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How To Find Calm In Everyday Chaos? – A Personal Journey And 3-Step Guide

Ashish, founder of The Calm Mind Life Coaching in Toronto GTA, ranks among the top 10 life coaches, blending Eastern wisdom and Western techniques in his 'Medit-Action' approach. With 15 years of experience, he's committed to enriching lives, promoting peace and clarity, and charting paths to success and happiness—one mind at a time.

Executive Contributor Ashish Singh

Life, with its inevitable ups and downs, often feels like a relentless storm. I've been there— caught in the web of stress and anxiety, searching for a beacon of calm. My journey from turmoil to tranquility wasn't straightforward, but it was transformative. Through my lens and experience, I want to share how to find calm in everyday stressful situations, incorporating gratitude, happiness, stress management, and mental wellbeing into our lives.

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The awakening: Understanding anxiety and stress

My battle with anxiety was a silent one, eroding my peace of mind beneath the surface. It's a common state, yet one that's tough to break free from. Research suggests that anxiety is our body's natural response to stress—a survival mechanism that can go into overdrive. Acknowledging this was my first step towards reclaiming control over my thoughts and, subsequently, my life.

Step 1: The breath of calmness

During overwhelming moments, I turned to breathwork. A study by Brown and Gerbarg (2005) on Sudarshan Kriya yoga shed light on how rhythmic breathing can significantly impact the autonomic nervous system, promoting relaxation and mental clarity. This led me to adopt a simple yet profound breathing exercise: inhaling deeply for five seconds, holding my breath for another five, and then slowly exhaling. Repeating this cycle just four times anchored me in the present, slicing through the chaos of my thoughts.

Step 2: Embracing solutions over stress

I learned to shift from dwelling on problems to seeking solutions, inspired by Dweck's (2006) study on the impact of mindset on coping with stress. Embracing a growth mindset, I began to view challenges as opportunities for development. Asking myself, "What's in my control?" and "What lessons can I learn here?" transformed my fears into actionable steps toward growth.

Step 3: Unlocking power of gratitude

The most profound step was cultivating gratitude—for the universe, the people around me, and most importantly, for myself. The study by Wood, Perunovic, and Lee (2009) highlighted self-affirmation's benefits on psychological wellbeing. Each morning, I'd stand before the mirror, look myself in the eyes, and vocalize appreciation for even the smallest achievements. This practice didn't just boost my self-esteem; it rooted me in a deep sense of worthiness and gratitude for everyone, including my inner self.

My transformation: A journey to calmness


These steps, grounded in personal experience and scientific research, have been transformative, guiding me from a place of anxiety and fear to calm, happiness, and productivity. If you're seeking to navigate life's complexities with peace, I invite you to join me. Let's explore how you can apply these principles to cultivate a serene mind amidst the chaos. Visualize, for a moment, the power of a calm and serene mind—it's the pathway to achieving anything you desire.


Are you ready to embark on this journey to calmness? Book a session with me, Ashish Singh, and let’s unlock the doors to a happier, more fulfilled you.


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Ashish Singh, Life Coaching and Healing

Ashish Singh, the founder of The Calm Mind Life Coaching, has transformed his personal battles with anxiety and depression into a beacon of hope for others. His journey, marked by profound struggles and ultimate triumph over mental health challenges, fuels his passion to ensure that no one faces such trials alone. Through The Calm Mind Life Coaching, based in the heart of Toronto, Ashish offers a sanctuary for those seeking tranquility in the tumult of life.


Introducing 'Medit-Action', Ashish merges meditation's calm with practical steps, akin to a mental gym for building resilience against mental health issues. This innovative approach draws from Eastern and Western philosophies, guiding individuals towards lasting calmness and happiness.



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