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The Pain Forced Me To Recreate Myself ‒ Exclusive Interview With Vivien Roggero

Vivien Roggero is a certified Executive Empowerment Coach and Entrepreneur. After nearly 2 decades of professional journey, expanding from Sales to Executive in some world-class startups, losing his father to COVID, and going through a high-conflict divorce, he decided to dedicate his life to empowering people so they can live a fulfilling life. Those experiences also inspired him to create the One Freedom™ Framework, freedom and purpose-centric approach to life that helps his clients to accelerate their life design process and sculpt growth. His focus is to help clients who feel stuck in their professional or personal journeys or find struggles to re-navigate life after major life-changing events.

Vivien Roggero, Executive & Empowerment Coach

What made you become an Executive Empowerment coach?

I first built a successful career as an executive– Led high-performing teams and advised entrepreneurs and coaches worldwide. And several years ago, I switched, I became an Executive Empowerment coach, speaker, entrepreneur and business strategist. I am focused on empowering people to reach their true life through a freedom-centric approach to life and success.

My career started after graduating with two bachelor degrees in IT, a master's degree in Marketing and a master's degree in International business from one of the top 20 business schools in the world. I started working in IT in France before repatriating myself to 3 different countries, (all of which I didn’t speak the language).

And In the last decades, I led high-performing teams for Startups, Unicorns and Decacorns worldwide. While doing so, I still sought to improve myself and maximize my impact on the lives of the people around me. Through this purpose, in 2009, I co-founded the Rotaract Paris Hausmann, known for its recognition by Bill Gates in its participation in the fight against polio with “Climbing like Ibrahim”.

But then 2020 was a turning point in my life. I lost my dear father due to COVID and I entered a high-conflict divorce with my ex-wife of 11 years. This soul-searching, life-breaking period of my life led me to recreate my life and redefine my values and goals. This made me vow to dedicate my life to supporting people who are ready to change and build a better life for themselves, a life centered around freedom, joy and success.

What is your mission now as an Executive empowerment coach?

Through my coaching business I provide 1-on-1 and group sessions for people dedicated to creating their best life using the One Freedom™ Framework that I created. I am also starting to offer online classes for people that want to start the journey at their own pace.

But my mission is to support a million people every year to achieve their true life. I also co-founded the ICC, (International Coaches’ Collective). A group for coaches to learn, develop themselves and network between fellow coaches. As the better we become as coaches, the better we can serve, and the more our impact grows.

Let’s say it this way, I made it my life mission to help people live the life they deserve and achieve a state of Freedom, Success and Joy every day. For this and from my own experience, I designed the One Freedom™ framework. This framework was created to help people learn what their core Freedoms are and how to apply that knowledge to designing their True Life– a life of Purpose, Joy, Success and Freedom.

By dedicating my time and energy to helping others raise their Life Wealth and live a conscious life driven by Joy and Happiness. I know that I am allowing them to create a better life and a better world for their families and children. As a father myself, I know how being the best version of yourself is one of the greatest gifts you can give your children.

Who are you helping through coaching?

COVID was a pivotal moment in my life. As I said, during the first year, I lost my job, my father a couple of months after that, and I went through a divorce. All of that pain forced me to recreate myself and made me the coach I am today. And that made me realize that you can be successful and unhappy. You can have money but still no Freedom. So I want to help people that may be already extremely successful, or that are going through a life-changing event and feel that they are not progressing anymore; are overwhelmed; feel they are not having Freedom. I help them rebuild their lives around their own personal values and freedoms. So they can achieve a higher level of joy and success in a freer and healthy way.

Was there anyone who inspired this change in your life to dedicate it to others?

God, my partner, my son, my father, my family are my daily inspirations that keep me going even when times get hard. My family has a moto, there are no lazy people in the family, and I have always been a follower to it. But we have a second one that is never spoken but always acted, we always move forward. My grandmother survived 2 wars, and one dictature, and at over 90, she is still writing books and going to conferences and concerts. I can say that she is a hell of a woman, but even more impressively, she dedicated most of her life to teaching and sharing knowledge.

Now, I am also inspired by many of the leading figures in the industry such as Jay shetty, Vishen Lakhiani, Tony Robbins and also by people like Jim Kwik, James Clear, Gaur Gopal Das, and many more.

What is your greatest career achievement as a coach?

For me, of all the achievements, the first paying coaching client was and is the best achievement I ever made as it was the start of the road to where I am. But every client that I help is for me the greatest achievement as they are all unique. We coaches have a responsibility to each of our clients, and we have to understand the weight of our words and actions, as clients trust us to help them.

That is why also, I would like to see more trained certified coaches.

For me getting trained and being certified was critical, that is why I have been certified through the Jay Shetty certification school, and got a OTHM 7 diploma in Coaching and Leadership development. I am now preparing to get my ICC accreditation in 2023.

But, I also have to say that having my name next to Vishen Lakhiani on the Brainz Global Award 2022 was a great recognition.

What next for you?

As I said, my goal right now is to grow my impact to a million people per year, through my coaching and the One Freedom™ Framework, the proprietary freedom-centric coaching and life framework that I have developed. To achieve that I am launching several online classes and webinars this year, starting with the Freedom Creation Program. A 3-month program where people will learn to identify their core Freedoms, and to start aligning their life to those core Freedoms, so they can bring Joy and Success in their daily lives.

If you want to know more about this program, register to my mailing list and get your free awareness workbook.

Now I also have season 2 of In The Mind Of Founder, my podcast on mental health for entrepreneurs starting in January, after a well deserved new year break.

And lastly, we are also opening the ICC next year to all coaches worldwide that want to join a growth-centric community.

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