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The Impact Between "D" And "F" Shows Up In How You Live Life And Play In Business

Written by: Cathy Dimarchos, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


Who would have thought that the Letter between “D” and “F” would determine your success in life and in business and yet that very letter does all of that depending on what you make of it!

The Letter “E” holds the key as long as you know the words to create.

Letters, like ‘words” hold a great deal of substance and yet we often use them with little consideration. So now that this has got your attention, what will you do differently to change your trajectory forward? Be bold, be brave and be conscious with the choices that you make.

So, what does the “E” stand for?

“E” is what you choose to make it but before you embark on this journey of discovery, ensure that you are present and be deliberate. The value that you place on this letter will depict the action that you take. For me, “E” stands for Ethics, Evolve, Elevate, Educate, Enrich and to have “Edge”.

As you pause and reflect to identify your “E”, let me share what “D” and “F” stand for so that you begin to build your story. “D” is for Drive and “F” is for Fear and Failure.

Key Lesson

Failure is necessary in life and in business - it is far from being a dirty word. For those of you who look at failure with a negative outlook it's because you have been taught to take risks without a catastrophic point of failure and therefore you have been shown a path where taking risks is either about a successful outcome or one of catastrophe but this is a misguided action.

When you take risks and apply second and third-order thinking you create a roadmap with the intent of learning and evolving so as you have small failings you begin to learn and elevate your skill and knowledge and work towards an outcome that inspires creativity and innovation. Without failure, you cannot innovate, and you cannot reach your place of genius.

The process of failing is to allow you to learn and strengthen from what you have actioned and experienced. It is an opportunity to strive to do something that has not been done before.

Every time someone drives forward with intent and takes the time to look at what has happened in the past so that they can learn and become better or to strengthen from it, they develop a skill called antifragility. Developing antifragility enables you to strengthen from the past not just live through it. This point of focus is the difference between elevating your consciousness to deliver a different outcome so that you don't walk the path of failure.

Reflection and focal points

So often we reflect on what we have done wrong and make that our focal point, but if we break things down to identify each step, each word, each action and then allow ourselves to learn, to evolve and to change so that we apply the parts that have worked again as we step forward and then evaluate the parts that we need to rebuild.

Reflection allows moments of clarity to form and an opportunity to seek out support from those who have lived experiences in the thing you want to achieve. This is an opportunity to Elevate your knowledge by investing in you so that you can navigate forward to achieve your Edge.

In business, we need to remove the emotion of fear that is attached to failure as this impedes your vision and ability to take action that will lead you to your place of genius. Having a different lens will often allow you to reshape the small steps that are needed to form the change that you need to bring you to your point of Elevation.

Sometimes, we may have the “Drive and on the other side is the “Failure” but how we navigate the “E” will determine the success of “F” and the trajectory we make to move forward.

I ask you to pause for another moment and ask yourself if you know what you don't know? Who can help you crystalise your E so that your D does not repeat F”?

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Cathy Dimarchos, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Cathy Dimarchos is an award-winning business advisor, mentoring and coaching leaders internationally, and is an indefatigable philanthropist who believes we can all contribute to lifting the baseline of people across the world one person at a time.

She founded Solutions2you with the purpose of impacting so that she can serve others and leave a lasting imprint. As a professional advisor and motivational voice, Cathy dedicates her time to perfecting a combination of people, business, and situational skills. Her values take center stage, and business becomes honest and expressive. She believes that knowledge exchange leads to self-reliance with effective and sustainable outcomes.

Her Advisory services extend to New and Established Entrepreneurs, teams, and large corporates and support people to become antifragile in a world that is forever changing, stretching their boundaries.

“When we rise, it is important to also lift those around us” — Cathy Dimarchos.



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