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If You Are A Highly Sensitive Person Try These 6 Energy Habits Now

Written by: Elissa Kennedy, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


If you are a highly sensitive person, practicing these habits will improve your energy and reduce stress. You will also decrease intense reactions by resetting your nervous system and training your brain to have a more positive mindset.

This interactive article has tools you can use right now, even as you are reading them. The more you practice, the faster you will reset your energy and your emotions.

The term Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), was introduced by psychologist Dr. Elaine Aron in 1996. She proposed that up to 20% of the population display increased emotional sensitivity and stronger reactivity to external and internal stimuli compared to the rest of the population. [1]

Some HSPs feel they don’t have control over their emotions and often feel overwhelmed by the world around them. They might have increased sensitivity to fragrances, noises, lighting, temperatures, and crowded places. They may be more affected by violence portrayed in the media and they often avoid the news to protect their emotions.

Highly sensitive people also have many strengths. They are known to be empathetic, creative, intuitive, innovative, aware of the needs of others, and they appreciate deep relationships and rich conversations. They also have a strong desire to help people and can be drawn to work as therapists, coaches, artists, musicians, or writers. They often have high emotional intelligence, but may lose sight of their own self-care and become rundown and burned out.

To counteract overwhelm try these exercises as you are reading this article. Be sure to read through to the end to get a free download with more exercises to improve your energy, reduce stress, and shift your mindset.

1. Meditation

Starting your day with meditation is a great way to reset your energy so you feel fresh and energized. There are many ways to approach meditation. You don’t have to sit in silence for hours to feel the benefits. You can simply be quiet and notice your breath cycle for a minute or two. Guided meditations are another great option. You can also add a short meditation to the evening as a way to encourage more restful sleep. Here is a list of some of my favorite guided meditations.

Try it now: If you have the InsightTimer app, open a meditation on my list and choose one that feels appropriate for this moment. Allow everything else to fall away as you listen. If you don’t have the app, simply notice your breath for a few minutes. If your thoughts wander, return to your breath. You will learn to quickly reset your energy and find more inner calm with regular practice.

2. Grounding

When you feel overwhelmed, pause your racing mind by focusing on physical sensations in your body. This will shift your brain from a fight-or-flight mindset into a calm and peaceful mindset.

Try it now: Find a patch of grass and remove your shoes. Slowly and mindfully walk. Feel every little movement as you step. Focus on the sensations in your feet. Notice the temperature of the ground, and the texture of the grass, while paying attention to the smells and sounds around you.

If you can’t get outside, simply close your eyes and imagine that you are walking on the grass or on a sandy beach. Imagine and feel the physical sensations. Stay with these feelings until you feel more calm and relaxed.

3. Energy Protection

Your energy is precious and as a sensitive person you can be susceptible to feeling other people's emotions or energy. If you don’t have a protection practice you might feel drained after a trip to the grocery store or after you’ve been around large groups of people. If you are going to a crowded place you will need extra protection. Practice this exercise and use it regularly.

Try it now: Imagine you are creating a bubble from your heart. Expand it until it surrounds your body with 3 feet of space around you. Set an intention that the bubble protects you and absorbs any negative energy you might encounter, keeping it out of your energy field.

Add the bubble practice to your daily routine. As you brush your teeth in the morning, put on your bubble. At the end of the day when you brush your teeth remove the bubble and imagine it floating high into the sky. As it floats away it carries off the negative energy it absorbed.

4. Nourishing Foods

There’s nothing wrong with treating yourself to delicious desserts and salty snacks, but when you reach for them for comfort you may trigger a vicious cycle. Set yourself up for success by trying a new habit. Keep healthy drinks and snacks on hand. The extra nourishment and hydration will counteract stress and give you an extra boost of positivity as you skip the negative cycle.

Try it now: When you feel stressed, brew a cup of herbal tea or pour a fresh glass of water with a wedge of lemon. You will stimulate your brain with the warmth, the scent, and give your body much needed hydration. Sip mindfully and notice how your body feels. Tell yourself the beverage is clearing toxins, relaxing your muscles, and releasing negative energy.

When you are hungry, start with fresh fruits and vegetables. As you eat, pay attention to how you feel while eating nourishing foods. Slow down to notice the textures and flavors as you savor each bite. For an extra mindset boost, sit down and unplug while you eat.

5. Clear Clutter

Clutter can cause you to feel frazzled and drained. A clutter-free home, workspace, and car can help create a sense of calm. When you are surrounded by clean and beautiful spaces you will feel better overall.

Try it now: Straighten up your desk. Toss old papers into the recycling, wipe surfaces, and add some beautiful accessories. Clear up clutter each day so that when you return in the morning you’ll be ready to get more done.

Consider clearing your bedroom to create a calming retreat space. Don’t use your phone or other screens in your bedroom. Dim the lights and invest in soft cotton bedding. You will feel more relaxed and sleep better, too.

6. Mini Mindset Training

These are designed to help you release tension, quiet your busy mind, and get you back into your body. You will reset your nervous system, feel more calm, and recharge your energy.

I use this method as part of my mindset training with clients. It was developed as a part of the Positive Intelligence (PQ) Program. With regular practice, you will notice a shift in your mindset, your reactions, and your relationships.

Try it now: Close your eyes and take 5 deep breaths. Next, rub your fingers together with enough focus that you can feel the ridges on your fingertips. This simple exercise trains your brain away from a triggered state and into a more calm and relaxed state.

Many people feel a shift in as little as 10 seconds but it can take several minutes. Try it for yourself and see what you discover.

Highly sensitive people need extra self-care to stay balanced, so you may want to take this a step further. Learn more exercises with my free downloadable, 10 Daily Habits All Sensitive People Need to Practice, and start practicing today!

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Elissa Kennedy, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Elissa is a certified holistic life coach who helps women awaken their visionary mindset. By activating your visionary mindset you are able to connect to your true self and to your life’s purpose.

‘Vision Activation’, her 4-month step-by-step proprietary program, begins with a visionary mindset training, empowering you to navigate challenges with a more positive outlook and opening you up to new possibilities and a sense of inner calm.

Her coaching style is compassionate, playful and curious, includes guided visualizations and a sprinkle of magic. She uses holistic and intuitive approaches to change old patterns, creating new pathways for yourself as you begin a new chapter of life.

Elissa believes women thrive by connecting to their intuition, establishing a support system, and belonging to a community. By facilitating programs, workshops, and retreats, she creates a safe space for women to gather, learn and grow.





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