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The Law Of Consistency And Singularity, 6th Laws Of Branding (Part 6 Of 7)

Written by: Richa Chandra, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


Out of all the laws of branding, this one is the most challenging to follow. The reason being this takes time and total commitment to building the brand. A brand is NOT built overnight, and success is measured in decades, not in years. When I see people who want to build a successful name very fast, it feels as if they have a shortage of time. One should start a brand with longevity in mind, not just success. To do so, it is very important to bear in mind the focus and single-mindedness.

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In the last article I covered the 5 th law. Let’s look closer at the 6th law og Branding:

6. The Law of Consistency and Singularity

This law is all about taking action and being consistent with the action. In the beginning there might not get to much attention or reviews from the customers, but over time people see the value add and that there are small action taken everyday it builds trust.

When I work with customers to build their brand and they have got the clarity for their values, their message and story they are then thought to be consistent about getting it out there. It can be trough social media and PR. If they choose social media, it is about posting every day. Showing up and sharing everything that back ups the brand but with a personal touch. Everyone wants to connect with person or people behind a brand, not only the name / company.

By posting, sharing and engaging, people see that you are there. They see that you are serious and are showing up. By engaging people/ followers feels that you care and are communicating, but you have to be consistent. If you have decided to do 4 post pr week, or 2 videos a week, or live every day then do that. Decide and stick to it. The more you engage with potential customers and are visible the faster the brand will grow, but it is also about what capacity of being able to keep it up. One of my coaching client, she is a very successful business woman with partners and customers all over the world. She is herself a business coach, but she has not had the time to build her personal or business brand. She now want to be more visible and build her personal brand as well as her coaching brand. Her task was to post once a day on IG and FB. After a few days she came back to me and said I am not able to post every day, even if I have pre-planed and made the post in advance. “It is not doable and I know I can’t be consistent with this kind of activity level after the coaching is over.” So we found the comfort level for her which was 4 times a week with posts, and 2-3 times a week stories.

The second part of this law is singularity, meaning that total focus on building the brand. I have to admit that I also got gazelle by shiny opportunities, and it has happened that I have lost the focus on what is my message and brand story. By singular mind I mean that the only thing that needs to be in focus when we are building the brand is the content that we are putting out there matches the messaging, brand story and the values the brand stands for. It might be some untraditional content, but the way it is formed it strengthen the brand and creates more visibility.

There are now many various social media posting calendars, general posts with quotes and preplaned email templates. In my opinion these are great for getting inspiration and ideas, but does not help the brand at all. In content creation we have to be singular minded and have the customers, products and services in mind at all times.

In conclusion:

This law is all about being constant visible on the chosen media with content that strengthen the brand being person or business. By creating content that is personal to the brand and targeted to the right customer. Being consistent and singular minded might take some time but show quality and builds a position in the market.

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Richa Chandra, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine 'Fears don’t define us, but how we face them, does that!' This is the mantra of Award winner (Most aspirational businesswomen, Norway 2019) Richa Chandra lives by. She is actually the driving force and face behind the success and visibility of many coaches, entrepreneurs, and workshops. In 2015, Richa faced a hostile takeover of her company and lost everything, but in just a few months, without any hesitation, she started 3 new businesses. She has written 3 books that have become the main Norwegian textbooks in teaching Indian Dance and Proven benefits of Meditation (2019).



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