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Management vs Leadership

Written by: Satpal Juttla


The happiness of your team should be your primary focus as a business owner, but often it depends on the type of manager that heads up the company. Read on to find out why success is all about being a leader instead of a manager.

Paper boats

Running a company and looking after a team is a big responsibility that can have a massive impact on your business. Being a good boss depends on whether you manage or lead. At evokeu, both myself and Sachin head up the agency and fortunately, we both adopt the same management style. Gone are the days of a manager sitting in an ivory tower of an office, instilling fear in their team. If you want to get the best out of your employees, you need to build trust and rapport, you need to be approachable and inspirational, but most of all you need to have confidence in your ability, as your team will turn to you for guidance.

Better for all involved in leadership

Being a leader rather than just a manager is beneficial for you, your team and your business. Not only will you attract the right tribe, but if your employees respect you, they will work harder and put more effort into their tasks. Leading by example also sets a precedence for others to follow. If you encourage your staff to work as a team and support each other, it’s more likely that this mentality will stick.

Appreciate the long game

Often managers will be absorbed by the numbers and focused on results, whereas a leader will take time to appreciate the journey. For a leader, it’s not all pinned on what a project will mean for the business, they also care about the development of their employees. Remember to keep asking the important questions: will this piece of work grow your team’s skillset and does it align with their career goals as well as your own? If you take time to invest in your employees, you’ll reap the rewards of a happy and dedicated team.

Business people having a meeting

Not just a story

Do you remember the fairy tale about the Pied Piper of Hamelin? He played his magical flute and was able to get all the rats that were infesting the city to follow him, as he guided them to their demise in the lake. Aside from the grim ending, the Pied Piper is a fantastic example of leadership. It demonstrates that if you blow your flute to the right tune, you will attract your tribe. Be strong and steadfast in what you believe, but keep in mind what’s going on outside of your agenda.

Ask the questions that matter

If you’re unsure whether your management style is more big boss or supportive leader, then why not ask the people on the ground that matter the most – your team. Perhaps set up an anonymous feedback form or send out a few questions to gauge the general consensus about the working environment of your business. Make sure you reiterate to your team that their identity will be hidden so that they feel safe to be completely honest and open. It’s always a good idea to establish either an open-door policy where information of this nature can be shared whenever your team want to or put in place a regular review system, which will allow you to track your progress as a manager and the changing sentiment of your staff.

A united team that is properly led will accomplish stronger outcomes for your client and your business. Get in touch if you’d like to work with or work for evokeu, we’re always on the hunt for like-minded individuals.

If you’d like to find out more about Satpal and evokeu, please visit You can also follow Satpal on LinkedIn, where you’ll find the latest agency updates and further content to motivate you and your business.


Satpal Juttla is the Co-founder and Technical Director of boutique digital marketing and branding agency, evokeu. Satpal is an expert at web building and supports the skilled team with crafting superior sites, every time. Evokeu works with big and small brands across many sectors to help clients capture customer attention and create growth. Evokeu also has a vertical brand called Graphic Kitchen, which specialises in the hospitality sector.


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