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How This IVF Warrior Owned Her Story And Found Herself On The Shelves Of Barnes & Noble!

Written by: Shannon Rose, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


Tough times call for love, new seeds planted and an opportunity to explore the world through a brand new lens.

Meet Jennifer Robertson, IVF Warrior, Author, Survivor, Fertility Coach, Mother and Wife, a shortlist to give you some idea of the depths to this incredible woman.

In 2019, she threw caution to the wind and hired a Coach to help her grow her Network Marketing Business and begin living, well, differently.

Little did she know that through the process of Coaching, she would uncover who she was always meant to be, a Fertility Coach, Author and true inspiration to those women walking the path of infertility.

‘Writing the book was me seeing for the first time what I had gone through. I saw the beauty in my vulnerability to share my story. The book allowed me to heal because it allowed me to grieve. I was now equipped to process the moments that before I never could!’

A Little About Jen

A former Chief Financial Officer, Jen is your typical Type A, high achieving kind of woman! You can imagine what it was like for her to be hit with the reality of IVF. Her default setting of working hard to achieve what she wanted the most, simply wasn’t going to work this time.

After countless examinations, checkups, needles, adventures carrying containers of sperm into the Doctor's office, and negative pregnancy tests, Jen and her husband finally turned to surrogacy. Her first child, Luca was born with the help of her Sister-in-Law, Bec.

Then Jen’s story took an unexpected turn when she fell naturally pregnant with her second child, Sophie.

‘My story will have you sitting on the edge of your seat. You will laugh, cry and nod your head in agreement. Your heart will break and your faith in humanity will be restored. You will be inspired and gain back a little hope. You are not crazy, you are not a bad person, you are not alone.’

The Unfolding

It was two months into Coaching when Jen mentioned, ‘I think I am going to write a blog.’ It was then that her Coach said, ‘Why don’t you write a book!’

‘I'll never forget it. Time almost stood still!

Jen had already began slowly sharing her journey on Social Media and through working with her Coach, began the process of owning her story, opening her FB Group and building the confidence and clarity to be a beacon of light for other women walking the Infertility Journey.

When it came time to begin the book writing process, she didn’t expect it to become such a deep healing experience. One that was years overdue.

The emotional turmoil that Jen had pushed past, avoided and suppressed was all bubbling to the surface. It was terrifying and liberating as every word, sentence, paragraph and chapter compiled.

It truly is when we acknowledge the path we have walked that we can be set free.

6 months later, Jen’s Fertility Coaching Business took off, she left her job as a CFO to fulfill her dream to live a life of passion and purpose. Her family moved from the city to the beach and her voice, story and experience not only raises awareness for a disease that affected her personally but continues to positively impact other women around the world!

In Closing

What drove Jen, in the beginning, to build her business, hire the Coach and start writing, was fear.

2 years on, that fear has turned into dedication and devotion to a path greater than her. In turn, she has now found surrender and patience for this new journey.

Her biggest takeaways from this journey so far are:

1. Live your life based on what makes you happy! Let go of the performer within you, stop playing into the ‘shoulds’.

2. As an OverAchiever, you need to lower the bar! Letting go of the impossible expectations I had for myself and getting all twisted up in unhealthy thinking, was heartbreaking.

3. Embrace the emotion and reality of being Human. Our Human Experience is a gift, don’t suppress that. You are worthy because you are.

4. A daily gratitude routine and structure in my day. Gives me the ability to be in the present moment and still move toward more!

‘I don’t always know what I am doing, but I trust. It’s in the presence that I have now embodied that speaks it’s little voice from within that says: I can do this!’

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Shannon Rose Executive Contributor, Brainz Magazine

Shannon Rose is a Holistic Business Start-Up + Life Coach for women who are ready to stop the excuses and create a life they truly cannot get enough of, by showing up for themselves!

Shannon has just returned to Australia from 5 years in the Italian Alps with her young family, including 2 children under 7 while running her 6 Figure Online Coaching Business!

She is a Columnist at Influencive and Action & Ambition and Head Writer for Top PR Branding Agency, UBA, Founded by Rhonda Swan.

Her mission is to empower more women to create their own legacy, lead themselves to create truly unforgettable memories + not be afraid to make the money to match, every damn day!



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