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Rediscovering Your Inner Compass – A Path To Authentic Living And Intuitive Decision-Making

Written by: Terés Salmi, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.

Executive Contributor Terés Salmi

Clients often grapple with uncertainty, pondering over decisions like job changes or questioning their sense of direction. This uncertainty often arises from excessive external focus or conforming to others' expectations, leading to a disconnection from our inner compass—the guiding force reflecting our core values and authenticity

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At times, individuals grapple with a sense of being adrift, unsure of their next move, and inundated with questions like, "Should I continue in this job?" or "Why do I feel lost?" This uncertainty often arises from excessive focus on external factors or conforming to others' expectations.

This disconnect often signifies losing touch with our inner compass—a guide to what truly matters and aligning our decisions with our authentic selves.

In my work for BRAINZ magazine, I encountered a hurdle. Starting an article felt wrong; I couldn't discern what readers wanted, leading to procrastination. Consequently, guilt set in for not prioritizing these tasks. Today, it dawned on me—I'd fixated excessively on meeting others' expectations instead of authentically expressing myself. In this pursuit, I diminished my true essence. Despite advocating for authenticity, I lost sight of it by trying to please others or conform to perceived norms. 

Breaking free from this mindset, I refocused on making decisions that aligned with my true self, rekindling a sense of peace and alleviating stress. Now, with clarity, my thoughts flow effortlessly onto the keyboard, filled with conviction, belief, and joy. I feel empowered, genuinely happy, and aligned with my authentic self.

Often, our actions stem from habit, societal expectations, or a desire to avoid internal discomfort, all of which conflict with our inner compass. Today, I'll share examples of reconnecting with this inner guide.

Understanding your inner compass

Your inner compass serves as your guide, directing you towards what holds the most significance and resonance with your values and genuine self. It diverges from external influences, guiding you authentically through life's journey.

Connecting with your inner compass can occur through practical or intuitive means.

Practical ways to find your inner compass:

1. Compile a list of activities, people, situations, places, or aspects that hold significance, and meaning, or elevate your spirits and raise your well-being.

2. Evaluate each item on your list, discerning whether it stems from genuine desire or societal obligations. Analyze the reasons behind why each activity fills your well-being. If you struggle to identify the "why," it might necessitate reevaluation. Ask yourself if there is a personal longing or drive behind each activity. Can you authentically explain to someone why it holds importance for you? 

Quality time with my family


Spending time in a forest 


Music & Concerts


Working with people who lead from the heart


Working with coaching clients


Working towards goals that make the world a better place, lifting others’ spirits, and empowering others to see their own strengths and capability


Spending time in groups and communities with people who have a pure heart and share openly and authentically, where you empower each other and everybody is free to be true to who they are as


Learning about people how they think, feel, act, and why


Networking with people far from how I am to her/see their viewpoint


To meet people behind their masks, authentic




Attending every Workshop and evening activity connected to work


Playing outdoors with kids


Cleansing/purifying spaces (like going through a closet and finding clothes to donate)






A great cappuccino with oat milk


3. Your inner compass aligns with these elements, guiding you in making decisions or contemplating activities. A useful guide is to engage in activities or choices that consist of at least 60% or more of the things that significantly fill your well-being from your list, thereby ensuring a consistent source of positive energy.

For instance, I was involved in a startup with a compelling mission. Initially, I envisioned numerous possibilities and opportunities to empower people through talks and courses. However, with time, several aspects that were crucial to me from my list started diminishing, draining more energy than they provided. Eventually, I decided to step away when it fell below 60% of what truly fulfilled me.

Similarly, when I embarked on writing a book about my family's four-year journey in Dubai, it stemmed from friends suggesting it due to my captivating stories on Facebook. At times, I faced motivational challenges and felt directionless. Upon reevaluation, I delved into what was personally meaningful. I found my "why" - to encourage others to experience the diverse cultures, cultural clashes, and insightful experiences I encountered. The purpose was to foster understanding of different cultures, share laughs at my mistakes, and unite people. Fueled by this purpose, I completed the book and unhesitatingly reached out to media platforms, desiring to transform people's perspectives on cultures and themselves.

Listen to your inner compass intuitively

To enhance intuitive connection with your inner compass, there are several approaches to consider. These methods revolve around a similar question. Occasionally, our ego impedes clear messages, hence, it's helpful to seek guidance for the "highest good" or "what is best for everyone," detaching from personal biases.

When faced with a decision:

  1. Pause for a moment. Take three slow breaths, counting to 7 while inhaling and exhaling. Focus on your heart to establish a connection.

  2. Reflect on the contemplated activity or choices. Pay attention to how your body reacts. Does it feel uncomfortable, tense, stressed, or uneasy? Such sensations signify a "NO" from your inner compass.

  3. Conversely, if you sense comfort, calmness, and inner peace, your inner compass resonates with a "YES."

To mitigate personal bias further, if multiple options exist, write them down, fold the papers so you can’t see the text, shuffle, and place your hand on each paper, allowing your body to guide you. The choice that evokes calmness and inner peace represents the "YES" from your inner compass.

Invoke for guidance:

  1. Pause, breathe slowly, counting to 7 while inhaling and exhaling. Connect with your heart.

  2. Offer a prayer or affirmation to an entity (God, the angels, Your soul, the universe) that resonates with you the most, invoking guidance for the highest good for all.

  3. Ask for guidance by inquiring, "What is my intuition guiding me to do right now? Please show me the way!" Remain open and observant for any visualizations, words, or sensations that guide you.

Alternatively, ask, "What do I need to know right now to make a decision that serves the highest good of all?" Stay open and observant for any guidance that surfaces.

Empowerment through your inner compass

Embracing your inner compass empowers you to make aligned decisions and be receptive to others' opinions while staying true to yourself.

Staying true to oneself requires dedication and willingness to invest effort. Listen closely to your inner self, discovering what truly invigorates you. It's a worthwhile journey, and a world filled with individuals truly alive is what we need.

 I encourage you to dedicate a week to focus on working with your inner compass and observe the difference it brings to your life.

Take time to reflect on the information shared in this article, experiment with these methods, and determine if they align with your inner compass

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Terés Salmi Brainz Magazine

Terés Salmi, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Terés Salmi is a Psychological Coach, Intuitive Coach and an author. Terés worked as an engineer and manager before she ended up burning herself out. This forced her to stop and rethink how to live her life going forward. Terés learned from her own change process that science AND spirituality both are big parts in self-management and in developing life skills. Terés possesses degrees in both areas. She has since then dedicated her life to empower people, supporting them in becoming their true self and achieving their aspirations. Terés own company, FreeGrowing, is helping individuals to overcome obstacles in life and strengthening their self-esteem. Her mission: Be true, be you!



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