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Have You Got Momentum And Consistency?

Written by: Graham G Wheatcroft, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


This is what I was talking to my client about today.

In fact, the workout I guided Alan through was about simplicity, momentum and keeping going. It consisted of four moves, that were impactful and gave Alan the power that he wanted for the day. The sweat was pouring off him and he felt great for it.

Alan kept his momentum and won for himself after starting the session with feelings of overwhelm. We even ended the session with some energising Breathwork. Let me have you consider this: what difference would it make to your fitness and resilience if you chose to stay consistent with your training for as little as fifteen minutes per day? You think that sounds impossible? Follow the link and let’s have a chat. I’ve clients currently training for 15 minutes per day and achieving great results and a sense of power and purpose for the day. You want some of that? Feeling stuck? You know what to do: click the link and let’s have a chat. The Resilient Lifestyle Community is here for you. “Have the courage to be successful” These are the words I heard in a song I was listening to today. It got me thinking about making progress and accomplishing achievements. I thought of this in relation to my Dragan lifting session yesterday… I completed 700 Dragan lifts in just over an hour yesterday in one set, with no breaks. Read my previous articles to discover what a Dragan Lift is. When I heard this song this morning in the car, it made me recognise and realise that you require courage to move forward on your own pathway. Consider this: Are you moving forward on your pathway? I know many of my clients are showing lots of courage at the moment in these challenging times and I am proud of every one of them. Do you feel stuck? Do you know the pathway you must take for the problem you are facing with your fitness and resilience? What's the possibility if you choose to take action? Get started now and book your Care Call by clicking the link.

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I also specialise in helping women with chronic illnesses exercise to relieve pain and stress.

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Graham G Wheatcroft, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Graham Wheatcroft is a Remote Resilient Coach, helping people to live with less anxiety, to achieve greater fitness, and keep a stronger connection with themselves. After experiencing an anxiety breakdown, he chose a holistic approach based around time-efficient fitness, connection with the mind and spirituality to rediscover himself. He is the founder of The Resilient Lifestyle and works with clients globally. Wheatcroft is the host of “The Resilient Lifestyle” podcast, has featured in multiple editorials, and has been a guest on a number of podcasts. His daily mantra is “I choose to feel ease, to breathe, to flow, and to grow. I am resilient.”

Graham is also an internationally published author featuring in the multi-author book “Authentic” from Key publishing and 1 best seller on Amazon in four countries.



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