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Learn Why Speaking Is A Master Marketing Tool

Written by: Jasmin Haley, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


We all want to make our mark on the world.

As business owners, start-up brands, influencers, and citizens we need to strategically market ourselves and our brands.

How can we stand out from our competition in today’s world?

One powerful way is to harness the power of our voice.

Speaking is a master marketing tool that gives you direct access to the hearts, minds, and revenue of clients searching for solutions.

In a digital marketplace where authenticity is increasingly hard to find, communicating your message from the stage can have a massive impact on your business and client relationships.

If the thought of sharing your expertise on stage triggers anxiety, know you’re not alone, but if you are looking to grow your brand visibility there is no better marketing tool.

Harnessing The Emotional Power of Voice

Today people are flooded with mass marketing at every turn. It can be exhausting to make decisions on where to invest their time and resources.

Your voice is uniquely positioned to break through the torrents of content and touch your listeners on a deeper level.

In recent studies, researchers found that the human voice has the capacity to communicate 24 different emotions. Voices also significantly influence listeners versus print by making the speakers appear more human, intelligent, and relatable.

In hiring studies researchers found that voice influences interviewers to perceive speakers as more competent, thoughtful, and intelligent resulting in them being more likely to be hired versus candidates who applied in written form.

Clearly harnessing the emotional potential of your voice is a potent way to build connections, gain visibility, and generate revenue for your business.

Voice allows you to create a level of intimacy that cannot be recreated in traditional advertising.

Facebook and Google Ads do not have the emotional power and authenticity that your voice does to impact the lives of your listeners and potential clients.

Yet business owners continue to spend thousands or millions of dollars per year on these types of advertisements.

With far less capital you can leverage your voice to create a human expression of your brand.

Speaking Increases Referrals And Creates A Recognizable Brand

Modern consumers make rapid assessments about brands using sensory clues as they search for connection, authenticity, and solutions to their problems.

Each of the channels where people meet your brand is a contact point where you have only a few seconds to capture their attention and engage them with your product or offer.

Sharing your message live or virtually is one way to differentiate your brand and use the impact of your words to create authentic relationships.

When you add speaking to your marketing toolkit you will need to have a signature topic and a program anchored by a compelling story.

This is because human minds are geared to learn and remember through narrative storytelling.

When we use storytelling to communicate our message we engage our audience on a deep level neurologically and emotionally.

Storytelling reaches hearts, evokes emotion, and builds connections because it allows our audiences to have a rich and related experience of our presentation. This is an amazing way to build client relationships that last.

A signature speaking brand and a compelling story allow organizers to have a clear understanding of what market you serve so that they can refer you to other event planners as they plan for upcoming events.

Making Your Brand Undeniable Through Your Voice

If the thought of stepping on stage brings on sweaty palms and a racing pulse it might help to shift your perspective to a growth mindset.

Speaking is a muscle that you can strengthen, not a fixed skill only available for extroverts and “natural” speakers.

Through practicing speaking on your platform of choice you can refine your presentation and delivery so that you master your message, and overcome anxiety and self-limiting beliefs.

I can tell you from years of experience as an introverted speaker building a nationally awarded speaking brand and coaching dozens of speakers to their own speaking success you have everything you need to leverage speaking as your own master marketing tool.

If you are waiting for anyone's permission or a perfect time to arrive before you start using this powerful tool keep in mind that the perfect moment or exterior approval might never arrive.

I stepped into the professional speaking world when there were no other black dental hygienists on the speaking circuit and no one in the industry knew me. Although it was a challenging beginning I didn’t let anything stop me.

I started my own podcasts and hosted my own events until my brand was undeniable.

Whatever field you are in you can harness your voice in the same way.

At a time when brand image is critically important to your business's success and sustainability, your voice is a tool that should not be underestimated.

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Jasmin Haley, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

As seen in Time and NextAdvisor, nationally awarded speaker and workshop facilitator Jasmin Haley, MS, is the CEO of a consulting firm that creates transformative speakers, strengthens presentation skills & designs speaker assets.

Jasmin has been featured or spoken for in national media outlets such as Crest, Colgate, CE Zoom, Con Edison, The University of Maryland School of Medicine, the American Dental Hygienists’ Association, and RDH Magazine.

She has traveled the country as a sought-after speaker on overcoming burnout, diversity & inclusion for healthcare providers, and how to create presentations that reach the HEARTs of audiences.



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