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Secrets of The Subconscious Mind That Most People Don’t Know

Written by: Alina Machita, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


While they are many alternatives to keeping your mind and body healthy ranging from traditional wellness programs to disrupting new startups that promise to help you stay healthy and prevent medical debt, I’ll take it to a different level. The responses here range from the lessons I’ve learned to in-depth tips on how you can change your thinking to be the best person you can imagine.​

The reason most people fail to become masters of their Mind Power is because they don’t know how the Subconscious Mind thinks. Since our Mind Power comes from our Subconscious, it’s essential to know the differences between it and the conscious mind.

  • Your subconscious mind contains your whole history from every lifetime. It contains all the reasons you do what you do and believe what you believe. If you can't seem to change your mind or make a change in life, the key will be held in the subconscious mind.

  • The subconscious mind does not contain Truth (as in the infinite possibilities that are available to us and that anything is possible). Instead, it contains our version of the Truth, which, in fact, are our limitations. Everywhere we have made conclusions around an issue, we limit other possibilities because our conclusion tells us we are right and therefore, all else does not apply. When we challenge those conclusions as not being true, we open to another possibility.

  • The subconscious mind will always gravitate to what it knows, not what is best for you. The mind likes known quantities. Unknowns are seen as scary to the subconscious mind because they can not calculate a known outcome with an unknown variable. This is why people tend to repeat the thoughts and behaviors that they know. They will stay in the same abusive relationship or always go down a familiar path because it is what they know and their mind understands the outcome. This is why to create change. You must override the mind and take a risk. To create change, you must allow for an unknown variable – something different that the mind is not yet aware of. One of my favorite sayings is "You don't know what you don't know." The mind thinks it knows everything. And, in a way, it does. It knows everything it knows. But it doesn't know everything that is possible.

  • You can change the subconscious mind by asking questions. Questions allow for unknown variables and opens the mind to go seeking new answers. You just need to ask the right questions to get by the subconscious mind's walls. A question that allows for this is: "What else is possible that I have never yet considered?" With a question like this, the subconscious mind must automatically go searching for something unknown because it has already considered every possibility it is aware of. When we keep asking questions and stay in search of more questions, we are able to create more change in our lives. When we seek answers, we come to conclusions that limit the possibility of more.

  • Our subconscious mind is the gateway to access our higher consciousness. Hence, going within via muscle testing aka kinesiology, is more effective than praying out loud and making God's demands.

  • Our subconscious mind keeps our shadows hidden. These shadows express themselves through our day to day life. These shadows also get subconsciously projected on to others of what is undesirable(shameful and unattractive) within us.

  • The more we work on our subconscious behavior strategies and stay connected with our higher conscious mind, the easier it is to return into flow of life, balance our health, relationships and work and life in a state of harmony: happy and healthy.

Access your Subconscious Mind through Muscle Test aka Kinesiology

When you know how to muscle test yourself, you have an ever-handy tool to access information from your Subconscious mind and body.

Muscle response testing, called kinesiology, uses feedback from your muscles and body awareness to gain information that you may not be able to tap into otherwise.

Why and How Muscle Testing Works

The idea behind muscle testing is simple. Your subconscious mind, which is in intimate and continuous contact with your body, knows your true beliefs, opinions and operating programs. It is aware of and communicates with your cells and it knows your physiology.

When you do muscle testing, you are accessing this information. What is truth or good for you strengthens your energy system and gives a strong or positive response.

When you apply pressure to a muscle and it tests strong, energy flow is balanced. A muscle that tests weak may have impeded energy flow. Likewise, for a ‘yes’ answer, the muscle will test strong. For a ‘no’ answer, it will test weak.

One common way to illustrate this is to say, “My name is (say your name) and test the muscle. The muscle will test strong. Then say, “My name is (say a name that isn’t yours) and the muscle will test weak.

Learning how to muscle test yourself takes a little practice. Learning how to muscle test accurately and well takes a lot of practice. It takes the ability to ask specific questions with yes and no answers. It takes the ability to detach completely from the answer and to recognize when you are not getting an accurate response.

Muscle Testing for a Variety of Purposes

Healers and individuals may use muscle response testing in conjunction with health and energy healing techniques or to gain information from the body and subconscious mind.

  • Some chiropractors test to locate structural imbalances.

  • Wellness practitioners may use it to identify organ, chemical or emotional imbalances and food sensitivities.

  • They may use it to suggest supplements or choose the most appropriate healing modality.

  • Energy healers may use it to gauge your vibrational frequency or whether your chakras are spinning properly.

  • Muscle testing can identify core beliefs you may not be aware of.

  • Some people use muscle response testing to ask questions about goals and decisions.

  • Muscle testing does not work for future predicting or fortune-telling but it can help you realize how you feel about future options.

Techniques for Muscle Testing Yourself

There are a variety of muscle testing techniques you can use to gain information from your Subconscious mind and body.

Some people prefer a sway test. This is easy, but not always quick.

  1. The first time, ask your body if it is going to sway forward or back for a yes answer. Then check the no answer. Forward is usually yes. Say yes and feel your sway. Repeat for no.

  2. Ask your question. Or hold an object or food or supplement in your hand to see if it is good for you at this moment. Detach from the answer.

  3. Observe the sway.

Another option for muscle testing yourself is to use a pendulum which has a crystal or other item attached to a string or chain. The end of the chain is held between two fingers. The pendulum moves in a given direction to indicate yes, no or no answer. The subconscious mind causes tiny impulses in the muscles of the hand to initiate movement.

Another way to do muscle testing is to push on a muscle. You can use any muscle in your body that works best, often an arm or thigh muscle.

Using your fingers is probably the easiest way to self-test. To use just one hand, press two fingers together firmly as if to snap them. If you can hold them together, that is strong. If they snap or slide, that is weak.

Knowing how to muscle test yourself is one way to tap into your intuition and gain wisdom from your energy system, mind, and body. Like all tools, muscle response testing is best used with other tools and used wisely.

Expect miracles,

Alina Machita

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Alina Machita, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Hi, I’m Alina, I’m an empath, a transformational healer and a Subconscious mind Specialist. I have an unshakable passion and gift to help women stop self-sabotage, unlock their subconscious mind, release trapped emotions and subconscious blocks, keeping them from living in love, accomplishments and balance. Most of my work is done directly within your Subconscious Mind where your Power is. Utilizing muscle testing being a way to communicate with the subconscious mind and sophisticated systems like Emotion and Body Code and Raising levels of consciousness, removing physical and emotional blocks and stored trapped imbalances that can keep you from abundance, creativity, emotional balance and lightness of being.



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