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Passing The Attitude Test

Written by: Annie Canning, Executive Contributor

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Viewed through the lens of an HR professional, when navigating my way through interview after interview with prospective candidates for a role, I was always seeking that indefinable quality that set one applicant apart from another. I often opted for a candidate with less technical experience and fewer qualifications because they passed what I called the “Attitude Test.”

So what is the “Attitude Test,” and why is it so important in business and in life?

How we treat ourselves, other people, and our environment, provides an observer with insight into who we are and what is important to us. Of course, this observation is purely subjective, as it is based on the observer’s values, life experiences, and conditioning as they try to form a picture. Whether we like it or not, we are judged through these filters, and those first formative impressions can potentially create roadblocks that become obstacles to our success.

So does that mean we need to change who we are to suit a situation or someone else’s view of the world? No, not at all. That would be disingenuous and would not serve our higher self. Passing the “Attitude Test” is about stepping up and operating in alignment. To perform optimally in life, our values and behaviours need to correspond, and how we present ourselves to the world is an external reflection of these values in action.

For example, think about this in terms of a business scenario. A furniture company may claim they value craftsmanship above all else. Based on this, you would work on the assumption that the quality of their product would be outstanding. If you observe this not to be the case, their credibility would be called into question, and it’s unlikely you would choose to buy furniture from them.

As individuals, we are no different. How we show up in our relationships, in business, or at play determines our credibility in the eyes of others and, more importantly how we feel about ourselves.

Passing the Attitude Test is all about operating in alignment with who we are. When we do, we attract like-minded people, build higher levels of connection, unthought-of opportunities present, and we experience feelings of contentment and fulfillment.

So the next time you front up to an interview panel, present to potential clients, go on a first date or meet the in-laws, think about the “Attitude Test” and be the best, most authentic version of yourself. Do this, then release all expectations. You may be surprised at what happens next...

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Annie Canning, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Annie Canning is a leader in transformational coaching. Having previously worked in high-level HR and Compliance roles, she stepped into coaching due to a series of challenging life events. Taking these learnings, she has created tools and strategies to shift her clients' into an empowered and enabled state. She has coached CEOs, leadership teams, workgroups, and business owners and is a staunch advocate for those committed to their growth journey. Through her programs and keynote speaking, she spreads a message of hope, humor, and optimism. Her mission is to positively impact thousands of lives with her unique coaching brand and help others recognize their value, their place in the world, and how to claim it!



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