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How Indulging In Art Allows A Safe Place To Heal Wounds

Written by: Shreesha Khare, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


We all have wounds and pain in our lives. I am aware that while you read this article, a wound inside of you must be twitching your stomach along with your heart. What if I told you that pain is a natural part of this universe? Consider when the big bang occurred. Things were painful. When a mother gives birth to a new creation, she goes through the pain of 52 broken bones. Everyone, living or not, suffers from pain. The only difference is what you build out of that wound—either you build wisdom out of it or let it destroy you. Your choice is always yours. If you believe that in any life situation of yours there is no choice, then the choice was always there as a light to take you forward. It was you who waited too long in the darkness.

happy artistic girl doing her painting inside the house.

Art is that light; it is like breathing in and breathing out every single moment. No matter what, it will be expressed—not from you but through you. There are two things that happen here: first, whatever you go through in life is for your growth in terms of character building, and second, things then release through you because you are a medium. You go through many suppressed moments, not expressing yourself as fear, doubts, shame, and guilt hoover around you, but then the time comes when you let it go. Then, nothing stops you.

Wounds as Dust

Have you ever noticed how the leaves of a tree become rough under the dust? Some stay for ages, while others remain for years or even months. Trees rely on cloud-borne precipitation to wash away cobwebs and dust from their leaves. They depend on nature to shake things up for them. However, humans are the most capable species to have ever evolved on the planet. This means that we are more fragile, as well as having the power to bring change into our lives if we so choose.

When you don't clean your house on a regular basis, dust accumulates and cobwebs, rats, and other insects attack. In a similar way, when you don’t clean your inner wounds or pains, dust takes over and converts into illness in your physical vessel as a manifestation. You are not reliant on others to heal your wounds; it will take time, no doubt, but it will require persistence, cleaning up the dust, and understanding what caused it to be this way.

The wounds you face were stored in your body through images, thoughts, and heartbreaks that entered your subconscious brain when you were growing up, and then consciously, you were facing depression, anxiety, and chronic illness when you were out of alignment with the person you are. The dust becomes rust as you ignore it; you never stopped and had a look at WHY, HOW, and WHAT made this into rust, and you feel a feeling that is sometimes unexplainable despite everything being alright around you and within you. Is it?

Trees have no option; they are stuck in one state. But you are a movable person; you are becoming a person who holds the highest potential and free will to remove the cobwebs of wounds from inside your body and convert it into an art of whatever you like to express.

I may not understand you properly, but I can feel you. I am not aware of what kind of wound you are carrying within you. However, any kind of wound can show up as a feeling of lack or insufficiency.

My intention is only to understand "what stops you from expressing it?"

From Anguish to Art: Healing Our Core Wound

Do you think we were born with wounds?

When I stepped out of my womb, I found myself under the ocean of these questions. Was I wounded before I came into this world, or was I wounded from the start? I have read something interesting: a baby can hear in the womb what is happening outside, be it good vibes or not so good vibes. They listen to wounds like rejection, denial, shame, and separation. And when they listen, the reaction Mother faces is a bit high. Along with listening to these words, they carry these wounds as well, unknowingly. Now, you will ask me, "How?"

When two people become intimate with each other, their genes also connect, and it is a cyclical process. The emotions experienced by parents will also be experienced by babies, even without indulging in the practical exposure of the rollercoaster ride of wounds. Wounds entered the world via humans, and they entered us via our ancestors' DNA. These wounds are the seeds of our suffering in this earthly world, and the reason we go through the sacred wounds is to realise our potential.

When the big bang happened, it showed that with all the repression, pressure, and collision, the creation of a beautiful Milky Way galaxy can happen, a heaven-like planet like Earth can be formed, and even darkness can be an out-of-this-world experience. Despite the hole that we call "dark matters," there is a reflection of art in the universe. Even before our birth, we were carrying wounds that we have to figure out once we are born on this earth by going through its ups and downs.

I remember, in school, kids used to make fun of me for being sensitive. They used to be like, "You are too sensitive to live in this world; this is not a good habit." Teachers rejected and shamed me for who I am. There was not a single moment in my childhood when I did not experience shame, guilt, and repression. All these wounds were reflected in my life circumstances until I hit rock bottom and blood flowed. On this roller-coaster ride called life, the only seat belt I could use was art, music, and, most importantly, writing.

The interesting thing about all of these wounds is that they helped and shaped me into the person I am today. The month of December 2021 was a peak for my wounds, which were screaming to be expressed, and some scars wanted to be strong. On January 10th, 2022, I casually started self-musing with words in my diary and slowly and steadily on social media, eventually sharing my wisdom with the world in the form of a book.

Below is an extract from the poem I channelled; it is called Willingness.

Born with wings unseen by others but seen by me,

I've always known that these wings would take me higher in the sky with so many gifts inside me, until society told me that I'm a cocoon and that I should stay grounded.

Grounded sounded like a prison, as I only knew the language of desire to fly out whenever I wanted with no resistance to time, space, or place.

Here’s the poetry book ‒ Our Last Autumn, which is a great example of turning your wounds into an Art. It is available on Amazon as Kindle and Paperback.


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Shreesha Khare, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Shreesha Khare is an author and an inspirational thought leader, aka a leading luminary. She is walking on the path of "Self-Illumination" to be more of her true self, share more of her personal experiences, and change the lives of others through her own journey of personal transformation. There is a deep internal desire in her to take all of what she has learned and help others along their path. She believes that suffering is the key to unlocking our greatest gifts. She is the Founder and Chief humanitarian Being at S&S Co-Space for Humanity, a boutique where you will be served with coaching and guidance of self-love and self-actualization, is like taking a journey into the inner cosmic world.



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