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The 5 Manifesting Mindset Mistakes Conscious People Make That Delay Your Desires

Written by: Cynthia Martin, CHt, RMT, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


Manifesting and mindset are the latest buzz words on everyone’s lips and on social media feeds everywhere these days from the young and the young at heart, people are trying to find the manifesting secret sauce to “attract” the life they desire. But why does it work better for some and not for others even when they are on the spiritual enlightenment path and doing all the things they said to do in “The Secret” and manifesting what ‘gurus’ tell you to. Here I have identified the 5 most common mistakes made when trying to manifest what they want especially if they haven’t done their inner work.

Having the "Meant to Be," or "It Will Arrive in Divine Timing" attitude and belief where we leave our desires to chance and place it in the hands of God of the Universe.

In this mindset, you believe you have no control or influence over the timing in which your manifestation will materialize and have to wait for divine timing that is out of your hands so you don't expect it to arrive soon.

This is faulty programming, the fact is that we all have access to infinite intelligence and we are all manifesting 24/7 with our beliefs, thoughts, attitudes and decisions and most of the time doing it unconsciously and by default. The deeper your faith, belief and trust are in that what you want is yours and you can have it instantly the faster you enter the state in which your manifestation exists and the resonant frequency of your energy will vibrate as a match with your desire, the faster your desire becomes reality in your experience. This is Universal Law.

Believing you have to transform your life, or heal the past in order to have your best life become a reality.

This mindset operates in the belief that there is a linear path of events that need to occur before you can manifest what you want such as fixing, healing, or correcting mistakes or traumas of the past before you can have what you want. The fact is that there is no deserving required in manifesting because we’re doing it all the time and there are plenty of unconscious, unhealed and even not-so-righteous people getting what they want every day. This way of thinking is actually preventing you from moving into the state or receiving because healing can be an endless process and can take forever. More importantly, if you focus on fixing something wrong, then it is evidence of a belief that the wrong has to be improved and is out of alignment with your desires so you will continue to get the very thing you are trying to fix.

I know first-hand that you can happily and easily manifest what you want effortlessly and quickly by being a masterpiece and a work in progress simultaneously, which means you have to give up the notion that you need to be fixed because something is broken and that you are good enough now to have what you desire.

Having the expectation of having to be "High Vibe" 24/7 in order to receive what you are trying to manifest.

Let's face it, we're human and even those of us further along on the enlightened path cannot avoid being human at least some of the time so it is not really an option to ignore it. For those trying to be all 'love and light," "high vibe" all the time becomes unsustainable for most unless you've moved to the Himalayan Mountains with the monks far away from it all.

This is just another form of suppression of energy which ultimately creates a strong resistance that pushes against the flow in which manifestations can occur effortlessly. It is best to allow yourself to feel and embrace your emotions to turn this energy into fuel to create what you want instead of fighting against them.

Being Hypervigilant in watching your thoughts, and words to avoid manifesting another lesson.

This is similar to the one before in which this intense focus on avoiding creates resistance blocking the natural energy flow we have with the Universe. You must release all resistance and place that energy on assuming what you want is yours with absolute conviction, expect it without delay then set it and forget. If you're able to do this it is a clear indication that this is a truth for you as part of your identity and it must manifest.

Obsessively focusing on what you want and using external methods to manifest such as using journaling, rituals and routines expecting to speed up the process.

I'm all for using tools to support growth and self-improvement but the misconception is that these external things don’t have any power to bring about your desires without you. These external things must be treated as supplemental focus tools to train your mind to accept, expect and experience your manifestations in your imaginations as if they are real in your reality and identity now. Even as focus tools they have no effective power without your belief that they work so if you are using them just for the sake of using them, you're better off using that energy for other things.

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Cynthia Martin, CHt, RMT, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Cynthia is a Spiritual Awakening & Higher Mind Mastery Coach empowering conscious professionals, entrepreneurs, & emerging visionary leaders in their spiritual journey to become self-actualization and superconscious so they gain mastery of their mind and energy and create their dream reality. She is on a mission to activate greater potentials of conscious leadership for those seeking more than the ordinary in both life and business. By using transformational methods and tangible science-based frameworks that work at the level of the superconscious, she can help you achieve the fastest and easiest path to healing and reprogramming yourself to naturally live at your best in health, happiness, and wealth & success.



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