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The #1 Mistake Entrepreneurs Do To Increase Their Productivity

Written by: Jenny Vukovcan, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


Building a business can be challenging.

There are a lot of moving parts that get to be in alignment to run your business smoothly. You must have the know-how to create, build, and grow a successful business. You must also be able to manage your time effectively, have laser focus on the right tasks, and be able to manage distractions that hold you back from making daily progress.

I have been a lifestyle business coach for overwhelmed and overworked online entrepreneurs for many years now, and one of the biggest hurdles I see that’s holding visionary entrepreneurs back from making daily progress in their business, is managing their time and energy effectively. They are pulled in so many different directions, have constant interruptions, and don’t know how to prioritize their time, energy, or tasks in a way that translates to daily progress in their business and life.

This is a skill set that comes from experience, many trial and errors, knowing yourself, and having a simplified system set up that works for all areas of your life.

Most entrepreneurs talk about time management as the only process for being more productive in their business, when in fact there are a lot more components that go into time management than implementing strategies. Before you think about what strategies to apply to increase your productivity and feel more accomplished, I invite you to consider what outcome you are really after.

Are you looking to reclaim a few hours a day so you can be more present with your children or are you looking to check off a few more task boxes on your to-do list? Is it really that you need to manage your time more effectively or is it that you just need to manage your energy better?

The biggest mistake I see entrepreneurs do is to tackle their productivity challenge with the wrong approach. If you have a really hard time focusing and get easily distracted, setting up work hours and time blocks might not be the right solution for you. You might need to focus more on decluttering your workspace, finding work-life flow, and creating a routine that takes all your priorities into consideration.

Likewise, if you feel you are not making the appropriate progress for your goals, maybe you get to look at breaking down your goals to more manageable steps, structuring your day differently, or streamlining your business instead of focusing on your motivation strategy.

Of course, many of these approaches overlap; however, when you are clear on what category your problem is in, you can more easily find the right solution for where you are instead of going in circles and applying strategies that do not work.

Having a freedom business means running your business and life like a well-oiled machine with clarity, insights, and strategies that take all your needs into considerations.

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Jenny Vukovcan, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Jenny Vukovcan is an international best-selling author, productivity coach, business mentor, executive contributor writer, founder of the Modern Boss Academy and host of the Unstoppable Boss Podcast. Often referred to as the Productivity Queen, Jenny teaches overworked and overwhelmed online entrepreneurs how to manage their time, be more productive, and accomplish their goals, so they can build a business working only four hours a day and have more freedom in their lives. Unlike other coaches who only focus on generic questions and cookie-cutter strategies, Jenny digs deep and focuses on transformation from the inside out.

Using her signature 3 levels of wisdom framework and business freedom formula, she has helped hundreds of online entrepreneurs increase their productivity, manage their time and energy, and build a business and life they love without sacrifice and guilt.



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