The Pyramid of Change Is Calling

Updated: Feb 2

Written by: Aden Eyob, Executive Contributor

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Ever wondered why change is cumbersome or short-lived? Have you exhausted the plethora of self-help books and seminars only to find yourself back in the same coping mechanisms you willed yourself out of?

The reality is, change, and one that is long-lasting, is gradual and requires self-awareness. Furthermore, understanding the stages of change is pivotal to make a difference - whether that's on your desires, relational or organizational goals - it comes down to the logical level on which you currently operate and the change you're attempting to make.

According to Robert Dilts, a developer, author, trainer, and pioneer in the field of Neuro-Linguistic programming proposed six fundamental Neurological Levels to change: environment, behavior, capabilities, beliefs, identity, and spirituality, which is often depicted in a pyramid diagram as follows:


The first pillar of the change pyramid is about the surroundings, the external conditions that affect a person's behavior and experiences. Associated with the senses and with the questions "where?", "when?" and "with whom?"


The next stage of change is concerned with the externally perceived actions and reactions of a person. Composed of their thought process, physical activities, use of words, mannerisms, and conduct. At this level, the question is about the "What?"


This third stage of the change pyramid consists of a person's skills, competencies, knowledge, and abilities. An individual operating at this level is focused on the 'how' to achieve something, based on their existing experience or need for new skills. Associated with the question of "How?"


This level of the pyramid of change is attributed to the beliefs, values, moral compass, and motives of a person. The domain of 'the Why' is about the individual's underlying reasons/values behind the demonstrated behavior or action. Essentially composed of what a person believes and holds as vital to them, associated with the question of "Why?"


The fifth stage of the pyramid of change is the core of who you are and could also be deemed a self-image sense. It is the cornerstone of a person's personality. Conversations at this level, such as 'I am a failure' or 'I am a success,' are engaged and influenced by identity-based words. Associated with the question of "Who."


The highest level of the change pyramid is affiliated with the realm of higher connection, the bigger picture, and vision—this about a person's place in the greater scheme of things and the meaning of life. An individual operating at this level is focused on connecting to a source, universal wisdom, or community at large. The question at this stage is of "What else?"

The basic idea behind the neurological levels of change is that each level directly affects those lower in the hierarchy. A lower level may, but will not necessarily, change those above. Therefore effective change comes from the Identity level for what you say, you eventually become.

In the end, the delicate art of change lies in your model of reality - so what will you change today?

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Aden Eyob, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Aden Eyob is a leader in mindset. She is the clinical neuroscientist and author, The Book on Mind Training: The Secret for Positive Living. She is the founder and CEO of Mind Medication, a fusion of neuroscience-psychology and spirituality based mindset consulting and speaker service that helps you uncover your why unlock potential and free limiting beliefs to achieve the impossible. Her clients include CEOs, entrepreneurs, and celebrities—her mission: a world free from limiting beliefs.



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