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How to Shift Your Energy to Fit Your Schedule

Written by: Gabriella DeLorenze, Executive Contributor

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Now, before you start yelling, “No, Gab! You need to learn how to make your schedule fit your energy, your cycles.” Yes, you’re absolutely right; as womxn (hormones), we need to learn how to schedule our work, especially around our feminine energy, our moon cycle. BUT It’s the day of *that* event/sales call/client and you have to be ON. Your moon just started, your baby didn’t sleep all night, your partner is driving you crazy and you just can’t do it.

Trust me. We’ve all been there. No, it doesn’t make you a bad person that you’re not over the moon for this awesome opportunity... you’re just a real human being.

First, it’s imperative to feel the feelings. Be frustrated, sad, angry, whatever low vibrational emotion that’s coming to the surface. Don’t run from it, sit with it. For as long as you [un]comfortably can. This normally looks like giving yourself the space and the grace to cry, don’t put a bra on, throw yourself a pity party, scream or even break things if that’s what the day is calling for.

Then, as you need to gather yourself - I recommend at least 2 hours before the start of said event - choose again. Ditch the low vibrational emotion – leave it right in the seat you’re in if you must. Trust me, it will be there waiting for you if you want it when you’re done!

I can’t begin to stress the importance of feeling the emotions you’re going through. Without feeling them, we become numb, closed off and even sadder. Don’t try to be the happiest right away; aim small, miss small. Ask yourself, what’s one thing I can do right now to feel just a little bit better?! Maybe you take a shower to wash some of the feelings off, do a few handstands around your room, put your favorite music on and dance your butt off! Start to shift your energy slowly. I find it the best and easiest to do this while moving my physical body.

As you get ready, remember to smile at yourself, laugh out loud even. Have you ever tried to fake laugh out loud? I promise you it will always revert to true, authentic laughter! The Law of Attraction states that we attract what we are. So, if you’re looking to hook your audience, you have to be extra high vibe! Grounded, but high vibe!

If you’re one of the many of us who hate public speaking or get nervous beforehand, go find a mirror. Before you go out on stage, allow yourself to look into your eyes. Truly see yourself. Then, out loud, let yourself know how great you are! How worthy, loved, blessed, enough you are. Jump up and down if you’re nervous - let your physical body meet your accelerating heart rate where it’s at. By doing this, you will meet your nervous system where it’s at aka in the sympathetic fight or flight mode. Then, remember that your breath and diaphragm are connected to your heart, start to tap into your breath.

Notice how, by connecting to your breath, you can physically slow your heart rate down. This works by making sure you take a big, deep belly breath in and exhaling for longer than you inhale.

You have what’s called the polyvagal theory going on within you. Simply put, the vagus nerve, which is in charge of both sensory and motor functions, has parasympathetic fibers in it that aid your body in relaxing. When you connect to your diaphragmatic breathing, your diaphragm will move up and down along the nerve, stimulating those fibers and causing you to relax, aka finding the parasympathetic nervous system, rest and digest.

Close your eyes and feel your body get heavy: shoulders relax away from your ears, glutes relax, the space between your eyebrows, your tongue comes away from the back of your teeth...take a deep breath in and make a loud exhale out of your mouth. It feels so good, do it again, stick your tongue out!

Then seal your lips: Inhale for a slow 5 seconds and exhale slower for 6 seconds. Feel your belly rise with each inhale and fall with every exhale. Your shoulders shouldn’t be moving at all, let your neck muscles relax as well...feel the floor beneath you and visualize yourself rooting down. This grounding visualization will help you calm your nervous system down even further.

After 5-10 minutes of breathing, always remember to say your prayer of gratitude. I always love to pray (to the Universe, Spirit, God…anything bigger than yourself) for the exact words the crowd in front of me needs to hear to portray the message they need to receive. Remember, you’ve prepped and planned for this. Even if you’ve underprepared, it’s time. You’re ready. There’s nothing you can do now except show up fully.

Most importantly, before you walk on stage or click the zoom meeting on, remember to surrender. Trust yourself, your prep time or lack thereof is enough. The time is now, and they are ready for you! Shake your shoulders, spin around, big exhale. Before you talk, take in the moment. Remember, we only retain information in the space between your words. Tread slowly and enjoy it! Exhale again - YOU GOT THIS!

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Gabriella DeLorenze, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Gabby is an intuitive embodiment coach for coaches. She is an athletic trainer with a MED in Biomechanics, a life coach and an E-RYT/YACEP. Gabby has over a decade of experience healing 500+ souls and 1000’s of hours teaching the mind-body connection through coaching, anatomy and movement/yoga rehabilitation. Through mindset coaching and facilitating healing your emotional and physical bodies, Gabby will teach you to melt your stress and anxieties so you can start living your healthiest and happiest life. Together, we will find tangible tools to heal old relationships, cultivate self-love and create the space for an abundant life.

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