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Quantum Consciousness – How To Become Superhuman In 4 Steps

Written by: Asim Aliloski, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


What if flashes of genius, higher inspirations, eureka moments and magical synchronicities could happen for you daily? Too good to be true? Not at all! There is a guide to your supernatural power. Check out my 4 steps in order to access your higher abilities and become superhuman.

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Remember a situation in your life where:

  • out of nowhere, you knew something that you couldn’t actually know - and you were right?

  • you did things that you thought, in the beginning, they were impossible - and they worked out?

  • magic and flashes of genius happened, magical synchronicities showed up spontaneously?

Do you remember such situations? Congratulations! These are moments where your mind tapped into your supernatural power.

Please stop for a moment and own all these miracles you already had in your life.

You are already a superhuman!

Probably these “lucky” occurrences seem random to you. But in truth, they are your creations. And you can have even more of them.

My work as a coach is to help my clients understand that their superhuman power can be their natural state. It can be YOUR natural state. Not just a random thing but a conscious habitual expression of your superhuman identity.

Yes, you are reading it right. Superhuman skills can be trained and developed. You can have flashes of genius, higher inspirations, eureka moments and so much more even daily.

“90.10.” technology for your superhuman support

I am part of the research team of “90.10”. This Swiss company has been developing technologies that help humans become superhuman. Their quantum energy products help people around the world unleash their supernatural abilities; expand their consciousness and heal from within.

Imagine yourself having access to your highest wisdom? Imagine yourself acting and thinking as a co-creator of your reality. Imagine living your life by design. You are becoming the master of your life.

This is not a fairy tale.

We have seen people who make the impossible possible. We have seen spontaneous healings, overnight successes, last moment turnarounds, self-made millionaires, instant manifestations and so on…

Fortuitous events? No way! These people have managed to tap into their higher quantum consciousness.

Follow these 4 steps to unleash your superpower:

Step 1: Commit to mastery

Commit to mastering your inner and outer world. Your inner world consists of your thoughts, emotions, behaviour and actions. The main areas of your outer world are your wealth, purpose, health, relationships, lifestyle and spirituality. If you don’t like something in either of those worlds, don’t lump it. Don’t settle. Don’t compromise. Strive for the best, strive for the highest. Let the wisdom of your soul uncover for you what best life version you are meant for. Take some professional help in order to exponentially master your inner and outer world. Focus on the results you would love to have in your personal life and career.

Step 2: Create a vision of your superhuman self

Step back, relax deeply. And start daydreaming. Ask yourself in a deeper trance state what might your superhuman identity look like? What abilities would you have developed? Which supernatural skills would you have? What would then become possible in your life? What would be totally different? How would you overcome challenges in your life?

Get a clear picture and feeling of your superhuman self. During the next day, go even deeper. Start experimenting. Take time to connect with your superhuman identity daily. The more you put out what you want to experience, the more life will support you with exactly those experiences.

Step 3: Connect to zero point consciousness

Never stop expanding your consciousness. Find tools, practice, methods and modalities that help you to dive deeper in your pure awareness zero-point consciousness (also called the quantum field). The quantum field is the source of all creation. Stillness, meditation, mind control, breath and bodywork, rituals and contemplation are tools that support your supernatural abilities to come online. The quantum field is the field of infinite possibilities. The deeper you rest in the quantum field, the more of your supernatural abilities can resurface.

My tip: Create daily habits to tap into your expanded awareness zero-point consciousness. More than 99% of all physical "matter" consists of a vacuum, and this yields a huge amount of zero-point energy. Consider using modern technology such as 90.10. quantum energy to transform and transcend from within. 90.10. has managed to develop material and virtual devices that help you connect to the quantum field and the frequencies associated to it.

Step 4: Co-create with radical self-responsibility

The one thing to do in order to intentionally create your own reality is radical self-responsibility! Accept fully that everything you experience in your personal life (that touches and moves you) is a reflection of your own patterns of thoughts and emotions, your convictions and doctrines. Start distracting your attention more and more from what is around you and work on yourself by changing, healing, transforming, shifting, releasing, transcending whatever it takes in order to reach mastery level. This will also increase your frequency and vibration. With a higher frequency, you will be capable of manifesting the things you love much faster, at the speed of light (faster beyond your imaginations).

Always keep in mind: You are meant for a quantum life.




PS: Here is what you can do that can help you to unleash your superhuman power

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Asim Aliloski, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Asim Aliloski is an Austrian bestselling author, transformational speaker, spiritual leader and award-winning business and life coach. Asim has been listed amongst the 101 Most Fabulous Coaches in the World 2020, Top 20 Business Coaches 2021, Top 50 Influential Leaders by Kosmo Magazine, and he is a proud winner of the European Enterprise Awards 2020.

His mission is to share spiritual wisdom that uplifts the energy and consciousness of people and businesses. Asim has been working with heart-driven leaders, entrepreneurs, celebrities and creatives helping them to awaken their divine greatness and make their life purpose a success. Through this work, people unleash their intuitive and spiritual intelligence in order to create personal fulfillment, optimum health and ultimate abundance alongside a high-end wealthy lifestyle.

Asim, CEO of Asim Aliloski International, founded his coaching and consulting business at the age of 25 and has been exploring the power of consciousness for several decades. The native Viennese with Greek-Macedonian origins combines in his work elements from ancient Greek philosophy with universal spirituality rooted in Sufism and Buddhism along with transformative coaching. Coming from an underprivileged family living on welfare, he mastered to become one of the most recognised spiritual coaches and leaders in the world.



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