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Grief Is Like A Private Club

Written by: Maxine K. Brown, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


Grief is like a private club that no one wants to join.

At one stage or another, everybody has to join this club. It's not one that people enjoy at all, and every single person stays in the club for different lengths of time, all depending on how they deal with the types of grief that they encounter.

Grief takes lots of genres. Grief is when you have a significant upheaval in your life, and your emotions are everywhere. Grief isn't just when you lose a person through death. It comes in many forms; people mainly understand grief when they lose a loved one or a close relative. Even an animal they've had for many years has become part of family life; however, grief can also be if you've lost your job or even left the job you've had for a long time. It can be when you fallout with a close friend or even when you move house.

Each individual copes with grief in their way. You can't mirror someone else's grief to your own some people learn to live with it very quickly and alter their lives depending on what they're grieving; others can take many years. Grief's like a rollercoaster, so some days you feel on top of the world, and then within a couple of days or a day, you can feel very low again and very sad and confused.

The main thing to do is to take your time, deal with every situation, and don't be rushed into thinking you should have stopped grieving. It might not be the right time for you at this present moment.

The one essential thing is that you get the support to learn how to cope with the grief and make the alterations within your lifestyle to live a full and meaningful life. There will always be days when you remember your life before the grief, but you will get there with time and support.

Some practices that may help you before you are ready to seek outside help are, ensuring you take time out and try meditation. Youtube has some excellent meditation channels. Journaling can help.

Write down each day how you are feeling, look for positives, not just negatives. Aim to end positively, as this will set you up for the day. Finally, never feel guilty if you have a dip on your rollercoaster; eventually, you will be able to leave the club of which no one wants to be a member.

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Maxine K. Brown, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Maxine has for many years been completing different coaching and counselling courses to enable her to help people that are going through challenging times. She specialises in grief and bereavement support. She started MKB Life Coach to give affordable support to others.

She has personally been through loss, a marriage breakup, and complicated times throughout her life, so she can relate to you even though no person’s situation is the same.

She aims to assist people in enabling them to continue with their lives and feel happy and content when they have struggled through life-changing periods of their lives.

Her values are to be supportive, empathetic, and affordable always, and she wants everyone to feel safe when they are either in a one to one or group session with her.

Recently she has published a self-help book, “31 Days Life Changing Journal”, which is aimed at helping people change their mindset and start to become positive after going through a traumatic time.

Maxine believes it is essential that you feel at ease with her when you are working together, so with this in mind, she offers everyone a free hour meeting.



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