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The Journey To 100 – Are You Up For The Challenge?

Sharon Olivero-Chapman is a remarkable individial with a deep understanding of the secrets of living a long and disease-free life. As the founder of Harrienna Health, an innovative online learning platform, Sharon is dedicated to sharing her knowledge and expertise with others with a focus on becoming "Centenarians in Training".

Executive Contributor Sharon Olivero-Chapman

In your current state of health, do you think you have the ability to live to be a centenarian? Would you even want to live to be 100 years old? 

Happy senior man and woman sitting on bench

Why is it that only very few humans reach this incredible age? Have you ever wondered, how are we so superhuman in many ways such as inventions, communication, robotics, machinery and even AI, why are we not all living to the superhuman age of 100 by now? In this article, you will discover what it takes to live to 100 years and beyond and why very few are managing to do just that today.


If I told you, there is a way you could live to 100 would you take me up on that offer?

Since most people today are dying from lifestyle diseases such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, obesity and respiratory diseases, would it not be as simple to say – by changing your “lifestyle” you could prevent these “lifestyle” diseases and live a long and healthy century of life? Sounds too good to be true right? This is however, the long and short of it. The only problem is, most people do not know how, what and when to do that or where to even start.


I was fascinated by the fact that living to 100 was an absolute exception to the human race, rather than an expectation. Very few people live to this remarkable age and an even crazier fact is, these centenarians are dying of something that is also pretty rare in this day and age. You won’t believe what these humans are dying of? old age! Isn’t that crazy?! When was the last time you heard of someone dying of old age?


The centenarians I have studied are living:

  • Disease-free

  • Pain-free

  • Medication-free

  • And are fully self-sufficient, taking care of themselves just with the loving input of family and friends and not in a care home.

So my mission was uncovered; if some humans are capable of living such a long, happy, healthy life then why can’t everyone?


It reminds me of the Roger Bannister story; he was the first man to run a mile in under 4 minutes at Oxford University. Before him, no human was able to run a minute mile this fast, in fact they thought it was impossible. After years of studying the science of the body and its capabilities along with months and months of training, changing his lifestyle to enable him to finally do it, to run that 4-minute mile, he perked up the ears and eyes of other athletes. If Roger Bannister can do it, then so can we! And so they did, many more did. Many athletes followed in his footsteps, they followed his principles and lifestyle changes and they too ran miles in under 4 minutes. Pretty superhuman huh?


With that in mind, I am here to tell you, it is completely possible for humans to live to 100 years and beyond, you just need to unlearn some principles of life as we know it today and follow those who are doing just that. Success leaves clues.


Life expectancy today

According to the The Office for National Statistics, the average life expectancy for a human being today is around 80 years old in the UK for women and a few years less for men. In the USA it’s slightly lower at 76 years. However, more and more people are dying even younger in their 70’s or even 60’s and are very scarily dying a painful death. We all know someone that has died of a heart attack, stroke or cancer, all very painful deaths and devastating for their families.


People that are managing to live to 80 years old are reaching that age mainly because of medical science, because they are on some sort of medication to keep them alive. Many people today have been told they will be on medication for the rest of their lives, and we are “ok” with that. It has become the norm.


We are not living to 80 because of our incredible lifestyles, we are living to 80 because of the advances in medical science.


Just take in these current statistics given by the CDC these are all lifestyle diseases:


  1. Main cause of death in humans today is CRD (coronary heart disease)

  2. 1 in 4 people are living with obesity

  3. Diabetes has entered into the top 10 causes of death following a 70% increase since 2000, with an 80% rise in males alone.

Life expectancy 100 years ago

The average life expectancy for human beings a hundred years ago was around 50 years old believe it or not. However, according to Office for National Statistics:


  1. Death by heart disease was rare.

  2. Obesity was rare.

  3. Main cause of death was infection


We may have gained a 30 year life expectancy increase in the last century but, this is not due to an increase in people living healthier lifestyles, quite the opposite.


If death by CHD was rare and obesity was uncommon, just imagine what kind of lifestyle our ancestors were living!


Back then, we had no drive-thru fast food restaurants every few miles, most people didn’t have a car and the consumption of meat and dairy was minimal. This explains the practically non-existence of heart disease and obesity right?


They were dying of infection simply because of lack of resources and the lack of sanitation and hygiene back then.


Just imagine what life would be like today if we had continued with our ancestors' lifestyles from 100 years ago, paired with our incredible advances of medical science and resources we have today. Wouldn’t you expect humans to be living to the superhuman age of 100 as a given? Wouldn’t that be a natural progression for us as a race? Everyone living to 100 years and beyond, disease and medication free. Now, wouldn’t that be a blessing?

If we are not careful, people that live to be 100, disease-free will soon become extinct

These special humans that are walking planet earth today at 100 years old or older and living disease-free, pain-free and medication-free lives are such a rare form of our own species, they have been given a name, a label, a very special category. Are you ready for this?

There are certain areas that have been identified on our planet whereby more centenarians are living than any other place on Earth.


An American National Geographic Fellow, Dan Buettner, discovered these 5 places in the world where people live the longest, the healthiest, and the happiest lives, and he has dubbed them, wait for it… The Blue Zones!


Yes, you got it, the towns in which these people are living the life that a true human being should be, not being propped up by medication or living with lifestyle diseases, they are living 2 or 3 more decades than the rest of the world. They are so rare they have been singled out and given an actual name. Mind boggling don’t you think?


How have we allowed this to happen? Why are we not all living this life? What has society done to us? How far removed have we come from living the life of a real human being?!


Shouldn’t the entire planet be a Blue Zone?


The 3 M’s

I have discovered, these are the 3 main principles that has enabled the very few to live to 100 which I implement as the core guide in my client’s 1-1 program 30 Day Clinic:


Master the 3 M’s to Master your Life:

  1. Mind

  2. Meals

  3. Movement

This may sound obvious, but it is clear more than ever today, only a small percentage of the population on planet earth have managed to master all 3 M’s.


1. Mind

Program your mind to think and live a life of vitality and pain-free happiness. Feed your mind with the knowledge it needs to allow you to live to be a centenarian or even supercentenarian! Start by removing any “Dis” “Ease” in the body.


2. Meals

Learn how to cook simple recipes that only a select few humans are eating today that are allowing them to live for a healthy 100 years. Create meal plans that you will love and want to share with your family. Let Food Be Thy Medicine and enjoy it!


3. Movement

You don't need to join a gym to exercise, no expensive machines or memberships. Learn simple and enjoyable ways to move your body naturally. Unlearn everything you have

been taught and start moving like a human being should! With ease and grace.


Become a centenarian in training today

So, are you up for the challenge? Imagine living a further 30 or 40 years after retirement! Imagine seeing your great great grandchildren and seeing this ever fast developing world for decades longer than you had originally planned.


To be able to live to 100 however, we must start with addressing your health today. Once we get that under control and Back to being a Human being, then we can concentrate on the rest of your life of incredible vitality and longevity.


I have put together a free Masterclass, aptly entitled Back to being a Human being going deeper into the fundamentals of this article. Take just half an hour out of your day to watch this. It could change your life forever.


Let’s make living to 100 an expectation not an exception.

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Sharon Olivero-Chapman, Founder and CEO

Sharon Olivero-Chapman is an expert in understanding the factors that allow humans to live to be centenarians. Witnessing her own mother's decline due to a lifestyle disease, she took it upon herself to find a solution. Within just 2 weeks of Sharon's care, her mother experienced a complete recovery, leading her doctor to remove all lifelong medication. This success inspired Sharon to extend her healing methods to others, realising that she had the power to make a difference. She created a 1-1 program, allowing individuals to experience the same level of care in the comfort of their own homes. Sharon's mission is to eradicate and reverse lifestyle diseases, giving everyone the opportunity to reach the age of 100!





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