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Send Ukraine… An Angel…. Right Now…

Written by: Carmelle Riley, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


Yesterday, a very cute man showed up on my Zoom, to remind me of Angels. His name was Michael and like his namesake for sure: he is an angel!

He whisked and blew sage at me down two screens, he told hilarious jokes, he showed me light tricks, and then regaled me with the blessings of one Angel, after the other. My favourite was Minnula (angel of liquid light) who projects Joy, although Charlotte (blue light), the teacher is very cool and Kapuna Aunty Margaret (who undoubtedly I’m related to on my Hawaiian side).

Sometimes you can forget about Angels ‒ especially today.

It’s easy to get caught up in the news of the pandemic, or in the case of my country (New Zealand), watch too many news reports of the vocal ‘freedom’ occupation that has literally set up camp on the grounds of our Parliament. People are angry, people are shouting, people are literally throwing excrement at others, people are castigating others, and some genuinely feel the world is a place with no freedom or no hope.

We are not without our own tribulations at home – my daughter has COVID – she had left for University last week, but now she is back home – and pretty sick. As her nominated close contact in service, I haven’t been able to leave the house and go about my normal work, or life. Lockdown is real as we await a test that will seal my isolation fate, and that of her older brother, for another 10 days. My resident son (yet to find a job post graduating from University) is right now, watching news of Russia’s invasion of Kiev (Ukraine).

Over making lunch for my daughter, my son and I were having a conversation about positivity and Angels – I was talking to him about Michael’s visit, and how I am sending love bombs to Vladimir Putin and the people of Ukraine. My son told me very sternly that Vladimir is not receiving my love, and it’s a waste of time. From a conscious point of view, thinking positive thoughts and sending love may seem a waste of time, except if you are listening to the Angels.

There are always a troop of angels at hand. I can’t see them, but I feel the breeze, see the light, and love streams from my heart to Russia, Ukraine, my honest intention for World Peace.

And, then there was Michael – he tells me to visualise my feelings and what I hear because angels are always at hand – one is unwinged, and there may be as many as 55 others present! I’m practising seeing-into the golden threads of light as I send my love bombs to Russia, to Ukraine, to all the angry people, who really are not living in the absolute blessed magic of this moment right now.

And we can all feel-see-and listen to this energy – just choose to be still, allow your busy thoughts to sink into more slow, more loving, more joyful positive thoughts. Allow them to to cascade over you, to feel the light touch on your shoulders, or the cool breeze in your hair, to see gold light at your fingers tips. Just know that your positive thoughts and compassion for others are your angels. And, more than ever the world needs your love and compassion right now!

Within 30 minutes of the kitchen angels & our love bomb conversation, a little text showed up on my phone:

I’ll let you read it without further comment – blessings on your week – Sending Angel love at you NOW.

If you want to learn to meditate for Angels and more Good Vibe Energy – reach out to me at or Michael at ‒

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Carmelle Riley, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine Carmelle Riley (New Zealand) is a pioneer of modern hypnosis and quantum energy transformation who loves to inspire others to build a consistent positive vibration. She is also an Astrologer, and author and the founder of Manifestors Unite. Manifestors seek her wisdom, ancestral knowledge, hypnosis and quantum energy programs because they want to heal limiting beliefs, and up level. She teaches all of the Universal laws (not just the law of attraction), so people feel how easy it is to focus their inner landscape, and from this 'feeling good' place, they quickly emerge into Super Manife-STARs Carmelle works with groups all over the world. Her passion is help others to rise above deep unconscious trauma using their Hearts and Minds. Her signature Aroha Love Bomb technique, shifts energy at the sub-atomic level, so people instantly step into their infinite power. They heal and transform, and use Universal energy for magic – to heal their families and communities, or to create deep Earth and Galactic connections.



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