Written by: Emily Brant, Executive Contributor

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The word itself feels heavy and full of significant meaning.

Over...whelm. Above and beyond your usual level of thought. Too much. Too many. Too strong. Too close. Blindingly close, in fact. The saying “you can’t see the wood for the trees” epitomizes overwhelm perfectly.

Overwhelm affects us all. Even experts on the subject will, from time to time, feel the familiar brain fuzz that slows us down, making a mockery of our focus and allowing our inner guests to awaken, gently tapping on our shoulder, to let us know that they are here and ready to take over. Preventing us from acting or reacting as we would when permitted to think clearly.

To be overwhelmed means to feel smaller than the problem that has been presented. That, in and of itself, becomes more prevalent than the original problem. But overwhelm, whilst it can feel very real, is only as powerful as the energy that we give it.

Think of it this way. Overwhelm sneaks up on us unexpectedly. One minute you are happily working from home and looking at your plan for the week ahead. The next, there are papers everywhere, nothing makes sense, and you’ve run your hands through your hair so much that you resemble one of the girls from Bananarama.

But much like the monster under the bed, overwhelm only has power when acknowledged and given into.

I have devised four simple steps to overcome overwhelm and stop it in its tracks. Just remember to STOP.

S: Separate yourself from the original problem. It is not you. You are not it. It is how you see the problem causing you difficulty, not the content of the problem itself.

T: Take the time to breathe and momentarily step away. Purposefully and slowly. Inhale cool, fresh, calm oxygen. Feel the air enter through your nose and fill your lungs. Know that you are being nourished from within and feel every part of your body benefit. Exhale fraught, tense, hot CO2 and feel the overwhelm leave. Breathe it out. Repeat for as long as necessary.

O: Open your mind and allow yourself to see the result rather than the problem at hand. What will it look like once you’ve finished the task? Other than you, who will it benefit and affect? See it in sparkling Disneyesque color. See the rewards and the advantage. Plan, see, and feel the celebration (YES, even if it’s just cleaning the fridge).

P: Purposefully take action. Do one thing towards creating the result. And once you’ve taken that step, take the next. Slowly and with intent.

Follow this process, and you will prevent overwhelm from taking over your life (or the moment), bringing you back to a place where you can work with focus and creative energy.

The next step is to look at why overwhelm occurred. Who are your guests, and what do they need to sit back down and let you run the show?

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Emily Brant, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Emily Brant is a passionate and dedicated Coach. One of her "superpowers" is her refusal to be restricted by what others have deemed within her ability. Emily loves to break down barriers both within and for others. She sees the "awesome" in everyone , and is able to authentically show each of her clients their personal power within. She says "these personal mini revolutions are where the transformations are found". Emily believes in true love, harmony and living without negative anxiety. She has made it her life's mission to show as many people as she can, that they can have it all!



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