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The Importance Of Taking An Empowered Approach To Healing & Personal Development

Written by: Cynthia Martin, CHt, RMT, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


It’s undeniable! We are living in such a wonderful time in our culture where we have access to so much information and resources on what is needed to “Live Your Best Life.” It makes me excited to be alive at this time where self-love, mindfulness and even spirituality are increasingly more widely accepted and practiced even in the workplace and other institutions.

It is no doubt that self-improvement and well-being are top of most people’s minds however for too many people on this journey to the betterment and living our best life there remains a disempowering narrative around self-improvement, healing and personal development that keeps people on the growth path feeling stuck and frustrated. I so often hear from people that they feel frustrated because although they are doing their inner work, they still find themselves in a familiar place repeating old patterns, constantly feeling like they are standing on the edge of big change yet unable to break through completely. But why is that?

There is a disempowering narrative that has misled so many people and left them feeling like they can’t escape the backslide into old repeating patterns when they are working so hard on improving themselves.

It may not be so obvious to recognize but it is one I see regularly with clients when they first start working with me. It is the distorted idea that who we are at any given stage of our life isn’t good enough, and that we must fix what’s wrong and continuously keep striving for better before we can have better. Now let’s be clear, there is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to improve anything it’s actually a natural order of life to evolve and grow in fact it is a necessity. However, when our motivation is to fix, correct, or heal things that we deem to be wrong or bad about ourselves we create a false identify and paradigm in our subconscious that operates on being broken and needing to be fixed.

Why this is a problem is that this false identity creates an unconscious negative feedback loop that keeps us at that edge and never across it because the internal operating system is like running a virus in the background draining all your battery life because it says you have to heal what is wrong, you have change yourself and circumstances before you are good enough to have what you want most which lies just on the other side of the mending, healing and improvement.

So, let’s destroy that myth right now… You Are Not Broken & You Don’t Need to Be Fixed! Who you are is enough, has always been enough and will always be enough despite your history or background. We’ve been fed the idea as children that told us we can be whatever we want and to reach for the stars instead of being taught that who we are is good enough because we are already stars with our own shine. We all would have been best served to have been taught that we are all wired for something unique that compliments the world from the way our minds work, to how we think, speak, create and solve problems. Life in our world would be vastly different had we been encouraged to explore what we are designed to do from the start.

Here are My 5 Keys to adopt in place of the old, outdated ‘fix what’s broken’ unconscious approach to healing and personal development.

  1. You don’t need to heal your past to have or deserve what you want. You can be a masterpiece and a work in progress at the same time and still deserve to have it all, whatever that means to you.

  2. Personal Development is about un-becoming the “somebody” you were molded to be and discover your strengths, gifts, talents and authenticity of who you truly are.

  3. You have been the best self that was available at different stages of your personal evolution. What you must consider is that sometimes the best self, had to be the warrior, survivor, the chameleon and even the victim to endure and live through the challenges of that phase of your growth that hold valuable wisdom that is helping you now.

  4. Personal Growth is just that… it’s all about growth and learning from your experiences so focus more on the good that came from them because that is the gift they offer and besides, you’ve already spent enough years mastering the not-so-good.

  5. Most important key that I teach and hope you consider… Your Pain Has Purpose and it wasn’t there to destroy you but to reveal your strength and become the gift of wisdom and compassion you are meant to share with others who may be experiencing the same and you can help them understand and show them it’s possible to grow through it.

My hope that this article has offered you a new perspective and opportunity to embrace the power you have to choose the direction you go next in your process of personal growth and healing. Happy Blessings and cheers to daring boldly to becoming Authentically YOU!

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Cynthia Martin, CHt, RMT, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Cynthia is a Spiritual Awakening & Higher Mind Mastery Coach empowering conscious professionals, entrepreneurs, & emerging visionary leaders in their spiritual journey to become self-actualization and superconscious so they gain mastery of their mind and energy and create their dream reality. She is on a mission to activate greater potentials of conscious leadership for those seeking more than the ordinary in both life and business. By using transformational methods and tangible science-based frameworks that work at the level of the superconscious, she can help you achieve the fastest and easiest path to healing and reprogramming yourself to naturally live at your best in health, happiness, and wealth & success.



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