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Going Beyond Mental Health

Written by: Maxime Bonnasserre, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


Mental health is a popular topic these days! It’s a good sign that we are welcoming the conversations around this topic in a more accepted and non-judgmental way! The next evolution of our well-being though, whether in our homes or at work, will have to go through something deeper!

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The Starting Point

One could say, looking at the current situation of our world and everything that is happening: no doubt there are mental health problems! Many are struggling financially, others are unhappy in a work environment that is sucking everything out of them, divorce and breakups are soaring, social media is giving us ample opportunities to compare ourselves and feel bad for what/where we are, etc. Hence lots of people are feeling depressed and anxious.

When we reckon this for ourselves, a few options are at our disposal. We can sometimes, if lucky, use an employee program that gives us access to tools or resources for support! At best, we have the financial resources to seek help. Or if we are not that lucky, we may end up on some websites to view and/or read about our predicament! Thanks to the internet! When observing this from the point of view of someone who has been experiencing depression, I often think to myself:

“Do we want people to learn how to cope with their mental health or do we want people to transcend it!”

I do not believe that anyone is depressive or anxious! Believing that we are, completely eclipses the spirit that we are! We are not only human! We are much more than that! People may be experiencing depressive or anxious moments, but they do not define the fullness of who they are! We are spiritual beings, conscious of that, aren’t we!? Otherwise, how would we know that we are experiencing depression or anxiety Therefore, we do not need to test, analyze, or go through an in-depth diagnostic of the reasons why one is experiencing depression or anxiety! We already know it’s a mess in there!

So, do we cope or do we get to transcend it?

I can only talk from my own experiences having gone through many difficulties emotionally, psychologically, physically, and financially! And, observing others while coaching. Our life changes and improves dramatically when we are able to welcome past and present experiences and work with them! Oftentimes, this process kickstarts very rationally. We plunge into books, therapy, different classes, certifications, and many other tools that can help us understand what’s going on with us and find some coping mechanisms.

Then comes a longing for something deeper! Transformation is not enough. We often feel tired of doing it! Always doing something to work on ourselves. We want to transcend the malaise! We want to connect joy, to peace! We want to be able to flow with life with ease.

A Big Shift Is Needed

To dance with life, to flow with it happens when we heal some of these patterns and/or traumas by honouring and respecting our life path. Learning to love ourselves! How do we reconnect with this light within? Well, there is no shortcut to this one (unless altered by God’s grace I suppose). It's an awakening, a daily process! An awakening to what? To the realization that inside of us is a potential for unconditional love, peace, and well-being! You know that, you’ve experienced it throughout your life in some moments whether big or small! Your wedding day, your first kiss, peacefully contemplating the sunset, your childbirth, your baby sleeping peacefully in your arms, the smell of coffee in the morning, the birds singing, The Voice performance that makes you cry (that’s like me lol).

Once we know this, based on experience, we get to work! How? By using every moment of every day to free ourselves from ourselves. We are our own worst enemy, always! What is the point of fighting with reality? It’s there! How can we harmonize with it becomes the sole purpose of our life? Why? Because we want to be happy, actually beyond happy! Blissful! Let’s be honest, at one point we will all realize that there is no amount of success, material stuff, vacations, perfect family, jobs, or careers that are meaningful enough to make you feel eternal peace! You know it and that’s what you are after! THAT is what you really want!

Depression or anxiety is experienced because we are fusing with the thoughts and emotions that are preventing us from being open to what is… because we want it in a certain way! Of course, there is a more holistic conversation we could have on this, including mind, body, and spirit! Yet, it’s all energy moving and doing its thing! If we do not allow it and are constantly reacting to negative energy (coming from outside or auto-generated) we will create more of that negative energy. Emotions my master always told me are Energy in Motion! Let’s allow them to move, and let’s deal with them! Otherwise, what’s the alternative? We’ll keep them inside, play with it, make it worse, and even give it away to someone else. That’s planting bad seeds of karma! What goes around comes around my dad always told me!

So What’s Beyond Mental Health?

You are! The one who can observe the tendencies to be depressed or anxious! When you start working at the root and with this level of consciousness things start to change, because you are changing! In this process, I’ve uncovered that it is much more about unlearning than learning new tools, or methods, or frameworks. You are your own guru! The answers are within, and life presents all the perfect situations and people to help you free yourself from yourself! We just need to start paying attention, listen with a loving heart, and act in a compassionate way with ourselves!

On this road, you are not alone! There is a divine intelligence sustaining you! Can you trust that?

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Maxime Bonnasserre, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Maxime (Max) Bonnasserre is a life coach, spiritual teacher, speaker and writer. Not a guru, nor a master, he’s a simple loving man that got to free himself from his own worst enemy … himself!

His soul journey had him go through common themes: unworthiness, difficulties in relationships, financial struggles, pursuit of titles, money, possessions, a lack of meaning and faith.

It is the hero's journey through healing, growing and trust that saved him and that can help you! Inspired by ancient wisdom and spirituality, his teaching and coaching are simple but transformative. Meant to inspire and guide you towards more inner peace, freedom and love. Find him here!



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