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SEO Expert, Entrepreneur, And Founder Of Mrs. SEO – Exclusive Interview With Stephanie Long

As an SEO expert, consultant, and trainer, Stephanie Long works with business owners to address their SEO needs whether that be auditing and implementation, team training, or consultation on how SEO can help grow their organic traffic. After spending over a decade working in marketing, Stephanie saw a need for a company that only specializes in SEO, so she founded Mrs. SEO. Stephanie loves helping businesses optimize their websites for search engines, ensuring maximum visibility and organic traffic.

Image photo of Stephanie Long

Stephanie Long, SEO Consultant

Introduce yourself! Please tell us about you and your life, so we can get to know you better.

Stephanie’s dream growing up was to become a professional volleyball player and make it to the Olympics. She was going to play in college until she tore her rotator cuff, which derailed her career. Her other favorite thing to do was write – she has journaled her whole life, so she decided that her career was going to involve writing. She took a few years off after high school to figure out what her career would look like and then went on to get her Bachelors and Masters in Communication from the University of Washington.

Her first job after her BA was in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and she loved it so much that she wanted to start her own company that just specialized in it. What she loves the most about SEO is that it’s constantly changing and evolving so it never gets stagnant.

Her passions include long-distance running, reading thrillers, watching movies, listening to true crime podcasts, and paddle boarding (when the sun comes out)! She has two fur babies – a Calico and a Maine Coon.

Can you provide an overview of the services offered by Mrs. SEO?

Stand-alone services:

  • 1:1 consulting

  • 1:1 training

  • Website audit

Monthly SEO services

  • An audit that includes technical SEO issues, keyword research, competitive research, and blog topic suggestions.

On-page SEO

  • Keywords for every page on the website then optimizing for:

  • Title tags

  • Image tags

  • Header tags

  • Alt text

  • Meta descriptions

  • As well as:

  • Internal linking

  • External linking

  • Blogging 1x a week

Off-page SEO

  • Reviewing page speed

  • Backlinks

What sets Mrs. SEO apart from other SEO service providers in the market?

Stephanie gives each client undivided, white glove service and your wins are her wins. Because she lives and breathes SEO, her clients are getting the most knowledgeable expert out there.

Can you share some success stories or case studies of clients who have benefited from Mrs. SEO's services?

I hired Stephanie to do a total SEO audit and review our organization’s B2B website. We knew we had made progress on our own getting the traffic we wanted but also saw in our Google stats we were receiving a lot of unwanted hits, instead of the traffic we wanted. Stephanie worked with our content team to review and implement Significant SEO changes. WOW! It made a meaningful difference in the increase in the number of cold inquiries from our target audience that we receive through our content marketing on our website. The value is there and the outcomes are impressive! Wendi Pickerel, Global Executive Director

We’ve been working with Stephanie for over a year now, and in that short amount of time, her efforts with our site have already increased our traffic by over 30% and helped us grow significantly on the platforms that we link out to. I have also recommended her to several of my clients, who are raving about the magic she's worked on their sites and are thrilled to be working with her. She's incredibly knowledgeable and is clearly passionate about all the ins and outs of SEO management. I can't recommend her enough! Becky Kilimnik, The Concept Spot LLC

Stephanie has been a great asset to our company. We started seeing results right away. We have over a 313% increase in new users compared to last year. Keywords that we want to trend for have increased 50+ ranks – straight to the first page! In addition, Stephanie has been able to seamlessly adapt to our company's workflow while optimizing how we handle content creation, tagging, and search engine optimization. We highly recommend Stephanie for any SEO and content optimization needs. Kristen Faiola, Sr. Manager, Customer Strategy & Fulfillment

What is the typical client profile that Mrs. SEO works with, and how do you tailor your services to meet their specific needs?

Stephanie doesn’t work with any one industry, she can tailor the services to match the needs of each client.

Tell us about your greatest career achievement so far.

Her greatest career achievement thus far is getting the first ever SEO class in the Communication Leadership Program at the University of Washington.

Tell us about a pivotal moment in your life that brought you to where you are today.

Stephanie has always wanted to be an entrepreneur because her grandpa came here from Norway and built his business from the ground up, so he was someone she aspired to be like. She didn’t know what her business would be or what the entrepreneur journey would look like, but someday she knew that would be her path.

After getting laid off twice from the same company, she knew this was the universe telling her that she needed to go out on her own. Prior to getting laid off for a second time, she was planning her exit from the company, so they just sped up the timeline a little.

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