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How Posting Less & Having A Lower Number Of Followers Can Bring You More Sales As An Online Service Provider

Endora Mackrodt is a business strategist and lead generation expert. After over a decade of experience in sales, business development, and operations, she decided to pivot her career toward coaching.

Executive Contributor Endora Mackrodt

Forget the overwhelm of figuring out what to post and why people are not following you or liking your content. Discover why posting less and having fewer followers can be more beneficial to your online business.

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There's a pervasive myth in the online service-based business world that success is tied to becoming a social media influencer with thousands of followers and constant posting. This misconception can lead coaches, consultants, and online agencies to prioritize quantity over quality, which is both time-consuming and often ineffective. In reality, you don't need to be an influencer or have a massive following to increase your sales online. The real key lies in effectively connecting with your ideal audience and providing clear, intentional content.

Focus on connection, not followers

For service providers, the number of followers or likes is not a true measure of success. What truly matters is the strength of your connection with your ideal clients. High follower counts may look impressive, but they don’t necessarily translate to higher sales or better client relationships. Instead, your goal should be to attract and engage those who genuinely need your services, even if that audience is smaller.

Clarity and intentionality in content

Your content should clearly communicate what you do and how you can solve your clients' pain points. Highly intentional content, even if posted less frequently, can significantly impact your business. As a service provider, you don’t need to spend hours each week creating posts. Instead, focus on crafting content that clearly conveys the transformations and solutions your services offer. For instance, one of our clients started with only 60 followers. With just a few strategic posts in the first week, they quickly received an inquiry that converted into a sale. This example shows that it's not about the number of posts but about the relevance and intentionality behind them.

Understanding your ideal client

The foundation of effective online marketing for service providers lies in understanding your ideal client. Know their needs, pain points, and goals. Once you have this clarity, finding where they hang out online and engaging with them becomes much easier. This targeted approach ensures your efforts are directed toward those most likely to benefit from and invest in your services.

Educational and informative content

Creating educational and informative posts is crucial. These can include tips, insights, and guidance that showcase your expertise and help your audience solve problems or achieve goals. Additionally, sharing inspiring client stories and testimonials can build trust and demonstrate real-world results. However, you don’t need to post every week to stay relevant. Consistency is important, but overloading your audience with content can dilute your message.

Beyond social media comprehensive lead generation

At LGWE, we specialize in highly targeted lead generation that feels authentic and aligned with your brand. Our approach goes beyond social media to include strategies like growing your mailing list, optimizing sales funnels, and enhancing your overall brand visibility. We know exactly how to pinpoint where your ideal clients are and how to engage and convert them quickly.

Our expertise has helped countless clients get fully booked in just a month, increase their mailing lists fivefold, and achieve a threefold return on investment. We deliver results from the get-go, ensuring your lead-generation efforts are efficient and effective.


As a service-based business, your focus should not be on becoming a social media influencer but creating intentional, clear, and targeted content that connects with your ideal audience. By understanding your client's needs and leveraging strategic lead-generation techniques, you can achieve remarkable results without the stress of constant posting and follower chasing.

Ready to transform your lead generation strategy and see real results? Book a call with us today at LGWE to learn more about our tailored services and how we can support your business growth. Let’s turn your online presence into a powerful tool for attracting and converting your dream clients.

By focusing on the right strategies, you can build a steady income, close more sales, and keep your calendar filled with consistent calls from interested clients.


Endora Mackrodt, Holistic Business Strategy and Lead Generation Expert

Endora Mackrodt is a business strategist and lead generation expert. After over a decade of experience in sales, business development, and operations, she decided to pivot her career toward coaching. However, it was only a short time before she realized her passion was helping other online service providers grow their businesses. As someone with a wealth of knowledge in go-to-market strategy, lead generation, and social media growth, she knew she couldn't keep this valuable information to herself, so she founded LGWE, where she provides premium done-for-you business growth, strategy consulting, and lead generation services to coaches, consultants, and other service providers.



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