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Superabundance – The Spiritual Path To Wealth

Written by: Asim Aliloski, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


While I am writing these lines to you, I am sitting on my balcony on the French Riviera overlooking the port with superyachts moving around and the private jets flying above me.

DOUBLE K - Kapturing_photography

And I am thinking that it must be super cool to have all these toys. That it must be amazing to express yourself in these ways.

At the same time, I am reminding myself that nothing on earth is permanent. I see Sean Connery’s property from my balcony too. The James Bond actor died recently and nobody has bought his villa so far.

I am wondering if he felt fulfilled in his house? If he appreciated it? If he used it for good? If he used it as an opportunity to grow and reconnect with his soul? Moreover, if this house had a meaning for him? Did he appreciate the French Riviera the way I do?

I don’t know the answers.

But what I know is that wealth without spirituality feels empty and meaningless. It just becomes an unfulfilling accumulation of stuff.

Your purpose is to bring spirituality into matter. To fill it with soul. YOUR soul.

How? Here is your spiritual path to wealth:

Enjoy everything but don’t get too attached

I have met wealthy people who have it “all” but enjoy so little. People sometimes get too attached to all these toys they have. It’s not that they own a car, house or yacht anymore, but they ARE those things. True enjoyment comes when you let go of false identification and realign with who you really are: A soul, a divine being having a human experience in this physical reality. Then you will become more playful and enjoy your wealth even more.

Always remind yourself of the impermanence

As a human you are not immortal. Your wealth is not immortal either. You will die; your wealth might disappear one day. It may sound a bit scary, especially if you have a problem with death but there is also a hidden gift on the other side of the coin: You start discovering your spiritual values when you remind yourself of the impermanent nature of matter. What’s worth living and dying for? Your spiritual identity wants you to express and expand your true values in all areas of your life.

Where there is no love, there is no meaning

If you don’t truly love the things you have, then probably they are not worth it. Your purpose is to love and deepen your love for all that you are, have and desire. When you develop non-attached love and appreciation for material things, they ultimately become a spiritual experience. Because at the end, high-end spirituality is all about expressing love and appreciation for everything.

Allow to fully receive and give

Some spiritual scriptures are telling you that “It is more blessing to give than to receive”. I really don’t get that ideology. It’s like saying breathing out is better than breathing in. You need to do both. And I believe that you should learn to be better at both. The more you receive, there more you can give. They more you give, the more you can receive. If you allow it to happen so. Allow yourself to fully give AND receive in order to be in greater harmony with your wealth.

Stay connected with the Source

Once my guru told me that whatever we want does not matter in absolute terms because what we truly desire is God, the Source of All. Behind all your material desires and dreams, there is this yearning for unconditional love, unlimited joy and infinite connectedness. Which is found in God. If you deepen your relationship to the Source and let go of what is blocking you from expressing it, the more you will discover the unlimited possibilities of how superabundance wants to flow into your life.

The separation of spirituality and material wealth has always been an illusion. In truth, there is only oneness.

At the end, always keep in mind that you are meant for an abundant life.


Namasté, Asim

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Asim Aliloski, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Asim Aliloski is an Austrian bestselling author, transformational speaker, spiritual leader and award-winning business and life coach. Asim has been listed amongst the 101 Most Fabulous Coaches in the World 2020, Top 20 Business Coaches 2021, Top 50 Influential Leaders by Kosmo Magazine, and he is a proud winner of the European Enterprise Awards 2020.

His mission is to share spiritual wisdom that uplifts the energy and consciousness of people and businesses. Asim has been working with heart-driven leaders, entrepreneurs, celebrities and creatives helping them to awaken their divine greatness and make their life purpose a success. Through this work, people unleash their intuitive and spiritual intelligence in order to create personal fulfillment, optimum health and ultimate abundance alongside a high-end wealthy lifestyle.

Asim, CEO of Asim Aliloski International, founded his coaching and consulting business at the age of 25 and has been exploring the power of consciousness for several decades. The native Viennese with Greek-Macedonian origins combines in his work elements from ancient Greek philosophy with universal spirituality rooted in Sufism and Buddhism along with transformative coaching. Coming from a underprivileged family living on welfare, he mastered to become one of the most recognised spiritual coaches and leaders in the world.



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