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The Miracle Of Life And Death

Written by: Dani Green, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


The Miracle of Life. It is easy to celebrate the miracle of life. How a baby is formed and birthed is a miracle. As a mom of three children, I have experienced this miracle, and the hard work it takes to raise children. Now I am watching my daughter and her husband raise their two sons. We experience struggle but mostly happiness, as we celebrate the miracle of life.

senior woman and child on grayscale photo.

Our Body Is Programmed

Our body is programmed to do the very best it can. All the cells in our body are programmed to communicate with each other, survive and thrive. Even if we are facing illness, our bodies are programmed to fight it.

I take time each day to thank my body for the good job it is doing. I have a diagram list of my major organs. I thank each organ for taking good care of me.

The Mountains and Me

We love to look at nature and marvel at its beauty and wonder. Being in nature is a sanctuary. We breathe deeply and let the awe of nature fill us.

Have you ever looked at your body in the same way? Look at yourself and experience the wonder of your body. There is a place inside of you, your Soul, you can call home.

Be Like A Tree

One day I was looking at a tree and then I noticed all the trees in my yard. Not one of the trees was begging to be shorter, taller, wider, or thinner. Each tree was just being a tree. Be like a tree. Be you!

Accept your body as it is in this present moment. You are as tall, short, wide, or thin as you are because you are. Your ancestors, genetics, environments, experiences, and choices create who you are today. Be okay with being you.

The Miracle of Death

When my dad died several years ago, I remember seeing life leaving his body. He became pale from his feet to his face. My first thought was how happy I was for him. My siblings and family were all crying so I remembered to be sad.

Since then, I have marveled that our bodies that are programmed to live can also begin to die. Even tragic deaths are miraculous because in a specific time and place, our bodies that are meant to live, die.

As soon as we learn the concept of death as a child or young adult, we wonder when will we die. At the point of death, this question is being answered. We know the date and time of our birth. In the next realm, now we know the date and time of our death.

Each life is a fulfillment of why our Soul came to earth to live. Remembering it is just our body that dies, makes death seem less permanent.

Energy Changes Form

Our body is made of energy. When we are born, as we live, and as we die, the energy that is the essence of who we are lives on. The energy of our Soul just changes form, from life here to a new life.

All the Chances We Need

If we live more than one lifetime (and I think we do), we have as many chances as we need to live meaningful and purposeful lives. What we don't get done in this life, we will do in the next. No pressure.

Birth is a miracle. Life is a miracle. Death is a miracle. You are a miracle!

I Love You!

Namaste – the Divine in Me Celebrates the Divine in You!


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Dani Green, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Dani Green is a certified hypnotherapist, speaker, author and spiritual activist. Dani’s core focus and passion is to guide clients to rewrite the past, present, and future Story they tell themselves at the subconscious level and to discover their own Inner Mantras.

Dani has a 12-session course called The Soul Power Experience. The courses, Be Smoke Free and One & D.O.N.E. Weight Release are each six sessions. Dani also offers Intuitive sessions.

Dani opened her hypnotherapy practice in 2015 and uses client-centered hypnotherapy, as well as The Emotion Code, PSYCH-K, and RIM.



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