No.1 Sales Guy Wins Over Cancer Three Times in 3.5 Years By Saying "No!"

Written by: James M Powell, Guest Writer, Brainz Magazine

In 2012 after being diagnosed with cancer for the second time in just two short years, the oncologist dealing with my case told me: "If you don't do chemotherapy within the next two weeks, James, you will die!"

My father, who attended the appointment and was uncontrollably shaking after hearing the life-changing news, begged me in tears to follow the doctor's advice.

But the reason why we were having this conversation at that time was because I had moved one of my six-month checkups forward by a full two months based solely on several intuitive insights.

The oncologist told us that if I had come on time to my scheduled appointment, it would have been too late to treat me, and I'd be dead.

Though this was surely one of the most extreme situations in which I’ve taken decisive action based on explicit intuitive insights, the fact that I perceive them is not unusual to those who know me.

When I was just ten years old, my parents took me to child counseling following the unsettling experience of their divorce. As one session in particular began, I experienced a blatant feeling that I was being deceived and refused to enter more than a single step into the room.

For several minutes I stood near the entrance staring intensely at a very suspicious-looking mirror on the left wall behind my parents, who were sitting at a wooden table opposite the two-child psychologists leading the session.

Having given up trying to coax me any further into the room, one of the psychologists slowly walked over to me and asked: "James, would you like to see what's behind the mirror?". I silently nodded, 'Yes.'

He then escorted me into an adjacent darkened room with its lights turned off, inside which was a woman holding a clipboard standing behind two camera operators who were filming the counseling session through what I could now see was a one-way mirror.

I remained silent and allowed my curious mind to be informed by the experience. I was being systematically observed and actually recorded, the footage to be studied later, and my intuition was proven reliable in clinical settings at just ten years old.

This experience had a tremendous impact on me trusting my intuition, and I initiated my own extracurricular studies of extrasensory perception as well as the sciences and then left home at age fourteen to expand the environment I had available in which to explore my unique human potential and limitations.

Thus began what would become a twelve-year period of intense spiritual and intellectual training and development involving easily more than ten thousand hours of deep focused meditation and extensive research including but not limited to quantum physics, molecular biology, cosmology, and ontology.

So with already decades of insight and experience available to me in my history as leverage by the time the oncologist gave me his dismal verdict, I remembered the reason why we were having our conversation two months ahead of schedule; because I had successfully acted on the specificity of my intuition.

I then said "No" to chemotherapy and instead opted for a more natural alternative. Two months later, at around the same time my original appointment would have been, I returned to the oncologist who, after testing and in wide-eyed disbelief, affirmed my body was already healing.

The oncologist got his superiors involved because he had no prior case studies to draw on as a comparison. Yet, neither did his superiors. Nevertheless, they were so confident with my healing that they said chemotherapy had become optional and were happy for me not to do it anymore.

Even so, I said "No" again and did chemotherapy anyway because that was the specific action my intuitive insights were leading me to take. I felt incredibly challenged by this decision, as I had wanted to continue with the full natural route.

But my prior experiences clearly told me that I should trust my intuition. So, I did and, thankfully, experienced no pain or fatigue during the entire three months of intravenous treatment.

Once my hair had grown back, I got a job as a sales rep' with the then second-largest British telecommunications company and in my first six weeks became #1 in Wales and #2 in the UK for sales, smashing all but one sales records since the formation of the company.

I then made an entrepreneurial pivot into creating a business focused on video marketing and within my first few operational months was reached out to by Hilton Dublin in Ireland for whom I produced five videos upon repeated requests, including the launch video for their €1 million renovated bar and bistro as well as for an internal international video competition which my entry won.

Now, I'm exploring spirituality and self-development with high achieving entrepreneurs via The Spirituality Podcast and have interviewed such wonderful people as human behavioral expert Dr. John Demartini; high-end sales consultant Preston Rahn who has helped top names such as Sharon Lechter, and; best-selling co-author alongside Oprah Winfrey, Cordelia Gaffar.

When in early 2014, I was diagnosed with cancer for the third time in three and a half years, I didn't want to rely solely on medical technology or spiritual methodologies and sought a permanent solution. I discovered that I wasn't previously looking in the best place for my healing.

Having recommenced chemotherapy, this time more intense than the last yet again without any pain or fatigue, I had performed an exquisitely painful deep dive self-analysis of my shortcomings as a human being and reached a conclusion.

My problem was that I needed to eliminate a long-standing character-associative behavior that was a reflection of my own shortcomings and which had become manifested as an externalized health ultimatum.

When you've entertained sequences of behavioral actions for years that you’ve come to mistakenly associate almost indistinguishably with intrinsic aspects of your personality, removing them can be a serious challenge even with an incredibly high incentive.

But in less than a week after I implemented the change, the cancer rapidly dropped to zero. The open-mouthed team of oncologists were collectively stumbling for words when they showed me the graph with that anomalous straight line down.

The head oncologist with over forty years of medical experience exclaimed it was "Impossible" and hand wrote in large font in my medical records that 'These numbers are wrong, we need to do the test again!'.

So he retested me, and one week later, when we got the same results, he dismissed me without being able to offer even the tiniest explanation of what had happened. But I knew that the only variable I had changed was the one I changed in myself.

This whole experience was particularly overwhelming for my wife, whose desire to have children burned hotter than ever, and with double chemotherapy ruthlessly destroying my fertility, her hopes for a family were being frozen alive.

The doctor told my wife and me that we'd never have children naturally. But after two failed fertility treatments, I decided to explore the nightmares my wife had been nervously waking up from every night since we met and, she said, since her early childhood.

In her nightmares, my wife found herself cradling a baby boy in her arms, which then fell to the ground and died. She was always afraid that this was a premonition for the future. Every night my wife would suddenly wake up from her nightmare in a state of alarm. It was quite disturbing.

We began asking questions and discovered through my wife's family that she did have a sibling, a brother, who at three months old fell out of a nurse's arms in the hospital near her birthplace and died. It seemed that he was stuck repeating his earthly experience, and my wife was sensitive to his suffering.

So we conducted what I call a 'JV with the Spirit World' for a time period of forty days, and on the very last day, my wife's nightmares completely stopped, she hasn't had them since, and we found out we were pregnant naturally with our first child. Thanks to God.

If you find yourself stuck not knowing where to go or what to do next, and even if your most cherished desires seem like impossible far away goals, remember that what I've discovered on multiple occasions is that there is usually always a way forward. But in order to find it, you may need to explore those wretched places you don't normally consider.

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James M Powell, Guest Writer, Brainz Magazine



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