The Essential Guide To Keeping Your Staff Turnover Low

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Just because the global pandemic has brought untold financial chaos to businesses across the globe, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be considering the welfare of your staff. At this time, more than ever, you need to keep communicating with your staff team. While you try and keep redundancy at bay, you want to keep your staff team intact. The smallest number of changes as possible will give your business the greatest chance of surviving these coronavirus days. Take a look at how you can keep your staff turnover low.


To keep your staff team working productively in these surreal days, you need to communicate. If they feel left out or undervalued, they may seek employment elsewhere. While business may be tough, you need all hands to the deck. Have a Monday morning briefing every week where you can encourage discussion and challenge. Communicate targets and any news that is relevant. Ask for opinions and act on those ideas that would make a real difference to your company. Every Friday, follow up with an email celebrating the successes of your staff. Namecheck those individuals who have gone the extra mile. Showing your staff team that they are valued boosts morale and can help you to retain a low staff turnover as your team are eager to stay put.


It doesn’t matter whether you are based in an office or a warehouse, you need to ensure that the environment that you facilitate is conducive to productive working. Swap the beige carpet tiles for some resilient wood flooring, the desktop booths for collaborative working pods, and the peeling paint for some white emulsion. If you work in a specialist environment, make sure the kit you have is fit for purpose. Utilize the most advanced medical fridges that your budget will allow if you are working in a lab environment or purchase the best computer hardware if you work in a CAD workshop. Giving your staff the equipment and gear that will facilitate productive working will keep them fulfilled and satisfied in their working lives.


In the new normal that businesses across the globe are struggling to adapt to, flexibility is key for employers. You need to embrace at home working to enable your staff team to work in a safe environment. Adding to their anxiety in what is already a chaotic time by making them come into the office may make them look for alternative work. Studies have shown that employees are just as productive, if not more productive, when they are allowed to employ remote working. This is because staff members are more comfortable and content in their own surroundings.

With the emergence of Skype and Teams, you can still maintain contact with your staff, conducting important meetings in a virtual way. By empowering your staff to work at hoe, you are trusting them and making them feel valued. This remote way of working could even see you save money on office overheads, especially if you decide that you will go for full home working in the new normal future.

Follow this guide and you will keep your staff turnover low during these pandemic days



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