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How To Release And Realign?

Written by: Edit B Kiss, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.

Executive Contributor Edit B Kiss

Firstly, what is releasing and realigning? You can release what is not serving you anymore. You can let go of old habits, emotions, behaviours, people, places, and situations. When you are able to realign with your true self, you can follow your intuitions and connect your heart with your mind and make your dreams a reality.

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Many people are looking for happiness. They believe it is outside of them and while they are young and experiencing fewer health issues, they put their well-being aside to chase for the shiny objects. Shiny objects are determined by society, not by them.

Growing up we are conditioned by other’s beliefs and habits, and we tend to believe they are ours. But when we step into our awakening and start feeling that something is not right and the triggers start to get overwhelming, the emotional rollercoaster becomes unbearable we have choices. Some visit a doctor and start to take pills, some go to a speaking therapist, some find a life coach or guru and transform their lives, and some commit suicide.

We always have a choice! There is always a solution to every problem. Information is power. That is why it is important to spread solutions.

The triggers and emotional burdens are related to traumas. The core of most of the struggles is emotional traumas buried in the unconscious mind. That is why it is not easy to reach them. But it is possible to reach them and release them so we can get liberated from the triggers. There is no need to suffer from anxiety, anger, stress, and heartbreak. It is possible to become resilient to the level that you can stand the storm peacefully.

The worst part is that these negative emotions are responsible for the physical symptoms too. Cancer, heart disease, under or over-functioning thyroid, and asthma. All are the results of emotional traumas that were not released properly from the unconscious mind.

I use the powerful source of memory healing with my clients successfully for over 5 years now. They most of the time come to me with depression, issues with abusive relationships, anger issues, insomnia, a scattered mind, and feeling overwhelmed.

During source memory healing we bring the brain into delta brainwaves to connect with the unconscious mind so we can find the exact memories with the related trauma for the release. I use transcendental meditation to help the clients to get into delta brainwaves which has several more benefits. It initiates the brain to produce more of the melatonin, serotonin, growth hormone, and oxytocin so as a result of practicing this meditation will help the client to become more focused, kind, relaxed, productive, and peaceful while rejuvenating the body and mind.

The fact that we activate the pineal gland in the process, also allows the individual to become more intuitive and visionary. Pineal gland activation enhances the opening of the 3rd eye, also called 6th sense. This is a very potent tool to realign with our true selves. Realign means finding the connection between us and the consciousness. Separation is an illusion. We are one and we belong to the consciousness. When we get to the point to understand this and are able to surrender to this truth we start to align with our true purpose, vision in this lifetime.

Me and my friend, Petra, created a 7 day Release and Realign Accelerator Healing Retreat to make sure you learn and experience the most powerful modalities to be able to heal and get empowered. You return home with the knowledge you have the key to health and happiness no matter what conditions you are in.

The retreat is happening in Italy on 17-24 August 2024. Book your place today! We have limited places available.

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Edit B Kiss Brainz Magazine

Edit B Kiss, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Edit B Kiss is a holistic mentor, success habit coach, 1 best-selling author, Humanitarian Award winner and international speaker. She helps her clients to get healed from running mind, insomnia to gain more focus and fill the void in their hearts by raising their frequency and getting them aligned with their true self so they can stand the storms and live their life joyfully and reinvent themselves to the next level.



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