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Simplify The Way We Live And Strive For A Healthier Life With Kasia Dabrow Kielan

Kasia Dabrow-Kielan worked as a Social Worker for almost 15 years and completed her Bachelor of Psychology and Social Work. Kasia's passion is to work with others and she is equipped with skills to enhance the well-being of her clients. She worked in various fields of Social Work in Australia and the United Kingdom. Kasia's personal experiences and life challenges made Kasia change her lifestyle and now has dedicated her life to helping others do the same, outside of Social Work. Kasia has passionately created her own brand Consciously Healthy, which the name speaks for itself. Kasia has become a Health Coach and studied Iridology in Bali. She offers Iridology, Sclerology, health consulting, 1 on 1 Health Coaching, and detox online programs. Kasia's hunger for knowledge does not rest and is keen to pursue further studies.

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Kasia Dabrow-Kielan, Health Coach

Hi Kasia! Please introduce yourself.

I was born in Poland, Wroclaw to be exact and lived in beautiful Italy, Rome, with my mum, dad and my older sister before we immigrated to Australia. While growing up within Australian culture, my parents held tight to Polish traditions. While still at school I joined a Polish folkloric dance group and performed annually at National Theatre here in my hometown Melbourne, for 10 years. I was also lucky enough to perform overseas in Lithuania and Poland’s main cities Krakow, Poznan and Warsaw. I was also a member of the Polish Scouting organization which allowed me to travel throughout Australia and even Canada, all while camping in a tent away from the luxuries I love now. In addition to the mainstream school, I attended Polish school on Saturday mornings. Life was never dull and strong friendships formed throughout the years. I studied Psychology and Social Work and worked in all different fields throughout the years from ageing, to disability and hospital wards covering post surgery, rehabilitation, oncology, acute and pre-admission. Currently I am undertaking further studies to develop my new chosen career as a Health Coach. I am a mum of two beautiful girls; I live with my husband and two cats. My passion is anything related to health. I love exercising and always train with a PT as I need to be pushed, I love spending time with friends, I love cooking and reading. I still love to dance, travel; I enjoy theatre, movies and laughter/having fun and not taking myself too seriously! My weakness is clothing and my favorite brands are designed here locally. I love anything that screams pampering and love being original, never following trends. I was thrilled to be approached by Brainz and one of the first things I was told at my interview was that I was hand chosen by Brainz for thinking outside the square – which summarizes me so well – original; different…I thank Brainz for this opportunity and am honored to be part of Brainz.

What is your business name and how do you help your clients?

My business name is Consciously Healthy. It took me weeks of pondering to come up with this name but I wanted something clear and have a simple meaning. This name for me says it all; it’s about being conscious how to live a healthy day to day life. This is what I also teach my clients. In addition I perform an eye assessment which identifies the areas that need to be addressed and nurtured if you like and work to improve overall health. I also have many parents who come with their children as young as one to heal their eczema naturally. Given my youngest has eczema this topic is very close to my heart as I know how much suffering it can cause.

What are your current goals for your business?

My passion and goals remain the same, helping others in the way I know how, I aim to help those who reach out for assistance with any concern they might have. My goal is to simplify the way we live and strive for a healthier life. What would you like to achieve for yourself and your business in the future?

I am currently undertaking further studies within iridology, further studies within live blood analysis and electrodermal screening to develop my knowledge further and dive deeper with each client. When I visualize my business in the future, my mind starts running wild and I am dreaming big. I visualize a hub, not only a place where clients achieve results but have a place where they can practice anything related to health. Who inspires you to be the best that you can be? Who inspires me? So many people actually! Now I feel like a celebrity picking up their Oscar trophy and individually thanking everyone for their support!!! Honestly (and on a serious note), for those who know my story, the most influential people in my life are (still) my parents who shaped me into who I am today, my beautiful daughters who observe each and every move I make, my coaches, teachers and their wisdom and my clients who return because they are gaining results. I am forever grateful for those who helped me and are cheering me on throughout my journey.

What is your work inspired by?

My work is inspired by getting results and facing challenges. I always loved a challenge so if I come across something of the unknown, I will try and look deeper into what the cause is to get a result. For example, I was pregnant with my second daughter while I had to undergo surgery. It left my expending pregnant tummy, what was meant to be pencil line thin, with an expended scar post-surgery. When I went to my GP and asked for guidance, while in tears I was told, “you have to live with that”. Not only was I grieving the scar but to be told there is nothing the he was willing to offer, really took its toll. This is only a minor example, may be seen as no big deal to the next person, but to me, at that time, it was a big deal. I was also told on a different occasion to “apply steroids on your one-year-old” or “give antibiotic” (without actually seeing the patient) – these or such answers make me dig deeper and look beyond, knowing there is a better answer. My scar was treated with laser therapy, also known as low-level laser therapy and now I’m living with a scar almost invisible to the naked eye, I have a child that is having great results with her eczema without steroid cream applied to her gentle skin and many more kids that I have helped along the way. Forever grateful for another experience which confirms where I am headed with Consciously Healthy.

Tell us about your greatest career achievement so far.

Not sure if this classifies as an achievement but I love sharing this story – I did an eye assessment on a friend, who was very uncertain about iridology. I didn’t ask questions, I just took photos of his eyes and days later provided him with his results and findings. He was shocked and his comment was “This isn’t airy fairy after all”. What was included in his findings and report was his hereditary predispositions and his current state of health.

My achievements really are the results I get to see on clients, even the small wins and the feedback I receive, which validate that I helped someone either with their or their loved ones health concerns. If you could change one thing about your industry, what would it be and why?

The one thing I would change, if I could, would be erasing the confusion around “health”. So much information available, most conflicting and confusing to others, which is hard to “remove” especially, when for years you were taught one thing and then to be told that this is not correct anymore! I am here to outline the truth and eliminate the confusion.

I would also change the outlook of others. Some clients, who reach out but never make it to their appointments or commitment because it becomes “too hard”. The work you put in needs your commitment, if you don’t commit you won’t see different results. So many people want different result but yet resist changing. This leads to (clients) frustration and lack of belief/ trust in those who are trying to help.

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