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Four Reasons Why Writing Is My Refuge And How It Became A Business Opportunity

Written by: Dr. Burl W Randolph Jr., Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


We all need a respite from the hustle and bustle of life.

Writing is my refuge.

That refuge became a business opportunity for me and may also become yours.

Even with all the writing requirements throughout my experiences as an Army intelligence officer, President, CEO, and throughout my doctoral studies, the more I wrote, the more I wanted to write. We all have various cravings such as chocolate, caffeine, comfort foods, and even adrenaline, and while I like them all, writing is my refuge. If you need a break from your daily deluge of emails, voicemails, and even snail mail, I offer these four pearls of wisdom on why writing is my refuge and how it became my business opportunity.

Why Writing is My Refuge

I have had a passion for writing most of my life but have not always been focused on my writing. Because writing has the power to persuade, promote, or bring peace, I have refocused my writing efforts based on the four reasons below.

1. Writing provides a positive outlet. Once I place pen to paper, I can express myself as a scholar, practitioner, leader, or plain ole Burl. As a scholar, I must maintain my research edge, and writing is an integral part of that. As a practitioner, I must also conduct research and share the results, and this requires writing. As a leader, the old saying, “The job is not over until the paperwork is done” requires superior writing skills. Then, there is just my love of writing to express myself. All these reasons are why writing is a positive outlet.

2. Writing provides an enduring voice. Although I am fond of and use the other communications mediums, writing cements my existence beyond the here and now.

a. Speeches may only reside in short-term memory as we move on to the next ‘shiny object.’

b. Videos can be enduring but also may be misinterpreted, misconstrued, and even misused.

c. Writing is long-term, can have mass appeal, stimulate dialogue, and does not seem to fade.

3. Writing reinvigorates my spirit. During my worst times, I can write about how I feel. During my best times, I can write about the joys of life and writing. Writing also stimulates my creativity, prompts my entrepreneurial drive, and ignites my innovative fires.

4. Writing allows me to help others. I can and have developed relationships through my writing. The discussions created by my writing have also led to various business opportunities. My writing can also inspire others to write, express, or even act on what is on their minds, or in their hearts. While writing is my refuge, it also became a business opportunity.

How Writing Can Be a Business Opportunity

There are at least four reasons to write that may not be obvious but quite beneficial in business and leadership.

1. Sharing your Subject Matter Expertise (SME). Part of being a subject matter expert is sharing the knowledge gained through education and experience so that others may learn from you. This can have both internal and external impacts depending on the writing medium used to convey the information, i.e., a newsletter versus a blog, an article versus a book, etc. How are you sharing your SME knowledge?

2. Provides credibility. Writing in your expertise can provide further credibility in your field and to those who do not know you. Sometimes using references or sources also displays your ability to research and reference the work of others. This avoids the perception that our comments are only our opinions.

3. Establishing your Body of Work (BOW). Having a body of work or BOW can help with your credibility, may further your subject matter expertise, and establish your writing portfolio. As a scholar, I have written over 240 peer-reviewed academic pieces with two published in practitioner journals. As a practitioner and leader, I have written over 280 business blogs, created a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) curriculum, and participated in writing four books.

4. Can be a Business Growth Strategy. Writing became a fantastic opportunity for me to grow my business and has become a line of business. When I began blogging for my business and publishing peer-reviewed articles, this led to my first book writing assignment, co-author of Can God Trust You with Trouble? The next year, this created my first editor opportunity on No Disruptions: The Future of Mid-Market Manufacturing. These two writing opportunities created paid dissertation development and editing experiences, and finally writing, publishing, and promoted my book, Inspired, Not Retired: Leadership Lessons from Father to Son. My DEI curriculum was a major and profitable undertaking that covered both my Legacy Expression and Corporate Training lines of business.

Initially, I published Inspired, Not Retired solely in paperback on After two and a half years I have also provided the book in eBook and audiobook and had it distributed throughout the United States and overseas. The initial endeavor also inspired me to write a workbook, The Inspired, Not Retired Workbook: A Guide to Developing Your Leadership Lessons. These writing experiences and opportunities reside under my Legacy Expressions services and are the writing, editing, publishing, and promoting of peer-reviewed articles, dissertations, and self-published books.

5. Can be an Engagement Strategy. When people read your articles, blogs, and books, often they want to engage with the author. This author’s engagement is based on an emotional connection from reading the author’s work. This can lead to opportunities for other parts of your business, such as coaching, training, and speaking engagements. I blogged about each of my peer-reviewed articles so that people would know that these pieces were not just my opinions but authenticated as valid by my peers in that field. I conducted Meet the Author Book Signings as an occasion to engage with my readers, chat about my books, and garner interest, such as for writing seminars or my other lines of business.

So, what began as my refuge from the world has become a business opportunity. I realize that writing is not only my refuge but may be a sanctuary for others through journaling, keeping diaries, publishing newsletters, blogging, authoring articles, and authoring books. People routinely write for 30, 60, or 90 minutes a day to clear their minds, infuse their hearts, and reengage with their spirits. Whatever the reason, writing is inexpensive and may provide a new skill or lead to a new vocation, just as it did for me. Writing is my refuge, respite, retreat, and a business resource.

  • What is your refuge? Is it an outlet?

  • Is your refuge already a business opportunity for you?

  • Can your refuge become a business opportunity?

  • How are you growing your business?

Be bold, be brave, be inspired, and start writing!

Dr. Burl Randolph, Jr. is the President and Chief Consultant of MyWingman, LLC, a Business Leadership and Management Consulting company.

If you would like to learn more about me, my military service, and my leadership and management practices, click here to review my Author’s Page for Inspired, Not Retired: Leadership Lessons from Father to Son.

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Dr. Burl W Randolph Jr., Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Dr. Burl Randolph, Jr., DM, is a retired Army Military Intelligence Colonel with nearly 32 years of service and three combat tours in Iraq. He is a Leader Coach, Organizational Planner, Corporate Trainer, Best Selling Author, Government Contractor, and Community Activist. Dr. Randolph professes his life-long calling as mentoring however, as a Doctor of Management in Organizational Leadership, he is versed in all leader and management development techniques. He is the Founder, President, and Chief Consultant of MyWingman, LLC, a Business Leadership and Management Consulting company, where He Helps Leaders Design Legacies That Last ©2015. He is also the author of the Best-Selling book, Inspired, Not Retired.


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