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How To Bring The Joy Back When Coaching Begins To Feel Like A Job

Written by: Allison Castle, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


I began my coaching journey with a desire to share what I had learned about health and nutrition with others. I loved the learning. I loved the idea of helping as many people as possible live healthier, happier lives.

When I first started my coaching practice I was working part-time while being a stay-at-home mom. I was just looking at coaching as a way to replace my part-time income in a way that felt more purposeful. I was enjoying connecting with my local community and was slowly but surely attracting clients. But then I started seeing those ads: “Create a 6 figure coaching practice with 8 simple steps” “Scale your coaching business to 6 figures and make money while you sleep”. I was seeing 6 figures everywhere I absolutely wanted the magic formula to making that kind of money doing something that I loved and really become a successful coach!

I invested in one of the programs I saw and it didn’t end up being as magical or simple as I imagined. The strategies and techniques didn’t feel authentic. I felt really out of alignment but also felt this pressure and expectation to earn at this level to prove that I truly was a successful coach!

The pressure turned into procrastination. I started to wake up each morning dreading the “marketing” tasks I was supposed to do. I procrastinated my days away and just added those tasks to my next day’s to-do list. Coaching no longer felt like joy, it felt like a job. Is it a surprise I was not attracting new clients? I wasn’t really sure if I actually wanted new clients. I wasn’t really sure if I was actually any good at coaching anyway. What did it mean about me if I was struggling to reach 6-figures as a coach and really didn’t want to use the “proven” marketing techniques to get there?

I was surprised to find out that I was not alone in feeling this way. I have since connected with so many coaches who question their coaching skills and their self-worth as they strive for a monetary goal, dread “marketing” strategies because they feel out of integrity and lose that spark of passion that brought them to coaching to start with.

By connecting with other coaches, and being honest and vulnerable about my experience, I was able to gain a new perspective; we can make the money we want to make in coaching in a way that feels good, that is in integrity, while also maintaining that passion and joy.

Here are 3 key pieces of that perspective that I continue to focus on to keep my love of coaching alive and well!

  1. I continually remind myself of my WHY. I have it written and posted in a prominent location that I see regularly (this could also take the form of a vision board with pictures if that is your thing)! Most of us became coaches because we wanted to help people. I believe if we let service to others lead while recognizing the value we provide, the money will come.

  2. I recognize the compare and despair trap and avoid it as much as possible. No one else’s entrepreneurial journey will look exactly like mine and when I see other “successful” coaches on social media I am not always seeing their full journey. It also feels so much better to celebrate other coaches’ success rather than feel envious or beat myself up for not being where they are.

  3. I no longer let society or anyone else define or measure success for me. I can set my own standards for success that change and evolve with me and are always based on my personal values and priorities.

I would love to hear from you! What do you do to keep the joy and passion alive in your business?

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Allison Castle, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Allison Castle is a Mastery Certified Transformational Coach, Meditation Teacher, and Certified Public Accountant. After years of following the "expected path", chasing the traditional standards of success and coming up short on feeling successful or fulfilled, Allison created her Life Alignment Coaching Program to help women stop waiting until they reach that milestone (number on a scale, job title, income level, etc.) to finally find the feeling of fulfillment and success that they have been working so hard for. Her mission: Don't wait for the destination, Enjoy the Journey!



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