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How To Find Happiness Forever

Written by: Cleanne Johnson, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.

Executive Contributor Cleanne Johnson

To find happiness, you must develop an intense love for yourself. What do you need to be completely satisfied with yourself? In relationships, we are always seeking love. We are unaware of how powerful self-love can be. To be happy, one must practice self-love. It's important to prioritize self-love without neglecting work, school, or family responsibilities. 

Happy woman with open arms.

Start by saying to yourself, "I love myself." It's not conceited. When you truly love yourself, the universe supports you. Start engaging in self-love conversations, openly expressing your emotions, without depending on others to verbalize their love for you. Some individuals may need to dedicate years of hard work to cultivate self-love, but it is possible with practice. 

During my younger years, I faced challenges in accepting and valuing myself as a result of the negative remarks made towards me. I didn't realize that I already possessed the secret to loving myself, and all I had to do was activate it. It was a process for me to grasp the concept of self-love through affirmations, but it grew and blossomed. I have nurtured a strong self-love and safeguard my inner peace against outside judgments.

The secret to happiness, whether young or old, lies in developing a strong self-love and fostering lasting self-relationships. Prioritize self-love, dismiss haters' opinions, and remember that people will always have something to say. Their opinions are beyond your control.

The art of self-love lies in accepting your authentic self and disregarding others' judgments.

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Cleanne Johnson vBrainz Magazine

Cleanne Johnson, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Cleanne Johnson is a talented and creative artist who immersed herself in acting and performing arts from a young age. Blessed with her storytelling prowess, she perfected the art by telling stories to her family, creating fictional characters who came to life through her words. Cleanne started writing short stories and poetry to express her feelings and found writing to be a safe haven. Through her podcast, Beauty of Colors, the author of Love My Colors, Beauty of Colors (poems), Beauty of Life: 101 Inspirational Quotes, and Why This Trip, she loves to inspire people and listens to their stories. Deep in her heart, she believes everyone has a story to help change someone's life. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Dietetics and a Master’s in Public Health from Andrews University in Michigan and now works as a registered dietitian in New York.

When she is not busy working on her next literary project, Cleanne enjoys cooking, hiking, reading, sewing, singing, and encouraging people from all different ethnicities that they are special, unique, and beautiful.



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