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Met Gala – Top 5 Facts And Figures Of Rapid Fashion

Written by: Fahad Yousaf, Guest Writer


Met Gala is an extravagant fashion night out famous for its style and art displayed by your favorite celebrities. The red carpet is known for its exceptional looks and glamor. Met Gala is celebrated with a specific theme to make people fall in love with style, confidence, and arts. But what is so special about the Met Gala? And how did it become the world’s biggest fashion festival? Here, we have come up with the top 5 facts about the Met Gala.

Celebrity couple on red carpet in Cannes.

History of Met Gala

The first Met Gala was initiated in December 1948 by the fashion publicist “Eleanor Lambert”. The event was organized to raise funds for the Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum of Arts. The Costume Institute became a part of the Metropolitan Museum two years before the first Met Gala. The department was responsible for raising funds for itself. In the 1970s, the Met Gala turned into a true fashion festival by the efforts of Diana Vreeland. She started announcing the event themes and the dress codes to make it interesting and attractive for the followers. The high-profile event has world-famous celebrities visiting from art, fashion, and entertainment.

What happens at the Met Gala and where is it held?

The Met Gala takes place on the first Monday of May every year at the Metropolitan Museum of Arts in New York. The event is celebrated for the grand opening of the Institute of Costumes annual fashion exhibition. Celebrities, designers, models, and popular figures from distinct industries walk through the red carpet with elaborate outfits, jewelry, and makeovers following a specific theme.

Celebrities have the opportunity to enjoy the exhibition with the gourmet cuisine. It makes the people mingle from distinct corners of the world. It’s a great platform for fashion enthusiasts, designers, and brands aspiring to showcase their statement pieces through incredible media attention.

Met Gala 2024 theme and how are the themes determined?

The theme for the year 2024 was ‘Sleeping Beauties: The Awakening of Fashion.’ This was referred to J.G. Ballard’s novel ‘The Gardens of Time.’ The dress code for the event was ‘The Garden of Time’, allowing designers to display their brilliant work. The event also included live performances, speeches, and presentations related to the theme.

The themes are selected as the central point for the exhibition by consolidating artistic, cultural, and historical concepts. The theme narrows down the framework for attendees and gives them an idea for creating unique outfits.

Who is invited to the Met Gala and can I buy a ticket for it?

Met Gala has no specific rule for inviting guests. However, Anna Wintour, the editor-in-chief of Vogue magazine and the chairwoman of the gala, holds the authority to invite influencers, actors, designers, and other popular individuals from distinct walks of life. Most of the guests are invited by the hosts. According to Vogue, around 450 people attend the Met Gala every year.

The 2024 event ticket price was $75,000. The attendees could also book a table but a 10-person table costs around $35000.

Met Gala faces a lot of criticism for being the events of elites. The excessive glamor and expensive tickets have made the entry of ordinary people just impossible.

Top fashions ideas for Met Gala

Met Gala makes the artists embrace the event’s theme to look glamorous. It allows the designers to showcase their creativity and make a lasting impression with bold fashion statements.

Use unique jewelry designs at Met Gala

The celebrities wear unique jewelry designs to stand out on the Met Gala red carpet. Attractive jewelry adds a lot of drama to your eye-catching outfits. But the safety of these accessories is also a great task to be exceptional at the event. The jewelry pieces are created following the themes and kept in customized jewelry boxes to make the celebrity look exceptional at the Met Gala.

Try different looks using cosmetic products at Met Gala

Top-rated makeup artists are hired to create excellent looks at the Met Gala. Celebrities prefer to have their team deliver the best regarding the theme. High-quality cosmetic products are used to create different looks. The products are held in customized cosmetic boxes to remain safe from the intense weather conditions. The custom packaging keeps the personalized makeup products fresh and secure to be applied on the big day.

5 stunning looks of Met Gala 2024

Met Gala 2024 had some stunning looks:

  1. Zendaya’s rose-like blue gown with hand-embroidered corsage. The dress was a masterpiece by Maison Margiela's John Galliano. The headpiece was created by Stephen Jones for Margiela, according to Vogue.

  2. Gigi Hadid with a yellow 3D rose embroidered dress. Thom Browne and his team took around 8500 hours to deliver this sculpture.

  3. Alia Bhatt arrived at the Met Gala in a custom-made sari by Sabyasachi. The outfits hold glass beads and some gemstones to create floral detailing.

  4. Demi Moore wore a statement velvet dress by Harris Reed. She complimented the outfit with the Cartier’s jewelry collection “Nature Sauvage '' having 7.87 carats of emeralds, according to Vogue.

  5. Jonathan Bailey with a beautiful flower around his neck and waist belt to show his love for the “Garden of Time” theme. He wore a suit by Loewe, which included a "hand-painted metal peony with a sugar crystal texture, according to Vogue.

Some surprising rules

Met Gala has some interesting rules for the attendees:

  • Selfies are not allowed until you walk the red carpet.

  • Spouses are not allowed to sit with each other during the event.

  • Anna Wintour holds the authority to invite the guests.

  • Guests have to pay for the Ticket price if coming as an individual or the table price if coming in a group of 10 people.

  • If you are invited but missed the chance to be at the Met Gala, you will not probably be invited in the upcoming years.

  • Anna has the right to decide the seating arrangement.

  • Being on the committee for raising funds does not guarantee your invite to the Met Gala.

Successful fundraising event

The purpose of the Met Gala is successful fundraising for the Costume Institute exhibitions, acquisitions, and capital investments. The brilliant display of celebrities wearing incredible outfits and jewelry with amazing makeovers is the celebration of art that raises around eight-figure amounts. The elaborate themes worn by high-profile people to walk the red carpet make the Met Gala spectacular. The event has a great impact on art and culture all around the world.


Fahad Yousaf, Brainz Magazine Guest Writer

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