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The Next Evolution Of Sport & Human Performance ‒ Performance Enhancing Code

Written by: Alicia Rios Wilks, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


How to harness the full power of your consciousness to break limits and achieve anything you desire.

Are your limitations physical or do they exist only in your mind?

We've all been introduced to the idea that sport is also a mental game. If you’re like most of us you can't get enough of the inspiring stories of athletes overcoming the odds thanks to their mindset. So you know your attitude impacts your performance.

Are you harnessing the full power of your mind to enhance your performance? Or are you consistently leaving your highest potential untapped?

Our physical body is not a product of purely physical processes. Quantum physics now tells us that there are unseen worlds that we are functioning in that influence our physical world.

To truly master our physical capabilities and unlock our potential, we must understand that human performance is multidimensional.

We are, at a fundamental level, pure consciousness. That is why and how we experience this thing called life. Our body is a part of that consciousness but it is not the totality of it. It is one of many layers that interact and inform each other.

We know that the subconscious (unconscious) mind runs the body. That's how our lungs breathe and our blood circulates and our muscles adapt without us needing to think about it.

We also know that the subconscious is a programmable mind. Just like we code in programs to create software on a laptop, our mind runs what is essentially code a set of instructions that control its functioning, its decisions, and its output.

Interestingly, our subconscious is predominantly programmed in the first 5 years of life. In fact, scientists say that half of what we learn over our entire lifetime is learned during the first 5 years of life.

Therefore the mind that is running our body is predominantly the mind of a child.

But do you want a child in the driver's seat of your physical vehicle?

Children make decisions based on a very limited perspective and very little life experience. Some of those decisions are likely holding you back in your pursuits, including sports.

Here’s a real-life example of this highly common phenomenon in action. A client of mine wanted to improve his performance in an extreme sport. He was coming up against a prohibitive amount of fear that was stopping him from reaching his goals or getting near his potential.

When we brought to light what was going on subconsciously, we discovered a decision that was made when he was a young child due to an incident during which he couldn't swim all the way across the pool, causing him to panic and fear for his life as he struggled in the water. This added a code to the program his mind was running that said "I'm not capable enough to do what I want to do, and I'm not powerful enough to be safe in sports."

This grown adult, an extreme athlete, was being held back by his 5-year-old self.

So here’s the question, who’s in charge of the code your mind is running?

And it's not just a child that's running your mind, it's also dead people.

No, really.

Even something as fundamentally physical as our DNA is directly impacted by the code that’s running in the mind.

How do dead people create code in your mind? Bert Hellinger, a German psychotherapist, was the first to conduct research on intergenerational trauma. Research has shown that traumatic memories are passed down 7 generations or more. The extreme experiences (traumatic memories) of our ancestors cause epigenetic modifications to their DNA which affects gene expression. Those epigenetic changes can be inherited, therefore affecting the expression of our own genes.

This pattern showed up in another athlete client of mine who struggled with weight management and eating patterns, which inevitably impacted their sports performance.

In this client it was inherited code that was determining the default behavior of the mind and the body, thereby limiting their performance.

What we discovered was that the behavioral pattern that was sabotaging their performance was the direct effect of an inherited memory of starvation. This had pre-wired their neurology to be triggered by any threat in the food supply. Their ancestors' memory of starvation was causing them to overeat. And even when they did manage to diet, their body was programmed not to release weight because there was a code there, saying “food is not always available we need to be prepared for long periods of time without food. We need to store as much energy reserves (fat) as possible so we can survive this time!”.

By default, your physical performance may be at the mercy of people who no longer walk this Earth.

Where are those ancestral memories stored? Within a level of consciousness called the superconscious (quantum) field.

The superconscious is another level of mind that runs code. Code that was created not only by ourselves but also by those that came before us. That code instructs our very cells on how to function and determines how we operate.

If our limits originated in the mind, then can the mind remove them? The answer is yes.

That's precisely the work I do. And it starts with understanding that the mind and body are not separate entities. They work together as part of one structure. We know the body could not exist without the mind take the brain from the body and it fails.

So to harness the full potential of the human body, we must harness the full potential of the mind.

If you want to break limits in your performance you must look beyond your body for the answers.

To have the greatest impact on your body, you must apply the change to all levels of consciousness. Otherwise, you're leaving your innate power and potential untapped.

Both of my clients came to me because they thought the problem was in their bodies. In both cases, it was recoding the program that was running in the mind that changed the game. Using my Rapid Consciousness Transformation Method™, we worked at all 3 levels of consciousness simultaneously to remove the code that was limiting their performance and install instructions that supported the outcomes they desired.

To think that sport is purely a physical pursuit is to think that the tip of the iceberg is all that exists.

You must look to the code that is running your body and, where necessary, use the delete key. We have the power and ability to rewrite our code, create mind-body transformations and recreate ourselves. My clients, and I myself, are living proof.

So I invite you to ask yourself, what more do you have in you? And what could you achieve with performance-enhancing CODE?

Want to experience some performance-enhancing CODE? Try my FREE hypnosis for peak athletic performance for those of you who want to be the next evolution of your sport.

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Alicia Rios Wilks, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Alicia Rios Wilks is a multi-award-winning thought leader on a mission to spark a Radical Freedom Movement. She is an innovator in combining human consciousness, mind and body transformation, and breakthrough performance. Like many of her clients, Alicia had spent much of her life feeling powerless, unsatisfied and limited. To create her own transformation, Alicia brought together top research on the nature of consciousness and the structure of reality and pioneered a revolutionary method designed for the most powerful and rapid transformation humanly possible. She has since dedicated her life to helping others harness their innate power to release emotional blocks, live as the fullest expression of their true self, and intentionally create their dream life. She is the founder and creator of Radical Freedom, creating heart-centered spaces for others to learn how to live an unlimited life, connect to their unique superconscious genius and live their true nature and purpose.



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