Take Control of your Weight & Health in 3 Simple Steps

Written by: Jacqueline Walters, Executive Contributor

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Yes, the diet industry has been lying to us this whole time- here's the truth and what works! My story of struggling with my weight is similar to many of those out there. What's unique about me is the way in which I was able to figure it out.

Hi, I'm Jackie, and I'm an intuitive health and weightloss coach. My story is one like many others. I struggled with my self-image and confidence from age 8, which quickly grew into an actual weight and health concern by age 12. I battled with this my whole life. Feeling uncomfortable in my skin and in no way confident in who I was. Of course, I was bullied as a child like most, but the only words that actually hurt were when I was called fat. It was absolutely devastating in my youth to hear that. It's really what started my toxic relationship with food and courtship with yo-yo and fad dieting.

I struggled for decades. I tried everything on the market. I called myself the 'queen of fad diets'. I was always so motivated and hopeful when I started a new diet. But I was also so embarrassed and mad myself to be trying another "28-day program ". I tried Nutrisystem, which I liked to joke about and call "pre-packaged space food" to hide behind the shame of being on another diet. I tried Isegenix, but couldn't stomach the condensed protein pucks. I even tried the HCG hormone diet, which had me stuffing my face then eating 600 calories a day. You name it; I've tried it! 21 Day Fix, the 5 and 2 Diet, intermittent fasting-ALL. OF. IT! I was literally a marketer's DREAM for any new diet program.

But the reality is, the diet industry is designed to be like this. Food companies put huge amounts of dollars behind research they commission to put out a story that drives your purchasing behavior. It also confuses the hell out of the consumer. They pitch ridiculous programs and tools with the promise of amazing results. Most deliver these results, but none of it lasts long term because they want you to be reliant on their products. They don't want you to figure it out on your own, or without them.

The biggest design flaw is that diet programs have you fitting into a cookie-cutter regimen that does not take into account YOU. You bend, suffer, and restrict all in the name of a smaller waist size. But if you never figure out who you are and what you REALLY want, it will never last.

Here are my 3 Simple Steps to taking control back with your own health;

Step One: Realize the KEY to Weightloss

The key to weight loss is consistency! You have to find something that is simple, makes sense to you and your lifestyle, and something you can sustain long term. It has to be something you enjoy and can truly become a part of the real you, so that it becomes that lifestyle change you really are searching for. If it's easy for you, and you enjoy it, you will be consistent and reach your goals without resistance. That's where true freedom and body confidence lies; In the consistency of small but powerful choices and actions each and every day.

Step Two: Take Small Steps

It's so important to make small, easy changes, and slowly over time. You want to focus on changing your baseline default setting. When life gets out of control and sh*t starts to hit the fan, you have to rely on who you truly are and take THOSE actions. You must do the inner work and healing to uncover why you are the way you are and how to be more aligned with your higher-self. Because your higher-self always knows what's best for you.

Step Three: Get Vulnerable

You have to get vulnerable and explore your past. This will allow you to break through limiting beliefs and blocks, holding you back from your dream life. The one that was designed especially for you.

That's why I created a one of a kind transformational program that uncovers and addresses the root of the issue. Alongside a co-created meal plan and my unique systems and tools, you step into simple weightloss. It's all designed to reach your unique goals and dreams.

And most importantly, a life of freedom and peace.

"Weightloss and mindset go hand in hand. Until you can accept that, and be open-minded to exploring it, you will continue to struggle."

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Jacqueline Walters, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Jacqueline is an Intuitive Health & Weight Loss Coach with entrepreneurship in her blood. From the start, Jacqueline focused on building a professional career in the commercial recreation and fitness industry. Ironically, while struggling to balance being a new mom and her career, Jacqueline realized her own physical and mental health had taken a back seat. The effects were damaging, and she could see the negative impacts on her two young daughters. It was then she decided to wake up, and take control of her health. After finding weight loss & weight maintenance success through creating unique systems, concepts, and tools along her own health journey, she is now on the mission to share and serve humanity through her intuitive approach and personalized methods. Her passion is helping overwhelmed and stressed out busy entrepreneurial moms, just like herself.



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