to improve their health and wellness.

After healing myself of suicidal depression, underactive thyroid, adrenal fatigue, body and head pains, frozen shoulders, candida, eczema, psoriasis, and reflux, I absolutely know what it takes to naturally self-heal rather than taking medicines that I believe we should, for so long.

I am writing a book about it, called HEAL YOURSELF, the remarkable journeys of ordinary people healing themselves of dis-ease in extra-ordinary ways, to empower people to change their belief that natural self-healing isn’t possible, by showing the readers many people who have healed themselves, in a variety of ways. I hope that they, too, will then embark on their own healing journeys.

Currently, my book contains seventy people's healing journeys, from a range of dis-eases diagnosed as “chronic, long-term and life-long” by doctors, proving that we absolutely CAN heal ourselves from dis-ease without pharmaceutical medications.

So, rather than reaching for pharmaceuticals, let me share with you some strategies for self-healing that I learned through my own healing journey and found re-iterated through the contributions of others for my book.

Secrets to Healing

True healing needs us to address not just our physical body but also our mental, emotional and spiritual bodies too.

Mental body

Our mental body is our thoughts, attitudes, beliefs, desires, values, and goals, and these can be crucial in determining what we experience as symptoms. We can improve our mental health through meditation, mindfulness, education, and goal setting.

Emotional body

This is about connections with ourselves and others. Reconnect with emotions through mindfulness without judgment and bond with the lost inner child. Practicing self-reflection, gratitude, and forgiveness strengthen our emotional body.

Spiritual body

This is about our connection to energy, our true essence, our oneness, and understanding that we are all connected. Often it is US that is out of alignment with our spirituality. Being conscious and present in the moment, practicing mindfulness, and prayer all support our spiritual body.

Physical body

A healthy physical body is gained through:

Nourishment – eating nutritious foods and drinking natural beverages.

Gentle exercise – walking is great and very undervalued; outside in green space is the best.

Sleep – around seven to eight hours of uninterrupted sleep

Breathing – daily practice of deep and slow breathing

PLUS – all the other bodies being in harmony, as our physical body reflects all our bodies.

The root cause of dis-ease can emanate from a mental, emotional or spiritual issue, which will manifest real physical symptoms in the body. These symptoms are no less than any occurring as the result of a physical issue. Therefore, as we heal our mental, emotional and spiritual bodies, our physical body naturally heals.

Our body is healing every day. It’s what it does. We just can’t always see what is going on.

The Mind-Body Link

The mind-body link has been proven by many, with the placebo effect highlighting how our mind can create healing. So, if it can create healing, why would it not be able to create dis-ease? Can we accept that it is possible for our body to be manifesting what our subconscious (unconscious) mind believes, therefore we are co-creators of our suffering?

Well, if we have co-created it, surely, we must be able to heal it, right? Absolutely, if we can just believe, we CAN heal and believe that we are WORTHY of healing. Healing comes from our belief in belief, and the healers in my book are testament to just that.

I wish you all healing.

Love, light, and blessings to you!

Sarah Dawkins

Find Sarah on Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Gab. and visit her website.


Sarah Dawkins RN, BSc (Hons), MSc, AMC

Sarah is a Registered Nurse, Author, multi-award-winning entrepreneur, and Holistic Health Coach. She has a plethora of experience in health and wellness gained through her many years in nursing and her insatiable drive to improve overall health through nutrition and natural means.

Her coaching sessions are designed for anyone wanting to improve their overall health, whether there is an active health problem to resolve or not. Sarah’s 12-week on-line course, Healing at Home, and her hand-made natural and organic products compliment her coaching.

Sarah walks her talk with regards to health and wellness.



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