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How To Fill Up Your First Or Next Group Coaching Program

Written by: Sara Loureiro, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


Group coaching programs can be both incredibly lucrative and rewarding experiences both for the organizer and for all of the participants. One to many models are the cornerstone for scaling to multiple 6 and 7 figures in the online space and have helped me and my clients double and triple our yearly incomes. But they can also be difficult to figure out and truly fill. So here are a few tips I’ve learned through filling up group programs for the past 7 years of being in online business.

Consider a group version of your 1:1 program

Whatever it is you do on an individual basis with your current clients can easily be done in a group format. If you have a unique framework or methodology, this is the simplest way to create the modules for this group program that you envision. Start with what your current clients always come to you with and go from there.

Decide the format of the program and how it will benefit both you and your prospective clients

Now that you know what you want to help them with, you’ll want to decide how you’re going to be giving them this material. Does each participant need to start and finish at the same time or can people come and go from the program when they’re ready? How long will it be and what’s the level of commitment required from each participant? Once you answer these questions, it will be much easier to market to the people who most need your program.

Decide on the level of support you will give

The biggest differentiating factor in the cost of a group program is the amount of support you will give your clients. Anyone can create a course or program but individualized support is something that is still in high demand in the online space and can easily set you at a competitive advantage. Do you envision this program with hundreds of enrolees or a half dozen people that you’re dedicated to at a time? Will you give them messenger access to you or help to review their progress? Will you include any 1:1 calls with you or a team member for added support? Understanding how much support you’re willing to give and how many people are in each program will help determine the cost.

Decide on how much you want to make from the program

Is this program a 6 figure/year addition to your program docket or something that you’d simply like to help you bring a few thousand dollars in passive income each month? How will this program help you meet your yearly income goals?.

Start working on having a community ready to buy from you months before you launch

Group programs require more warm to hot leads that are ready to buy from you, so ideally you’ll want to bring in those people into your space and nurture them with your content months before you actually present the program to them. This will help you fill up all your spots versus have no interest and have a flopped launch.

Find the best launch model for your business and energy levels

When you first announce this program, you’ll want to have a big launch to make sure your entire community knows about it. But not all launch models are made equal. Make sure you work with a program or a mentor who understands what you’re trying to do and helps you work in a marketing strategy that feels aligned to you. The difference between a sold-out group program and a flop is often in how much careful planning and preparation goes into making sure it’s a success. Make sure that everything you’re doing in your marketing feels aligned and unapologetically YOU rather than trying to create your marketing like everyone else this will help you craft your unique voice in your sales that will draw in the right people.

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Sara Loureiro, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine Sara is a Soulful Business Coach who specializes in helping online service-based entrepreneurs sign-on higher-paying clients and hit 6-7 figures through a combination of strategic marketing, neurolinguistic programming, and energetic work. After bringing her own business to 6 figures and quitting her 9-5 to move from Toronto to sunny and tropical Nicaragua, she isn't shy about walking the talk and living a freedom-based life. She is the CEO of and has inspired thousands of women all over the world to quit their 9-5s, step into their leadership, and do purpose-driven work while getting paid abundantly for it through her numerous free training, extensive social media presence, and her work as the host of "The Uplevel Your Online Business Show" podcast. Her mission: to inspire women to take up space, make more money and step into their fullest potential.



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