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Making A Difference In The World – Exclusive Interview With Mahara Wayman

Mahara began her coaching career working for a global health and wellness company, helping thousands transform their lives. Recently she decided to pursue her passion for helping women and started her company, Mindfulness With Mahara. She couples her years of experience with powerful techniques and her innate curiosity to help women find happiness in their lives and move from the story they have been stuck in to live the story they love.

She connects with women around the world every month with her free Clarity S.O.S workshop and her 1:1 + group coaching program, ReDesign, ReAlign & ReCreate Program: A 6-month transformative program that will give women the tools they need to move from a place of unhappiness and yearning in transition to peace and purpose.

Mahara Wayman, Empowerment Coach

Hi Mahara. That is a unique name. Can you tell us a bit about yourself? I was born in Jamaica and immigrated to Canada when I was ten years old, and I now feel Canada is my home. I am the youngest of four children and consider myself an energetic and grounded person who lives in gratitude. I love animals and share my office space with a Golden Retriever, a Shepherd Cross, and a Calico cat.

Tell us more about being grounded, energetic and living in gratitude. I was lucky to have a wonderful upbringing filled with love and acceptance. And for that reason, my glass is always half full and, in fact, waits in expectation of a top-up! Regarding living a life in gratitude, I believe that happiness begins with acknowledging the great things in your life, although sometimes you have to look twice to see what's in front of you. I have so much to be thankful for. If I could go back to the beginning, I would thank my parents for being so damn awesome. They loved unconditionally, were funny without meaning to be, forgiving, hard-working, and determined to give our family the best life possible. Of course, I would add my siblings, extended family, and friends who have encouraged me and given me complete support over the years. Being grounded also includes incorporating a growth mindset developed by engaging with peers and mentors throughout my career. The list goes on. And last, but certainly, not least, I better not forget the opportunities that have come out of my ignorance but ended up as life lessons. I am grateful for them all. Jamaica sounds so exotic. What's your fondest memory of growing up there?

I have to say my fondest memory is of a school celebration when I was 7 or 8. My school, Liguanea Preparatory, was a converted house and very different from elementary schools as we know them today. It was graced with fruit trees sprawling gardens, and it felt more like my grandmother's house than a school. One day, all the kids were gathered on the front lawn playing games when our Principal presented a large, solid piece of candy from our local candy store as a prize for one of the games. I remember we were huddled around the skirts of Mrs. Barber as she gallantly threw the brown paper bag with the candy up in the air for someone to catch. Well, that someone was me and as my little hands stretched up and grabbed the prize, I knew I was the luckiest kid in the world.

When I opened the bag, and everyone saw what was inside, I was regaled with "oohs" and "aahs" from my schoolmates. We all promptly sat in the grass and passed the prize around for everyone to take a lick! I think this was the beginning of my love affair with sweets, community, and feeling happy.

To continue your comment about "the beginning of your love affair with sweets, community and feeling happy," what experiences directly led to your career today?

On reflection, I see things in every job I had that led me to today; an author, motivational speaker and empowerment coach. My career began in theatre as an entertainer, acting and dancing. I quickly realized that it energized me when I made people smile, regardless of how I did it. That was the beginning of my passion to both help and motivate people. As a young adult, I worked in the event industry as a Sales Manager and Event Planner, and in that role, I made mistakes when I wasn't clear in my instructions.

Consequently, I learned to ask great questions to be clear in my communication with the kitchen and team. There is no room for ambiguity when planning someone's wedding, one of the most important days of their lives. During that time, I also joined a global health and wellness program to lose weight and inadvertently walked into my next career as a Coach and then Lead Territory Manager. I spent over ten years supporting people in achieving their health and wellness goals. I continue to be amazed and humbled at my ability to affect change by simply listening to challenges and subsequently asking the right questions, helping others see things differently and move forward in their quest for innate happiness.

How did that work feed your passion?

Along the way, I learned powerful coaching techniques that helped my members feel that change was possible and allowed them to take the driver's seat in their journey. Their positive results fueled my desire to do more, so I became determined to find other ways to help and affect lasting change. I found creative ways to connect and support both my staff and members, which fueled my passion for service and making a difference in the world.

What's a powerful life lesson you have learned recently?

Great question. I think, like many in the world today, the onset of the global pandemic taught me that there is a silver lining in any tragedy. Every challenge or disappointment is an opportunity for growth.

Of course, the problem is that it doesn't usually feel good to experience that growth in the moment. That's why I am so passionate about helping my clients. It's easier when you have the support of someone who has empathy, the ability to hold space and allows you to grow into your truth.

Everyone deserves to feel understood, seen & recognized and also to feel confident that change is possible for them.

Who are your ideal clients?

I support women who, despite their efforts, find themselves unhappy at the end of their careers or in retirement. They feel stuck in a story that isn't theirs. They look in the mirror and say, "There has to be more to my life." They are ready, willing and able to invest in themselves, recognizing that an investment in themselves will pay dividends for everyone around them, and they ARE worth it.

How do you help your clients?

My ReDesign, ReAlign & ReCreate Program is a 1:1 plus group, 6-month program that gently supports women as they move from a stagnant story to one more aligned with their hopes and dreams, the story they want to live. Group coaching is where the magic happens; it is a safe community to connect, share, learn, and grow. I also offer 1:1 coaching and "Pick & Grow" modules for women that want focused support in their own time.

What would your clients say about you if we were interviewing them instead?

My clients would say that they love to work with me because of my positive energy and authenticity. They feel supported in their growth and are motivated to keep at it. I use various tools to help them uncover what has been holding them back. I give them enough space to be vulnerable, and I am a great listener. I hear what's left unsaid and follow up with powerful questions, so we end up with a valuable conversation that encourages them to share, reflect and ultimately grow.

If you want more information about my ReDesign, ReAlign & ReCreate program, book a complimentary clarity call with me and see if it is for you.

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