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Helping More People And Professionals – Exclusive Interview With Rodolfo Parlati

Rodolfo Parlati is a Professional Life & Executive Coach. Always inspired by the desire to impact others positively, his mission is to help people and professionals be happy and successful by finding out their inner potential and exploring the right path to follow to "give shape" to their goals. Passionate about building connections, the key elements of his coaching strategy are creating meaningful actions to attain the clients' goals, knowing what is holding them back, and supporting them in finding higher awareness. His natural curiosity has always driven him to be an eager lifelong learner, explore new fields, and look for the answers to any question.

Rodolfo Parlati, Professional Life & Executive Coach

Introduce yourself! Please tell us about you and your life, so we can get to know you better.

My name is Rodolfo Parlati. I am a Professional Life and Executive Coach with a background in business administration and marketing. Since I was a child, I have had a big curiosity that leads me to always explore new fields. I still remember the hours spent browsing the encyclopedia! As well as appreciating activities like walking, reading books, talking, travelling, listening to music and writing.

Life guided me to have wonderful experiences in theatre acting and playing music.

As a kid, I was very shy, and this influenced my adolescence very much. Insecurity and shyness prevented me from seizing several opportunities and effectively facing setbacks. After experiencing theatre acting, in particular, I acquired a higher awareness of myself and my inner potential. From that moment on, I strongly believe all people hide a big potential within and can find the “keys” to building the change they want, achieving what they dream and walking a happy life’s journey. To do this, coaching is a fantastic tool. For example, my clients experience improvements in their self-awareness, work-life balance, productivity, leadership efficacy, time management, goal achievement and stress reduction.

I also love giving my contribution to cultural and social activities with to raise awareness of problems related to humanity and the importance of solid values for our society.

What is your work inspired by?

I can surely say that my work is inspired by the people, executives and professionals I coach with their infinite baggage of experiences and challenges they constantly share with me during the sessions I have with them. Each person has a personal story that is a great source of inspiration and learning. However, the roots of my coaching activity can be traced back to the mentors I have had the fortune to meet in my life. Each of them, with their different background and experiences, taught me how to approach life and become what I am today. Among the many things, I learned from them the importance of avoiding judgements and taking full responsibility for any choice and behaviour in life. They also helped me see things about myself I was not able to see, and deeply dig within to let them come out. In this way, I finally realized how many abilities I had. This is one of the reasons why I decided to coach.

Tell us about a pivotal moment in your life that brought you to where you are today.

Good question! I discovered coaching after living a very troubled period of my life. My father had just died after a long disease, leaving me with a deep sense of emptiness. At a certain point, I decided that some things had to change in my life, mostly in my mindset and attitude. This experience taught me that some opportunities can hide even in the most troubling situations. If you can see them, you can seize them. My father knew how much I needed to follow a new direction, and I will never forget his last words and suggestions. This was the “spark” that illuminated my next steps.

I finally approached the personal development and coaching world and began a personal path in which I achieved a higher level of self-awareness, motivation and self-efficacy. Thus, I chose to redirect my career toward coaching. Today, I am a proud and happy Professional Coach.

What are your current goals for your activity?

Helping more people and professionals! I want to enlarge my network and expand my client reach worldwide. My eye has always been focused on international exposure to coaching clients.

Nowadays, technology helps people reach their audience with no limitations, and this is a big advantage for everyone.

I also want to enlarge my activity in different fields, like lecturing, mentoring and public speaking. I never stop!

Many thanks. How can our readers connect with you and or find out more about your services?

Thanks for asking. They can contact me on my website and social media profiles or book a free discovery call here.

For more info, follow me on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or visit my website! Read more from Rodolfo!



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