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Meet Kandy Katz, Lake Las Vegas Consultant Shares On Community-Building And Growing Wealth Through Real Estate

Creating impactful relationships between businesses and their ideal customers utilizing modern technology.

Executive Contributor Tristen Giles

From the southern streets of New Orleans to the palm trees and scenic vistas of Lake Las Vegas, Kandy Katz’s journey is a testament to the power of resilience, community, and entrepreneurship. Katz was born into a Vietnamese American immigrant family, and her parents played an integral role in shaping her hard work ethic and fearless personality. Her parents were boat refugees who fled their home country by sea following the collapse of the South Vietnamese government in 1975. They endured a harrowing journey to safety and freedom, a profound gratitude for which Kandy carries with her through life.

Photo of Kandy Katz

At a young age, Kandy realized that it takes grit and persistence to get what you want out of life, and because of her parent's experiences, she has cultivated an entrepreneurial spirit that has defined her multifaceted career in real estate. She has over 20 years of commercial and residential real estate experience as a consultant with a passion for property ownership and small business ventures. Her latest acquisition was a franchise with her husband of a spray foam insulation installation construction company in Northern Nevada. She also devotes her talents to community development and educating on the life-changing power behind investing in real estate.

A path shaped by heritage and resilience

After graduating from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette with a degree in Computer Science, Kandy first ventured into the banking world, where she helped consumers navigate the complexities of home loans and debt consolidation. However, it wasn’t long before she realized that real estate was her true calling.

In 2005, the devastation of Hurricane Katrina prompted Kandy to move to Dallas, TX, where she continued to build her career in real estate. This period also marked the start of her dabbling in small businesses, including event rentals, ATMs, and snow cones, to name a few. Kandy has never been in a position where she worked only one job. In college, she managed to graduate in three years while working at her campus computer lab and waitressing at a sushi restaurant. Fast forward to her time living and working in major markets from New Orleans to Dallas and Denver, Kandy honed her expertise in these different metro areas, representing home and business owners in financing and real estate transactions.

Empowering communities in Lake Las Vegas

Now calling Lake Las Vegas home, Kandy relishes living out her pivotal years in this sought-after community. Near the outset of COVID-19, her family decided that if working from home was the new norm, why not choose a backyard they would appreciate?

While Las Vegas was never on their radar for relocation due to stigmas associated with high tourism, gambling, the Strip, and various other vices, the hidden gem of Lake Las Vegas won them over and inspired their move.

She expresses how much her life has been enriched since moving to this community. Perhaps it’s the palm trees whistling in the wind and how the sun glistens on the water with views of the mountains in the distance. Or it may be the wide open fields for her two beloved French bulldogs to run and the manicured golf courses that she had never imagined living among, especially at this stage in her life.

It’s her mission to spread the message to others who are considering a fresh start and seeking quality of life in a supportive and interactive community. Even if one is still decades short of retirement age, she encourages people to consider that Lake Las Vegas may be a great fit for their next move. Aside from the obvious perk of no state income tax, access to a major international airport and proximity to the Pacific Northwest region were no-brainers for Kandy. The growth that this burgeoning city promises reassures Kandy that her family made a sound decision when moving here.

Lake Las Vegas was notably picked to lodge the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers for this year’s Super Bowl, and it significantly boosted the community's profile. With this jumpstart, Kandy’s mission is to help reinvent what life could be like in Lake Las Vegas for families and individuals of all ages. She hopes to bring this new perspective to generations that are seeking serene views of the lakes, mountains, and palm trees while having nearby access to all that the metropolis of Las Vegas offers: state-of-the-art entertainment, a culinary hotspot, sports, and what those in the know are calling the new “Hollywood 2.0.”

The locals know Lake Las Vegas as a retirement community, but with families and individuals in their 20s, 30s, and 40s beginning to take interest, Kandy is determined to spearhead its renaissance. She invites investors and entrepreneurs to join the exciting community reinvigoration with coffee shops, champagne bars, and other businesses that would enrich the community and thrive. Kandy even envisions Lake Las Vegas becoming the favorite family vacation spot or go-to spring break destination. Activities are available for all – biking, hiking trails, water sports, golfing, spas, and relaxation. She points out that it would be ideal for any bachelorette party looking for an escape while being tucked away not far from the action.

A focus on holistic growth and legacy-building

Kandy’s vision extends beyond individual transactions. She is dedicated to sustainable growth and building legacies for the upcoming generations. One of Kandy’s many strengths is her ability to bridge cultural gaps, bolstered by her background and fluency in Vietnamese. She unwaveringly supports the Vietnamese-American community, ensuring they have a voice and representation in their real estate ventures.

Kandy wholeheartedly believes she was guided by a higher power to where she is today. "And fast forward to now...since 2004, I've been able to help families qualify for financing, building their generational wealth through real estate by acquiring homes and businesses," she confides. She's also known for her witty, can-do motto, "When banks can’t, Kandy Katz can!" During her consultations, she offers innovative strategies that often look beyond traditional loan qualification methods, making her a go-to expert for those who might otherwise struggle to find financing.

This expertise extends beyond mere transactions; she fosters a deeper community engagement, as well. Kandy actively seeks out small business owners and entrepreneurs to share their journeys of challenges and successes within her community, inviting guests onto her podcast, "Slay in Your Lane," where she discusses all things related to staying healthy while hustling, building wealth, building businesses, and real estate.

Inspiring the next generation

As the Marketing Director of Absolute Mortgage and Lending, one of the companies she works for as a loan originator coach, Kandy provides tools and guidance on how to generate leads through the power of social media, helping mentees generate leads through various industry practices. Her work with various real estate associations and her proactive approach to sharing knowledge reflect her commitment to nurturing a new and more deeply engaged breed of industry professionals.

Join the journey

As Kandy continues to rediscover and reshape the landscape of Lake Las Vegas, she invites you to join her in building vibrant and enriching communities where everyone has the opportunity to thrive, no matter where you call home. So, if you’re considering relocating to Lake Las Vegas– connect with Kandy today or learn more about her services at You can also follow her journey at @hellokandykatz on Instagram, where she shares more than just real estate insights and is helping to empower dreams and build bright futures.


Tristen Giles, Business Consultant

Creating impactful relationships between businesses and their ideal customers utilizing modern technology.



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