Jackie Walters - Health & Weight Loss Coach Shares Her Top 3 Tips to Lose Weight

Jacqueline is an Intuitive Health & Weight Loss Coach with entrepreneurship in her blood. From the start, Jacqueline focused on building a professional career in the commercial recreation and fitness industry. Ironically, while struggling to balance being a new mom and her career, Jacqueline realized her own physical and mental health had taken a back seat. The effects were damaging, and she could see the negative impacts on her two young daughters. It was then she decided to wake up, and take control of her health. After finding weight loss & weight maintenance success through creating unique systems, concepts, and tools along her own health journey, she is now on the mission to share and serve humanity through her intuitive approach and personalized methods. Her passion is helping overwhelmed and stressed out busy entrepreneurial moms, just like herself.

Jackie Walters

Introduce yourself. Who is Jackie?

– I'm Jackie, and my most important role is being a mom to two beautiful and wild little girls aged 5 and 3. I live in London, Ontario, Canada, where I have been working full time from home for the past couple of years. I love being outside in nature, but when I can't get outside, I love Barre fitness, which is a ballet inspired workout. I attribute my love of barre to my years of musical theater and dance growing up. I am a creative and intuitive soul with so much compassion and hope for our world.

What is it that you do for your clients?

– I help my clients connect with themselves again, or for the first time. I show them how they have the power to find their true selves and reach whatever goals they dream to accomplish. I show them that weight loss is actually simple with the right mindset and help them set realistic goals for their weight loss journey. We co-create a personalized meal plan that actually works in their busy lifestyle and becomes something they are excited about, and that supports a real lifestyle change for them that lasts. I also show them how to integrate my unique systems, tools, and methods that I created while on my own personal 50lbs weight loss journey.

Who should hire/work with you?

– I'm on the mission to help stressed-out busy moms. I find entrepreneurial moms are the worse culprit for putting their own health on the back burner while trying to balance motherhood and their business. I help anyone looking to lose those 20 plus pounds that they have been battling for a long time. This is not a diet or a quick fix. It is aligned nutrition. Someone looking to lose 5-15lbs quick and fast for an event is not who should be working with me. I help heart-centered women who have been struggling in silence for far too long, but know deep down they have a health and weight loss goal to achieve. If depression, anxiety, and anger towards your self-image are taking hold of your life and making you miserable, and if you wish you could finally figure out how to lose weight and keep it off for good without doing a 180 on your lifestyle, then this is the program for you!

Reading on your website, you gained some weight after giving birth. Were you depressed during this time?

– I 100% was depressed during this time, I just couldn't recognize it while in the muck of it! I also was very angry and had a quick fuse, especially towards my loved ones. I sought medical advice from my doctor because I had a suspicion that it was postpartum depression, which often goes undiagnosed. My doctor had offered me prescription drugs, and although I have no issue at all with taking medication, especially for mental health, it just didn't feel right to me in at the time. I told myself I wanted to give it one more attempt without the aid of medication to heal. It became clearer and clearer that my anger and depression stemmed from not feeling comfortable in my skin for far too long, and I HAD to lose the extra weight that I was carrying. It took more than just losing the weight, but I'm so happy I put myself first and started on a personal growth journey, alongside my weightloss journey, as I've never been happier!

You have a program starting September the 30th. Tell us a little bit about this program.

– This is my flagship program! Inside Job: Wake Up and Weigh Less is a 16-week program designed to ensure you reach your weight loss goals and keep it off for good! This is a group program as we launch all at the same time to go through a 6-week course to learn the systems. However, this program is mainly one-on-one sessions from the start and continues past the 6-week course. In total, there are 17 sessions over the 16 weeks to keep you accountable and on track.

– We co-create your customized meal plan, so it's something you're not just excited about, but also works in your busy lifestyle. We also tweak it weekly based on results. Participants also get access to my 'What's For Dinner' system and 'All The Things' habit tracking journal to support them on their weight loss journey, and more! This program is NOT A DIET- it's Aligned Nutrition, and it ensures you move slowly, so what you learn can be integrated for life. We focus on personal growth and the inner self-work required to really know your true self and reach your goals. It can be a tough process, but that is why we meet one on one so consistently so that I can support you on this vulnerable process.

What makes this program different from any other diet program out there on the market?

– Well, that's just it- it's NOT a diet. I practice aligned nutrition, so you really learn how to make a lifestyle change that supports your weight loss goals, but it HAS to be something you are excited to be doing. That's the point! Because if you are happy to do what we co-create, then you will be consistent in your efforts to reach your goals, and consistency is KEY to weight loss. This is a personalized meal plan that is created just for you and we tweak it weekly based on results and how things are working.

– Most other weight loss programs try to fit you into a cookie-cutter plan, which just doesn't work long term for anyone. It's the reason we all find success on fad diets, then quickly finding ourselves gaining it all back and then some. That is how the diet industry is designed, but most people don't realize this. I work with my clients on a customized plan to fit their preferences and lifestyle. If you want a weight loss program designed just for you, then this is it!

What is your top 3 free advice for someone struggling with their weight?

  1. Your brain is the biggest and most successful tool you have when it comes to weight loss. If you can accept that and be open-minded to exploring that part of weight loss, you WILL be successful.

  2. Slow down! And drop the all or nothing mentality when it comes to weight loss. Seek out that true lifestyle change and balance in your life if you want to stop struggling and battling with your weight for good.

  3. As humans, we are made up of about 70% water. Water is one of my favorite weight loss tools! It's so simple to just ADD more water to your day then find something to eliminate to lose weight. Start with half your weight in ounces per day and add from there. With this tip comes many trips to the bathroom, but I promise you it's worth it and you get used to it ;)

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