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The Ripple Effect Of Positive Leadership – Impacting Lives Beyond Work

Beth Rohani leads the No. 1 moving company serving the Houston Multi-Family Industry and her company is considered one of Top 3 Best Rated Moving Companies in Houston. As a first-generation Iranian-American, former TV news assignments editor and CEO of a transportation and logistics-based business in a male-dominated industry.

Executive Contributor Beth Rohani

Leadership for me is not just a title; it's a responsibility that extends beyond the workplace. As a business owner, influencing people positively is not only crucial for the success of my team but also for making a meaningful impact on individuals in the broader community. One of the most powerful ways to achieve this positive influence is by leading through example. In this article, we'll explore the challenges and rewards of positive leadership, how it can extend beyond the confines of the office to positively impact the world, and a guide on how to positively impact others as a leader.

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Leading by example in the workplace


As a business owner, the responsibility of leadership rests squarely on our shoulders. We set the tone for our team, and our actions speak louder than words. The thought of leading by example is not just a lofty ideal but a practical necessity for fostering a positive work environment.


Remember that your team looks to you for guidance, inspiration, and a model of the values and work ethic expected. If you want your team to demonstrate dedication, integrity, and a strong work ethic, you must embody these qualities yourself. Consistency in your behavior and decision-making builds trust and respect, creating a positive workplace culture.


Impact beyond the office walls


Positive leadership isn't confined to the interactions within your company. The influence you wield as a business owner extends far beyond the office walls. People are watching how you conduct yourself not only as a professional but also as a person in the community.


Treating others with kindness, respect, and empathy is not only a reflection of your character but also a demonstration of the values your business upholds. Whether it's in your dealings with clients, partners, or members of the community, your actions have the potential to create a ripple effect of positivity.

Bringing value to the world


In today's interconnected world, business owners have a unique platform to share their experiences and insights. Social media, video content, and other online platforms provide opportunities to reach a broader audience and make a positive impact.


The realization that our experiences can bring value to others is a powerful motivator. Sharing my journey, the lessons learned, and the principles that guide me can inspire and influence individuals outside the immediate scope of my business. This act of giving back through valuable content is a way to lead by example on a larger scale.


Influencing people positively as a business owner is not just about achieving success within the confines of an organization. It's about leading by example in all aspects of life and making a positive impact on the world. By embodying the values and principles you wish to see in others, you create a culture of positivity and inspire those around you. Whether in the office or the broader community, the ripple effect of positive leadership can contribute to a better, more compassionate world.


A guide to being a positive influence as a leader

Being a good leader involves more than just having authority; it's about positively influencing those around you. Here's a guide to help you become a positive influence as a leader:


1. Define your values

Clearly show the values that guide your actions and decisions. Whether it's integrity, empathy, or commitment, having a well-defined set of values provides a foundation for your leadership style.


2. Consistency matters

Be consistent in your behavior. Your team and the broader community should see a reliable and steady representation of your values. Inconsistency can erode trust and diminish the impact of your leadership.


3. Communication is key

Clearly communicate your expectations and vision. Transparency fosters trust and helps others understand the principles you want to uphold. Regularly communicate with your team, addressing concerns and celebrating successes together.

4. Lead by doing

Actions speak louder than words. Demonstrate the work ethic, dedication, and values you expect from your team. When they see you embodying these qualities, they are more likely to follow suit.


5. Empower and encourage

Foster an environment where everyone feels empowered to contribute. Encourage collaboration and value the unique perspectives each team member brings. Empowering others enhances their sense of purpose and contribution.


6. Handle challenges gracefully

Challenges are inevitable, both in business and in life. Your response to adversity sets the tone for those around you. Approach challenges with resilience, optimism, and a problem-solving mindset.


7. Extend positive influence beyond work

Recognize that your influence reaches beyond the office. Engage positively with the community, treat clients and partners with respect, and contribute to the well-being of society. Your actions should align with the values you promote.


8. Share your experiences

Utilize platforms such as social media and video content to share your experiences and insights. Your journey can inspire others, and the lessons you've learned can be valuable for those facing similar challenges.


9. Create a supportive culture

Build a workplace culture that emphasizes support, collaboration, and personal growth. A positive and supportive work environment not only attracts top talent but also contributes to the well-being of your team.


10. Continual learning

Stay committed to continual learning and improvement. Leadership is an evolving journey, and staying open to new ideas and perspectives ensures that you grow along with your team.


Overall, being a positive influence as a leader involves a holistic approach that encompasses our professional and personal lives. By defining our values, leading by

example, and by fostering a culture of positivity, we can make a lasting impact on our team and the world around us. Remember, the ripple effect of positive leadership starts with you.


Beth Rohani, Entrepreneur

Beth Rohani leads the No. 1 moving company serving the Houston Multi-Family Industry and her company is considered one of Top 3 Best Rated Moving Companies in Houston. As a first generation Iranian-American, former TV news assignments editor and CEO of a transportation and logistics based business in a male-dominated industry, Beth embraces the stereotypes while inspiring and mentoring others to build a successful business with a balance to live their best life.



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