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Spiritual Wisdoms To Awaken The Magical Side Of Your Business

Written by: Asim Aliloski, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


I studied Business Administration for a couple of years learning everything about business plans, financial controlling and marketing strategies. Actually, it was not too bad to get some insights into the “hard skills” of a business. But at the same time, I was missing something.

Deep inside me, I knew that a business can be run with much more excitement, magic, intuition, flow and synchronicities. I felt somehow that I could have a business where opportunities show up out of nowhere. Where I create clients in a magical way. Where things are less complex and much easier.

Photo Credit: DOUBLE K - Kapturing_photography
Photo Credit: DOUBLE K - Kapturing_photography

I then decided to become a student of magic, energy, vibration and mystics.

The exponential approach of running a business

There is a problem with plans, analyses and other linear approaches: they are time and energy-consuming. Things might be going slowly and taking a lot of effort. Nevertheless, results might stay poor.

Going through data and statistics all day long, does not mean that at the end you know what decisions to take, if clients will show up and how things could get easier or better in your business. I had all those plans and strategies but still very poor results.

There is a shortcut that can bring much more ease and flow into your business which is spiritual wisdom. Your business is your own being, an energetic field that has the power to create through your consciousness and vibration.

The more YOU and your team tap into an expanded consciousness where intuition, wisdom and supernatural intelligence reside, the more magical synchronicities you will invite in your business and career.

It does not mean that plans and statistics are not useful anymore. You will still need legal terms, a balance sheet and to pay your taxes.

However, results may come easier and faster. Unnecessary complexity gets reduced. You make room for opportunities to come out of nowhere. Clients can feel attracted to you without expensive marketing campaigns.

And the best thing: You won’t need work pressure, overwork and busyness to create success anymore. Things will flow smoothly.

Why? Because on the subconscious level people will feel your energy, the energy of the whole company and this is a magnet for what you offer. You will be inviting new opportunities and synchronicities through the vibration you are emanating.

It’s time to reveal the magical side of your business.

Down below read the interview with Agnieszka Nyszler, CEO of Nyszler Holding who has been running her young business in a magical way. She comes from a corporate background and was used to overworking with great pressure and sacrifice. She decided to try another path. The magical one.

Photo Credit: DOUBLE K - Kapturing_photography
Photo Credit: DOUBLE K - Kapturing_photography

The magical business activities of Nyszler Holding – Interview with the owner

I would like to introduce you to Agnieszka Nyszler, CEO of Nyszler Holding. This wonderful lady is a client of mine who is open to share her experience with magical synchronicities in her real estate business.

Agnieszka, would you like to share with us how you worked before you invited magic into your business?

Before starting my own business I had been quite successful in the corporate world. I enjoyed a six figure income and recognition. But I was sacrificing a lot. I was sacrificing my freedom, my relationships, my health, even my time with my dog. I was working a lot and under pressure. I had good results but I knew that there is a better work approach waiting for me.

What is different now?

When I started my own new business I decided not to follow the same work ethics. Although I work in the real estate development business, which is seen as “hard sober business”, I have learnt to use my intuition. I am much more creative. I love what I do but I work far less and more freely. I have much more time and space to create new ideas. I can work flexibly from different places that feel inspiring to me. Although I still don’t have a “real” website, I get seen and recognized. After founding my business, I instantly went to 6 figures and could triple my turnover within two years.

Ok, this is awesome. Tell us exactly how did you do that?

There are some great things that I learnt in our coaching helping me to awaken the magical side of my business. I learnt that easy success is the result of my consciousness and intention. I am much more conscious about that. I listen more to my inner voice, my intuition and act on it. I’ve become better at surrendering and going with the flow. I know now that magic is always and everywhere. It’s just a question of how open and receptive we are for it.

Can you give us an example from your daily business life where you experienced magic?

Yes, sure! I have been creating clients and opportunities out of nowhere. I have been attracting most clients easily. I do have many examples but this one I’d like to share with you. For a new real estate opportunity I went on Google and I let my intuition guide me. I saw a property there and all of the sudden had the feeling that this would be for sale with some potential for development in the future. So I called the owner and found out that I was right. He was interested in selling the property. And I was there with open arms. I won this new client because I followed my intuition.

Thanks so much for sharing, Agnieszka!

And always keep in mind everybody is meant for a magical life.




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Asim Aliloski, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Asim Aliloski is an Austrian bestselling author, transformational speaker, spiritual leader and award-winning business and life coach. Asim has been listed amongst the 101 Most Fabulous Coaches in the World 2020, Top 20 Business Coaches 2021, Top 50 Influential Leaders by Kosmo Magazine, and he is a proud winner of the European Enterprise Awards 2020.

His mission is to share spiritual wisdom that uplifts the energy and consciousness of people and businesses. Asim has been working with heart-driven leaders, entrepreneurs, celebrities and creatives helping them to awaken their divine greatness and make their life purpose a success. Through this work, people unleash their intuitive and spiritual intelligence in order to create personal fulfillment, optimum health and ultimate abundance alongside a high-end wealthy lifestyle.

Asim, CEO of Asim Aliloski International, founded his coaching and consulting business at the age of 25 and has been exploring the power of consciousness for several decades. The native Viennese with Greek-Macedonian origins combines in his work elements from ancient Greek philosophy with universal spirituality rooted in Sufism and Buddhism along with transformative coaching. Coming from a underprivileged family living on welfare, he mastered to become one of the most recognised spiritual coaches and leaders in the world.



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